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Flavor Flav paternity test reveals he’s a new father

Flavor Flav is Jordan’s father/TMZ

Flavor Flav has a new kid.

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LAS VEGAS — Flavor Flav (né William Jonathan Drayton Jr.) once procreated seven kids. Now make it eight. That’s because the 63-year-old rapper took a paternity test and it confirmed he IS the father of a 3-year-old toddler. Yeahhhh Boyyyy!!! The diminutive crumb snatcher’s name is Jordan. He’s mulatto. He’s also Flav’s fourth son. Jordan’s maternal grandparents, Barry and Parchi, told TMZ their white daughter Kate Gammell gave up the ass to Flav a few years back when she worked as his manager. When a gravid Kate achieved accouchement, Flav denied the neonate was his. However, the Maury-esque DNA exam proved otherwise. Now Flav has another mouth to feed. Thank God Jordan resembles mom because his dad looks terrible. That said, Flav is paying child support and the judge rubber stamped his visitation order. Still, social media reaction was fierce. One fan wrote, “That’s not his baby. Not the one in this picture. Don’t look like him at all. I don’t believe that paternity crap.” Another chimed in with, “What I want to know is why she gave this n*gga some p*ssy.” A third person added, “Instead of making babies, he should be enjoying his AARP benefits!” 

By the time Jordan graduates from high school, Flav will be…….. in a nursing home.

Nevertheless, are you happy for his black ass?

Should Flav stop at eight kids?

Watch Jordan play the drums.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. 😂 I thought you were going to say, “flava flav is 99 years old”. 😂 GEE

  2. C’mon we are talking about a grown old man who wears a clock around his neck.. lol

  3. Damm his pull out game still weak til this day dude gettin old still having babies.

  4. Damn at 60 still producing children god bless him im 43 and have 2 grown sons. Hopefully the most high bless me with a daugter before i turn 60……congrads flav…..

  5. This man will forever be on child support! And the child’s mother looks older than Flav🤣😫

  6. Flavor Flav must be RICH rich, peen made of pure gold, or these women are blind! Why in the world?

  7. This man is an old Black man and don’t use condoms. He could have all kinds of diseases and illness. So sad.

  8. Yall get pregnant by bums but Yall talking about flav. atleast he has money to care for his kids. Yall got 2 plus kids by different men but have the nerve to talk sht😂😂 different boat but same ocean

  9. Why he aint got a vasectomy so he can get all he want..Yelll boi…..

  10. Fight The Power “F Her and John Wayne” With His Contradictory Behavior…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. And I thought Old Dirty Bastard was the ultimate living negative stereotype of the American black man.

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