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Salvador Ramos murdered nineteen kids & two adults

Salvador Ramos went on killing spree/YouTube

Nearly two dozen killed.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

UVALDE, Texas — Salvador Ramos, 18, was blown to smithereens after he murdered 19 kids and 2 adults Tuesday afternoon at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. At least 17 more were injured. Ramos opened fire after abandoning his vehicle. He lost his life during a shootout with police. Ramos’ mother, Adriana Reyes, told reporters, “My son wasn’t a violent person. I’m surprised by what he did. I pray for those families. I’m praying for all of those innocent children. Yes, I am. They (the children) had no part in this. I had a good relationship with him. He kept to himself; he didn’t have many friends.” Ramos shot his grandmother too. He didn’t give a damn. Prior to the massacre, Ramos posted messages on social media hinting his evil stratagem. “Wait Till Tomorrow,” he wrote before adding, “Kids Be Scared.” He also shared photos of two assault rifles and a high-capacity magazine. Damn. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “What a demented, poor excuse of a human being this killer is. They say he was bullied in high school. Go after the person that bullied you. Why kill innocent kids that’s got nothing to do with your demented life?” Another person added, “I know this will not bring those kids back but I am glad the cops wasted him, and I hope he burns in hell for all eternity.”

Ramos spent $5,000 on two AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition.

Who gave him the money?

Do you suspect something fishy?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. All of these disturbed individuals put some kinda sign out there , no one pays any attention to them ! So they get your attention !

  2. They need to shut down public schools and open private neighborhood learning co-ops managed and protected by families.

  3. I hope this is enough for America to finally wake up and realise they have a problem with the Second Amendment

    I don’t care if you have to do it by Force take the guns away

  4. Heck, it’s the Wild Wild West in Texas! Anybody 18 or older can own a gun legally and there are no laws regarding carrying concealed weapons as far as permit required.

  5. This will never end unless people start paying attention to the warning signs.

  6. How did this guy into the school in the first place? Something is not right about this 🤔

  7. He was a young loner with a fragile mind who was constantly humiliated in public due to his speech impediments. Meanwhile, he lived in a society (both physical and online) that worships selfishness, success, guns, power and masculinity; and his mother was a drug user. He dropped out of high school and worked in fast food. He had nothing going for him at the moment and he anticipated that his prospects in life went from dim to hopeless. A perfect combination of factors to create a monster. However, nothing can excuse the cowardice of harming the helpless innocent. My heart goes out to the families.

  8. This is even more disturbing. Who is buying their children these kinds of guns on their 18th birthday?

  9. Now we are dealing with a generation that sees the propaganda of drugs, violence, weapons, computer games, those rappers with face tattoos, movies… And of course the free sale of weapons.

  10. I wonder what drove him to do that, why he chose an elementary school instead of his own school, why he shot his grandma in the face. He knew he was going to die. He was young amd turning into a good looking man, what happened?

  11. This mf made 3 fb posts saying he was going to shoot up a elementary school. And how tf did he even make it in the school and get in???

  12. Making gun buying a piece of cake is the main reason of these type of killings! People of USA stand up and do something about it. Increase security in everywhere from schools to hospitals to your neighbourhoods. THAT’S THE KEY! The government has enough money to do that but they are wasting ‘your’ money on nonesense. Do something about it before its too late! and the goverment MUST invest in non-lethal weapons research and development. Thats the middle ground.

    Poor souls that passed away,GOD bless their soul.
    May GOD bless good hearted people of America and the World.

  13. If you can’t take away or control guns, can’t you at least station guards at every school to guard the schools everyday, whom are trained in dealing with such situations?

  14. We need to make sure all teachers and children be fully armed when going to school. We need the NRA to push hard for this. A fully armed America is a safe America.

  15. This is why we all need guns! The police can’t protect the cities all by themselves.

  16. The owner of the gun store should have known this guy was a freak and used his judgement not to sell this (person) any gun much less two assault rifles

  17. where did he get the money to buy to rifles? Did his family give him that much for bday present, did he work somewhere?

  18. This is so upsetting. Those poor babies. Also that teacher… her husband ended up having a heart attack and died. Another casualty. He essentially died of a broken heart 💔.

  19. you can be saved in 90 minutes or less
    repent of your sins and make peace with G-d before you go trust in the Messiah Yeshua
    read your bible shalom

  20. dont wanna be an asshole but has anyone noticed that most of the victims were hispanic??? seems targeted to a group of people

  21. Guys you’re not allowed to have alcohol till 21
    But you can get a gun at 18?


  23. I really hope there is a hell where all these maniacs be forever in pain

  24. How is it possible for this 18 year old to buy such a high powdered weapon, but is unable to buy a beer legally? Makes no sense at all.

  25. Take God and prayer out the schools and this is what you get!!!!!.

  26. To me is clear that is another terrorist act created by the global leftist organized crime. The same ones who steal elections all over the world and controls to governments. They have the best technology to find this kind of mentally affected persons capable of realize this kind of crimes. In America now, this global organized crime controls the government and they need to eliminate the second amendment.

  27. Where did an 18 year old high school demonrat get $5,000 worth of weapons,magazines and ammunition with no job, no money, no credit, and no drivers license?

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