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Senator Tiara Mack (D) is catching hell for twerking

Tiara Mack twerked at the beach/TikTok

Senator Mack twerks for votes. 

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RHODE ISLAND — “Girl, you looks good. Won’t you back that azz up!” Rhode Island senator Tiara Mack is under fire after the voluptuous lesbian disseminated a campaign video that shows her twerking for votes. The rump shaking advertisement went viral via TikTok on Independence Day. The 8-second clip shows Senator Mack, a Democrat representing District 6, shaking her ass upside down at the beach before saying “Vote Senator Mack” towards the video’s cessation. Social media reaction was mixed. Florida Republican Lauren Spicer tweeted, “Tiara Mack just disgraced herself and disgraced every Black woman running for public office.” A TikTok user wrote, “Ignore the haters. You are righteous and compassionate. I would love to have you as my senator; cheering you on from Connecticut.” Another chimed in with, “I bet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t do that.” A fourth viewer added, “Worst twerk ever. Booty too stiff. No jiggle. I’m about to puke.”

Not to be outdone, Senator Mack was quick to clap back. “Am I surprised that the internet is more ready to talk about me twerking upside down on America’s birthday than they are ready to talk about any of the policy wins I have this year?” said the 28-year-old Ivy League grad in a TikTok video. “I’m not surprised that they would rather talk about me shaking my ass. The consistency and the dedication in which the media decides to target black queer women in ways that are unproductive to the narrative, it’s lazy, it’s tacky, and quite frankly, I’m over it.”

Was Senator Mack out of line?

Does she have your vote?

Watch the twerk campaign and watch Senator Mack respond to critics.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. 30% of her District is below poverty level and the median income is $32,000. Instead of this senator worrying about Twerking for votes, LGBTQP rights and abortion she should worry about her district. As a politician she is representing Black women as a whole.

  2. ewwww, and she’s bald wearing fake braids lmao 😂 yall will never shame me into liking these modern Black Women.

  3. We’re in a actual race war and she pull this off, way to read the room chick.

  4. Another lonely attention starved black modern who couldn’t get a man she felt she “deserved” so went lesbian loool

  5. This is where we are now. Trump showed everybody the playbook: that you can win elections on pure entertainment value and belligerence. Say or do something outrageous, then point at the other party when they get offended. We’ve seen political antics ramping up over the past few years, but she was the first to take it this far. Prepare to see all sorts of wild behavior…from both parties.

  6. She is running unchallenged….so technically she’s free to do whatever she wants because she’s going to win anyway…that said…even if she was being challenged.. as long as she continues to push the alphabet community agenda in legislation she will be protected from her own stupidity.

  7. We need to realize that the most popular and fun things in pop culture are not reserved for those in positions of power and professionalism. Those in positions in power and authority need to behave to a higher and more reserved standard than what is popular among those who are young, without power, and flaunting what is popular. This sends the wrong message on multiple levels.

  8. BW never miss an opportunity to embarrass themselves or us as a people 🎯💯

  9. Our Black people want to be jesters. This is another unaccountable black woman who wants to set the culture back.

  10. The Democratic party will always make sure they get clown blacks to be in power never the blacks who genuinely want to be make change. That’s when their inner slave master will start manifesting

  11. She’s protected because she’s GAY, since Roe vs Wade is being demolished the GAY PROTECTION will be destroyed pretty soon. But what she did as being a senator was straight STANK & not cool at all.

  12. This is embarrassing. Especially to black people. They have no substance on the left, so they resort to seducing people sexually now. You can’t make this shit up. Leftist people are the worst.

  13. We definitely don’t want to see what you’re doing in your bedroom in the streets or on your job

  14. The worst part of this is the turds that voted will continue to vote for her.

  15. I’m so tired of these black females shaking their ass everywhere they go like my god you don’t have to be ratchet and classless every time you step out the house and then have the AUDACITY to say the world hating on y’all . Black are the most unprotected group of women in the world and everyday y’all prove why you SHOULD’NT be protected by any men 🤦🏿‍♂️ #cantmakethisshitup #nohopeforblackwomen

  16. My grandmother would publicly take a switch to her @$$. Now, from a global perception, BW are done.

  17. After that twerk, I would put strong pressure to her and help her become straight. But for a vote, she needs to be removed from office

  18. Nooooooooooo. Why does this young, educated and black woman who should be inspiring young black women from her work and position in high power have to resort to this foolishness.

  19. She seems to be offended that people are offended. Like we were SUPPOSED to support that 😕

  20. Her twerking for votes was worse than Hillary pulling hot sauce out her bag😭😭

  21. I’m a staunch believer of there’s a time and a place, and not putting everything on the internet. She f***ed up on this one lol.

  22. That is gross, what the hell is she trying to show, she has nothing to offer, this video convinces me how pathetic the democrats and their supporters have gotten, should never have shown her body, that is gross to see.

  23. The only reason she can get away with this as a senator is BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK.. No other race could ever be in Senate and twerk in a bikini for literal votes… The race card is becoming a joke at this point

  24. How is this piece of shit a senator? Have some respect, Not for your self obviously. Have some respect for your parents. And the people who raised you. This is what we call a whore.

  25. Half naked in bikini standing on her head🤡twerking🤪and moaning

  26. She’s too young. Wish her the best of luck. Hoping she wakes up to her mistake.

  27. “That ass! That ass! Vote for Mack!”

    – Senator Tiara Mack (her greatest quote for America to remember her by)

  28. Completely trashy . People of Rhode Island should vote this person out of the office. What a disgusting and shameful act that she pulled for publicity. How can you put a person like this in charge of making laws for the people.

  29. During Debates:
    How do you plan to lower the crime rate?
    Shakes her butt!!!
    How do you plan to fix our economy?
    Shakes her butt!!!
    How do you increase school education?
    Shakes her butt!!!

    Vote for Senator Tiara Mack if you liked her answers!

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