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R. Kelly receives a 30-year sentence, on suicide watch

R. Kelly is going to prison/Reuters

R. Kelly received 30 years. 

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NEW YORK — “🎵I don’t see nothin’ wrongggg, with a little prison time…🎵” Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly will spend the next three decades singing behind bars. That’s because the 55-year-old pedophile received a 30-year prison sentence for charges linked to racketeering and sex trafficking. Federal prosecutors released the following statement: “He lured young girls and boys into his orbit, often through empty or conditioned promises of assistance in developing a career in the entertainment industry or simply by playing into the minors’ understandable desire to meet and spend time with a popular celebrity.” Translation: Kelly used clout to copulate underage booty. As District Court Judge Ann Donnelly read the sentence, Kelly showed no vehemence. He’s already been placed on suicide watch. “You left in your wake a trail of broken lives,” Judge Donnelly told Kelly.

“These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly executed for almost 25 years. You taught them that love is enslavement and violence.”

Judge Donnelly is tellin’ the truth.

After all, one of the victims said Kelly forced her to ingest a bowl of human feces when she was 17. Bon appétit! “He told me to smear it in my face and what to exactly say and to, like, put it in my mouth and act like I enjoyed that,” she told jurors.

Kelly’s lawyers sought a light comeuppance, claiming he was molested as a child. The “Bump N’ Grind” star was convicted last September on 9 counts which included one charge of racketeering and 8 violations of the Mann Act, a sex trafficking law. Prosecutors said Kelly used his celebrity status “to target girls, boys and young women for his own sexual gratification.”

One of the survivors, Jovante Cunningham, celebrated the penalty.

“I stand here very proud of my judicial system,” she told reporters.

“[I’m] very proud of my fellow survivors and very pleased with the outcome.”

Do you share her sentiment?

Is the sentence fair?

Watch Kelly’s court appearance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. R. Kelly need psychiatrist help. All his yes people & parents need to be arrested too

  2. Hue Heffner pimped little girls for 80 years and died a Hero !!! Go Figure !!!

  3. Had he been raping white girls,they would have hemmed him up 20 years ago !!! Real Talk

  4. I have cousins, nieces, grandkids at the age he preys on. Kellz gets no sympathy from me. He’s where he’s supposed to be. My issue is with the parents of the girls. They knew what he was, hell we all knew. They should be investigated also.

  5. What he did was horrible, but the sentence is too excessive. This is a death sentence, plain and simple. It will be a different story if he was white.


  7. RKelly was set up and lied on. The government’s star witness flipped, because RKelly chose the other girlfriend over her. She got mad and testified against to help the government. Every woman that he had was able to leave when they got ready. Former employees where also mad, because he fired them for stealing his money. Don Russell, Jim Derogatis, Derrel Mc David, Sparkle and Larry Maghee all lied on this man.

  8. I sleep well in my broken down trailer knowing R Kelly, Gizzlane Maxwell and Harvey Weinstein are rotting in prison.

  9. All he had to do was keep it over 18. He literally had access to so many women that he got greedy and went for youngins. He didn’t have to be a pedophile he had looks money status out the wazoo and he just went too far. Moderation and standards is the lesson from him. He says he was abused as a kid he should have got real therapy but he didn’t learn even after the 2003 trial he just didn’t quit. Probably felt like he could not be touched and now he’s going to feel it. Damn this dude again could have had so many women but he went for kids and that is what did him in.

  10. Now lets go find Kevin Spacey bring him back to America to face his punishment. He has s3x crimes following him all the way from Amerikkka to the U.kkk

    Lets get Steven Seagal and Steven Tyler also and charge them for their s3x crimes. Stop trying to throw the book at Black people but yet turn a blind eye to your own disgusting p3dophiles you d@mn racist hypocrites!

  11. How he get convicted by himself? He can’t read…he had help. Where are all the women that helped him do what he did. And the parents that whored out their kids trying to make it big? More folks should be convicted. He couldn’t do all this shit by himself

  12. Regardless his situation! He will forever go down as a LEGEND in the R&B music game!! 💯💯💯💯💪🏾

  13. R. Kelly thought he had leverage on the girls when they had the leverage on him.
    Those underage girls grew up to be “me too” modern women.
    Never, ever, surrender your leverage.

  14. When your mind telling you no and your body is telling you yes, listen to your mind

  15. Feminists are gonna fuck around and try to have ALL men shipped to concentration camps behind this shit

  16. ever noticed how a docu-series has to be made before priming up the masses and the legal system to bring charges. how about a docu on the clintons and the bidens long list of crimes? oh no, that same media is in bed with them.

  17. About fucking time this mother fucker had a sextape mixtape. I hope this bitch doesn’t get pass in prison i hope he gets warm reputation in general pop

  18. Hes guilty of being a man. He didn’t sex anyone that wasn’t already active and already willing. On top of that bought and paid for. Yet yall crucified him without convicting the pimps that brought and sold him the girls. This is a public execution of a hero’s freedoms.

  19. Unfortunately, this looks like a lot of injustice. Blacks should have their own courts as we are the ones who really knows what’s going on in our communities. I have not heard of 1 female being doped up, kidnapped, and taken by R. Kelly. Instead, I have heard of groupie females wanting to hang around R. Kelly and their parents consenting until they didn’t get fame and fortune from him. As blacks, we know what really happened. It’s no different than how Mike Vick saw dog fighting like others in the black community did back then. His GROUPIES and HATERS finally got him. Keep your head up R. Kelly!

  20. Those gals and their parents need to be ashamed of themselves to ruin a good artist life like that. Those gals wanted that to happen. I don’t fell sorry for neither one, they will regret this day

  21. He may be the king of R&B but now he’s gonna be the bitch of cell block H.

  22. This really pisses me off. The Judge gave my son 30 years for marijuana and said she would make him an example!! Example of what? being a black man in America sucks.

  23. Others are probably shaking in their boots and hoping that it doesn’t come to them being found guilty of assisting Kelly. He has avoided this mess this long and it has caught up to him… good riddance.

  24. The music and entertainment industry is evil. Sex, drugs and violence. The truth is that most black Americans who grew up in the ghetto or hood had sex in their pre-teens, whether it was introduced to them at a young age via porn or by relatives and friends. A white judge cannot understand or relate.

  25. The whole world knew about it when that video of him pissing on that girl came out! That was over 10 years ago…. WHAT TOOK SO DAMN LONG?????

  26. No no no he ain’t no singer anymore he is a SEX OFFENDER!!!!!!! 🤢

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