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1957 clip shows racists assaulting a black man

Wilson attacked by angry white mob/Twitter

Negro journalist assaulted in ’57.

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LITTLE ROCK — Here’s another reason to loathe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s chickenshit ideology: A viral video shows a black man in a three-piece suit being assailed by a horde of white supremacists in good ole 1957. Man, they kicked his ass up and down the street ’til they got tired. The assault transpired outside Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The punching bag is negro journalist L. Alex Wilson. He was there to write an article on the Little Rock Nine — a coterie of black students who attended the all-white institution to challenge racial segregation in public schools. The 18-second clip, leaked by the government, offers a glimpse into how bad African Americans were maltreated by their Caucasian counterparts. Negroes, regardless of socioeconomic status, were deemed subhuman. One Klansman kicked Wilson in the derrière. Another shoved him to the ground as the mob yelled “nigger.”

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “And ya’ll killing each other, while the white man sits back & laughs. Wake up people! And learn your history to know who the real enemy is.” Another chimed in with, “I’m not one to tell people how to do their job… but how has God not punished white people for this?” A third observer added, “That sh*t would never fly today.”

Are you proud of the process we’ve made in America?

Or, do we still have a long way to go?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. but they call black people racist ,,, no were just not going to take that chit from you whites and we have a strong hate for yall from decades of this and we never did nothing to deserve this treatment from you cracker honkey pigs,,,,, i wish yall would try this chit in todays society

  2. Now fast forward to the present times; you are now doing the same to one another other.

  3. while this was going on, immigrants were watching this on TV eating curry, kimchee, tacos y frijoles, dog soup, etc.,like “…yeahBlack people fight for my rights too, then I’ll be over there in America after the heavy lifting is done..hee hee hee!”

  4. And yet blackie still hasn’t learned anything. You’d think they’d be better individuals after this, but nope.

    Chimps gotta chimp.

  5. It really is hard to feel proud to live in our country where you see video like this and it was only 65 years ago.

  6. hi.. but yet.. those men… had babies.. who went on… to marry the babies.. of those terrorists!…….

    maybe even some of those black …men had.. pink female for wife.. or lover.. waiting for them.. at home…..because as we all know… many of the black civil rights leaders…. from… fred douglas.. to sidney poitier…marched the pavements… for the rights.. to marry… the pink female…. so sad… be blessed

  7. @vip: really? Like Bobby Crimo? Like Buffalo and Uvalde? Like Russia vs Ukraine?

  8. We Foundational Black Americans got something for you white supremacists! Your smashed brains on the pavement!

  9. try it now white crackers 😂 try it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. This shit they were forced to put up with..I wish they would try what they did back then, today..There would be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing for them crackas

  11. Evil ass race to do this to a person because of the color of there skin. Then they had a nerve to ask African Americans to fight for there country in wars. I can’t make this up

  12. These type of white people be hard as fuck to find I have yet to come across any this blatant. Even when I’m solo they just look on in disbelief like they can’t believe I’m walking through their shit unperturbed. They scatter away like I’m radioactive. Utterly terrified to be in the presence of a strong black man

  13. Salute to the ancestors. I feel the trauma in me, but I still manage to be successful to make sure y’all smiling over me everyday.

    See y’all at the Crossroads!💯👑✊🏿

  14. A lot of those cowardice glacier apes are still alive, there end is drawing near

  15. This is how they are evil and nothing has changed except we don’t believe in KING’s BS. we will hit u Edomites back

  16. @BURBERRY LIFE: we yts are strong, we still kicck ur loooser niccca azzz everydae

  17. Its 2022, I know some whites that would jump in faster then our own race to stop something like this now days. Racism will never end and we should remember history while at the same time pull our race out the slums. I love my rap music and culture but its feeding our youth and even childish adults minds to carry out rage we see happening every day in our communities. We need to clean up our music black ppl. I know more ppl who can say word for word some lyrics that may have nicely connected words of rhymes put together by talented people but the listeners are carrying out those lyrics. when will we clean our music, mentor our kids, teach them the importance of good credit while reminding them of videos like these todays problems are bigger then racism. We hating against ourselves. and again remember there are alot of whites who stand to help us too….I see the racist post on here but cowards like those are mad at life for reasons greater then I can explain. Especially when there so naive to misunderstand that there immigrants themselves, living on stolen land. The Hispanics are taking over this country one state at a time. That’s what worries them, while they sing and dance as our race kills each other.

  18. Funny thing is they act like this shtt never happen. Those are someone grand parents who did that shtt and spread racism.

  19. The only reason that man did not whoop all that ass is cause it was against the law to hit white ppl back and blk ppl were outnumbered 10 to 1 and they had very limited access to guns. If it were not for the unfair treatment he would have been out there floating like a butterfly and stinging like a Bee just like today

  20. @Truthbetold: Yeah their cowardly asses are ‘gangsta’ when you got the military behind you

  21. They are trying to erase history and pretend lynchings,rapes and discrimination never existed but the footage is clear. This is why we hate you racist whites and will never trust your ways.

  22. Don’t worry…..whyte folks will be getting theirs soon. Payback is ALWAYS worse. Notice that whyte folks ALWAYS have to team up take down one black man? That’s because whyte folks are cowardly and weak. Individually, they’re very easy to handle.

  23. This is why Martin Luther King was revered by whites and Malcolm X despised… they’d rather continue their hate filled evil ways while blacks sit back and protest and and never take a stand again it… smh

  24. All of those ol white fuks are dying from covid they in hell right now

  25. This is why mass shootings need to happen in white racist communities

  26. The most high is having fun with these pig skins right now watch that bacon sizzle in hell.

  27. They only did because they knew Blacks couldn’t fight them back with losing their lives. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been none of that foolishness

  28. You notice how it’s LITERALLY 40+ white men for one black brother. Basically one black brother is the equivalent of 40 weak az$ white b!+c#3$

  29. Glad our men are starting to wake up and clap back at these stupid kraqqas. There is nothing better than seeing a Black man shoot the police. Micah Xavier Johnson is a hero he killed 6 police officers and injured 9 more.

  30. just ain’t no way this would fly today.. niggas would be moppin up them crakkas but i’m sure they would be hiding behind the police protection

  31. The whole N word and verbal abuse shiit I could give 2 fck s less about your feelings being hurt but you start putting your hands on people or going out of your way to ensure they can’t make a stable living to support themselves and family I can’t turn a blind eye too

  32. This is the reason I make white biitchezz swalllow my cumm I want your grandpa to roll in his grave we won Mf

  33. Don’t let these white devils fool you when they say “it was a long time ago”, this Demonic Hatred happen to your grand parents, your parents and is happening to YOU in a different way. Through banks redlining, gentrification, police brutality, welfare etc… Keep your eyes open or the white devil will put you to sleep.

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