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Pregnant DJ murdered by jealous, crazy baby daddy

Tasheka Young shot dead/YouTube

Pregnant DJ murdered. 

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JACKSONVILLE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Bursey Armstrong, 33, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his gravid baby mama, Tasheka Young. The femicide transpired July 23rd in Jacksonville, Florida. Tasheka, a graduate of Bethune Cookman, was a radio personality at Power 106.1 and school teacher. Bursey, who’s unemployed, was jealous of her success and said if he can’t have her no one will. Tasheka’s mom found her corpse inside the Mission Pointe apartment she occupied on Biscayne Boulevard. Tasheka’s two children, ages 1 and 3, were also in the home. Bursey was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder: one for Tasheka, 34, and the other for the unborn child. Social media reaction was vicious. One reader wrote, “When you pick a kang there’s a 60% chance you will suffer the same fate.”

Another chimed in with, “As a man, I just can’t understand that ‘if I can’t have you no one will’ mentality. I’d just rather walk away and render my services elsewhere.” A third person added, “How much you want to bet he did it because he found out he’s not the father of their third child and possibly not the father of the other two kids.”

Investigators searched Bursey’s cell phone and found photos of a knife and gun he sent to Tasheka. They also learned Bursey pointed a firearm at Tasheka’s cranium two weeks earlier. “This is the same gun you held to my head,” Tasheka wrote in a text message. Police also pulled up Bursey’s criminal history which revealed a felony domestic battery report filed in May 2021.

The Ike Turner wannabe strangled Tasheka then beat her ’til she turned black and blue.

But she refused to press charges so the case was dropped.

Tasheka’s friends tried to coax her to egress the relationship but she wouldn’t listen.

She was 4 months pregnant when she died.

Watch the sad report and Bursey’s court appearance.

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  1. Why? These men keep killing the mother of their babies? Do they not love their children enough? Why be with us if they don’t like us?

  2. These men are mad because women are educated and they don’t have anything when a man does not have anything to lose that mean he will kill you and your children ‘cause he does not care. Ladies stop messing around with these bum broke men they don’t have anything so they’re mad because you do have money. Sounds like this man was staying with his mom he didn’t have a car he didn’t have anything now why would she be with him these men do not want us especially when we have babies by now they don’t even want the children. And a lot of them cannot control their emotions and they suffer from mental illness. I feel sorry for the children so sad.

  3. This is ridiculous! Please run for your life if you are in and abusive relationship. Put everything else on hold, run and hide until you are safe.

  4. I just can’t feel sorry for her because they keep getting with these losers when are they going to learn?

  5. Abuse victims will not leave until they are ready. It doesn’t matter how many opportunities they have. Some will never leave until they are carried out.

  6. I’m staying single forever. Too many horror stories I rather just be alone. My godmother just died due to her husband leaving her for dead on the highway.

  7. Unfortunately when you’re in that deep,you’re in danger if you stay and you’re danger if you leave.Sadly death is the only way out.That’s why it’s so important not to ignore the red flags in the beginning.

  8. This is so tragic 😥 her Mother found her and her babies saw the whole thing. Just looking at thier pictures you can tell that she was full of life, you can see a shine in her eyes while he looks dead inside. He has no shine just a cold dead spirit. This is why we need discernment, to know what is in front of us and to have a better chance to stay away from people like him. 🙏🏽

  9. It’s like the movie the kingsman when everybody gets injected with the shot they turn the volume up and everyone turns violent

  10. Wow 😳 these men killing these women like crazy now. Ladies soon as you see the guy turn into the Devil 😈 the first time run🏃for the hills and get out the relationship and thank yourself later.

  11. Ladies these lowlife hoodlums will kill you. Stop messing with these thugs because you think they are tough guys. They are wimps. Unfortunately she loved him to death 😣

  12. Leave Leave Leave Leave Leave Leave . Change jobs and move out of the state .

  13. There are some very weak and inscure men out there. Stop settling ladies. There’s plenty of good men still out there.

  14. Man this is scary!! These blk men are killing blk women at record numbers now! This is crazy!!


  16. I’m beginning to see the pattern here, he was jealous and a loser. She had a lot going for her and she dated below her stature. And the fact that she probably didn’t need anything from him didn’t sit well with him. Smh, she was a well known dj,had college education, and about to become a teacher. What was he doing? She seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life while he was bringing very little to the table. It seems like that with a lot of women who have been murdered. She didn’t deserve that. RIHP MY condolences to the family and friends

  17. It is not okay for someone to abuse you. Don’t keep brushing it off or making excuses. Get out! Get away! Go to family/friends out of state or even a Womens shelter. It’s that serious! YOUR LIFE MATTERS! 🙏🏾.

    Family should definitely get a lawyer to look into the cops negligence.

  18. It’s crazy how many kids will one day say “My daddy killed my mommy”.

  19. Not only did he not have any respect for her life he gave no thought to leaving his children alone with their mothers body or leaving them alone with no way to fend for themselves. What if her mother wouldn’t have gone immediately? People sicken me with the level of evil they possess

  20. Today, that’s the only kind of guy females want to be with. The relationships are so exciting!

  21. WHYYYYYY are these men killing these pregnant women?!!! It’s always the father of the baby!

  22. I don’t feel sorry for her ~she wanted him to kill her and he did …

  23. TOXIC BLACKISTAN 🤷🏾‍♀️ and just think… BECKY want so badly to be part of the BLACKISTAN 🙄 well girl girl! You can have them! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣 DUST! ESPECIALLY👉🏾👉🏽 MEN OF COLOR! …🤬 I HATE I WAS BORN INTO THIS COLOR! 🤬

  24. Crazy demonic males, where did they hatch from, a new and highly toxic and deadly breed. Lord help our Ladies to seek you for a mate. Only God knows every individual, so allow him to choose your mate. Women don’t be so desperate, that you settle for anybody, it’s some really dressed up, comouflaged demonic men just waiting for the opportunity to steal from you OR kill you OR destroy you OR do all of the above. It’s time to fall in love with Jesus!!!

  25. This is so tragic and disgusting there needs to be a HUGE outcry and a National protest against Black men and there femicide against Black women, what is really going on -where each day Black men all over the country are just killing Black women in record numbers as if it’s okay or it’s like drinking water, the reason is because there are no real consequences, no real protection for the Black woman, a order of protection ain’t sh, and many still have gotten killed even with a order of protection, the government is not making it a priority to change laws to punish the cowards for their sick and Heinous crimes-against Black women and babies, seems like no one is saying anything to make changes, Bail should always be denied in such evil crimes of passion, sending heartfelt ❤️ condolences to the mother and family and May This Beautiful young Mother friend and relative to many Rest In Peace ❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊❤️🕊

  26. Witnessing my mom go through domestic violence as a kid. I made a choice that I’ll never go through it. These type of men show red flags a lot of the time. And we as women ignore them. When ppl show you who they are please leave. I have a family member that constantly let her baby daddy make threats to her about killing her and she joke about it every time. Nothing is funny about toxic relationships. Please leave y’all it’s not worth your life 🖤

  27. So LeDumb James who’s hunting who again you miniscule intelligent p.o.s?? A melanin hooligan assassinates his baby mama in broad daylight while pushing a stroller!! A melanin hooligan kills a Subway worker over mayo, a melanin thug kills a woman over a bowling ball, a melanin hooligan kills a woman over a spilled drink, a melanin hooligan kills a father because he looked at him a certain way, 2 melanin mothers in jail for torturing, abusing and killing their toddler children, a black woman shot & killed her own sister and made her 13yo help dump and burn the body, melanin gang bangers committing assassinations of other black people every day all day in these democratic run $hit holes!! But you pathetic p.o.s want to riot, loot, and burn $hit anytime a cop shoots an effing criminal while doing their damn job!! And yet you continue to be enslaved by the Democratic party who’s done absolutely nothing for you!! You are effing pathetic!!

    You want this $hit to stop? Start addressing the problems in your community and stop putting the blame on cops and the white man!! There isn’t a gun problem, there is an effing hooligan problem!! Stop with the victimhood bull crap and fix your effing culture before you tell others what to do in their own backyards!! You are murdering, assassinating & shooting each other every effing day over stupid $hit!! Melanin hooligans assassinate each other everyday all day in every Democratic run $hit hole in this country and innocent children end up being the victims!! Just stop with the phony outrage over cops shooting criminals and fix your own $hit a$$ people problems!!! You effing pathetic hypocrites!!!

  28. Unfortunately she’s the classic DM case. Had a toxic tumultuous abusive relationship w/a loser she would only report on after-the-fact and wouldn’t press charges just take pictures and have it on record 🙄

    Instead of leaving kept having babies w/her abuser. Murdered at 4mo pregnant w/a 3y & a 1y all from him. Refused to listen to friends or family about leaving him. This was the inevitable outcome it was just a matter of time.

    My heart goes out to the children for having a monster of a dad, and a mother who couldn’t put them first and choose better for them or herself.

  29. My cousin was killed the same way 3 months ago the same way! her baby daddy killed her they had 3 kids together and she was young! They had an abusive relationship and she wanted out so he killed her💔💔💔

  30. Until western women realize that they are the worse of all women this will not stop. Drop your pride ladies change your aggressive loud rude nasty attitudes or this will not stop. Majority of the men today were raised by single women and they act out emotionally like the female who raised them, not by a man like I was who taught me how to navigate women a long time ago. These boys don’t have it.

  31. These men killing more then they protecting and providing. Fucking animals leaving their children to be raised by others, because of their selfish acts. They all should rot in hell. Left his kids with their deceased mom. Police never put a bullet in the ones deserving. You got to be innocent to get gunned down.

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