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Dad kills kids & himself to ‘payback’ his baby mama

Francoise Littlejohn killed his kids/YouTube

Nutty dad kills children.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. A viral video shows a deranged dad going livestream before killing himself and his three children. The murder-suicide transpired around 4 a.m. August 6th in Oklahoma City. Facebook Live footage shows Francoise Littlejohn, 30, brandishing a gun, saying he’s about to murder his kids then off himself after having a domestic dispute with his girlfriend of 13 years. The jilted simp also called his baby mama a “nigga” multiple times while accusing her of cheating. A close source, however, said they were no longer a couple. Shortly after the livestream, Francoise toe tagged his offspring: 3-year-old Trinity Littlejohn, 4-year-old Aliyah Littlejohn and 6-year-old Kyren Littlejohn. All four were found dead in the front seat of a Dodge Charger.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “Anyone who kills an innocent person let alone children SHOULD ROT IN HELL FOREVER!!!” Another chimed in with, “He knew she wouldn’t give a f*ck if he offed himself so he killed those babies just to get at her. Ain’t that much heartbreak in the world.” A third observer added, “After a domestic dispute why the f*ck would you leave your kids with him? Stupid as hell.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. This is not a difficult concept to understand. He did this to the kids because he was ready to go himself. A suicidal person is the most dangerous person you will encounter. If someone has lost self preservation! That is the most basic human concept. If they will harm themselves they will harm ANYBODY! There is something malfunctioning in the brain! It is not normal to want to kill YOURSELF. The bigger question is why is it happening more and more and more! All the health experts but no one gets help. It is because the system is broken, the mental health system! Speaking from experience.

  2. Females are good at starting problems and arguments with man and go to the friend or side nigga and resolve they issues or problems and leave you salty and give the cold shoulder…… and men don’t have a shoulder to lean on 9 times out ten and there goes the mental abuse that leads to physical abuse maybe if brotherhood wasn’t so suspected as gay in today’s time that part of life would be a whole lot better.

  3. If the girl would of just went to the police an interaction with him could of saved the kids. She should of tricked him. But at the end of the day what’s done is done an she gotta live with it

  4. He was a weak man who needed a women to make him happy. He only cared about her and not even his kids.

  5. When he accuses her of cheating on him and giving him STDs, he goes, “I’m not paranoid!” My theory is that, just like many possessive men, he accused her of cheating over and over again even though there was no evidence of her doing so. He didn’t kill them bc she cheated on him — he killed them bc she left.

  6. RIP TO ALL 3 BABIES and my condolences to the mother, family members and those poor little babies friends. This dude was a straight up pussie azz beotch may he burn in hell for all eternity especially. Smh to everyone that’s reading this comment be blessed and highly favored protected. I don’t know y’all but I truly love everyone because God first loved us. And to those that’s killing our future be dealt with by all mighty God.

  7. this is crazy. the man clearly had some mental issues and I fear that if the mother did return she would have also been killed

  8. Marriage and breeding should end because women are no longer interested in family oriented life they all wish to be and aspire to behave like pawn🌟a. This is the end of history. Existential ceasure.

  9. I’ve watched A LOT of crime videos but this one definitely hits somewhere different. I have a 6 year old. I have dealt with depression, anxiety & PTSD. I just can’t fathom taking that out on my son. Thank goodness I’m in a healthy place. But my heart breaks & my souls cries for those babies & the fear they must have felt. They didn’t deserve that 😭😥😓😢

  10. you know what everyone’s problem is nowadays you have no God in your life anymore stupid whores posting on Instagram and Snapchat deadbeat fathers think it’s cool to be a driller and man whore as father-of-five this world absolutely f**** disgust me

  11. I’m not gonna lie but this is something I thought abut doing to my own son, I have fantasized about killing my own son because my child mother will not allow me to see him, I don’t think about him anymore, I’m not throwing my life away over some bitch.

  12. That man the B***h right. You can tell sum of y’all virgin ass nigga’s ain’t never run into the wrong h*e. These h*e b***he’s ain’t s**t and will ruin your life. That s**t was that b***h fault.

  13. The fact he can switch his emotions so fast, stands as proof of his sociopathy. He’s clearly highly narcissistic n psychopathic. He wanted her to tell him to his face so he could feel justified in attacking her and the kids. To many grown Men acting like teenagers like this . ridiculous

  14. Men get a taste of what women been dealing with for decades and they mentally can’t handle it. Men been cheating and leaving women with children for decades. This pos isn’t a dad. Nor a father. He’s a pos that couldn’t separate his children from his woman and his kids paid the price. His tombstone should read
    – murderer of my own children! No name
    This isn’t on her, this proves he would’ve killed all of them. Although I would’ve never left my kids with that psycho. Call me abandoning their father or not. I’d deal with the name calling over chancing my child’s life. My ex is exactly like this and he doesn’t get unsupervised visits bc of his violence. Nope. Never.

  15. It is just horrible to hear the babies crying 😢. Weak punk…. RIP to those babies Hugs.. Pure Evil. Go to HELL….

  16. what a pussy lmao wah wah wah his son had more balls in his final moments than his dad

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