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Jealous boyfriend killed girlfriend in front of child

DaQuasha Jackson murdered/YouTube

DaQuasha Jackson shot dead. 

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NEW JERSEY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The township of Irvington, New Jersey is in mourning after 32-year-old Dane Lawrence murdered his baby mama, 31-year-old DaQuasha Jackson, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired June 9th inside their second-floor apartment on Adams Street. One of DaQuasha’s kids witnessed the tragedy but wasn’t harmed. Police conducted a welfare check and discovered the bodies. The crime was automatically ruled a murder-suicide. DaQuasha’s sister released the following written statement: “DaQuasha ‘Boo Boo’ Jackson was stolen from her children Zion & Nova horrifically. So unexpected & very unfortunate, but now my nephew & niece are forced to grow up without the person who loved them endlessly. Zion loves sports & is very active, Nova just started school & started becoming very familiar with all her mother’s loved ones. Let’s come together as a village to help stabilize Zion & Nova at this tragic time.”

DaQuasha, a former case manager at Catholic Charities, studied psychology at Stockton University. The prepossessing proprietor also owned a body butter company called “4 You.” Dane, on the other hand, was an unemployed bum with no goals. A close source said he was jealous of DaQuasha’s achievements. When she threatened to egress the relationship, Dane insinuated if he couldn’t have DaQuasha no one will. Social media reaction was venomous. One reader wrote, “She wanted a thug and got one. She probably had a foul mouth and didn’t respect that man. Y’all females gone learn.” Another added, “Leave these thugs alone.”

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  1. There’s been a lot of these cases, it’s so sad to think about all of these kids and babies growing up without parents and their stories being murder/suicide , RIP 🙏🏾

  2. When will black women realize it’s not safe being around black males? How many of y’all have to die before you collectively wake tf up?

  3. Ladies, it is not your responsibility to take care of a man…He should have his OWN spot, credit score (doesn’t have to be high), reliable car, CAREER, financial budget, means to travel, hobbies, and friend circle. 🗣NEVER mess with a man who has nothing to lose!!

  4. I Am Tired These Niggaz Killing Black Women Smfh 😡 Just Dumb Niggaz Period Making Us Look Bad We Our Worst Enemies Selfhatred Against Ourselves

  5. Leave these hoodlums, thugs, and criminals alone. Furthermore we as women should not be having sex with anyone that we are not married to.

  6. Ladies ladies these demonic males aren’t worth it if it looks like a demon acts like a demon it’s a demon I’m not saying all makes I’m taking about the fools who hurt the women and their children instead of being human and moving on if a person don’t want you let them go

  7. I don’t even know this man & I hate him. That was a very dumb thing to do in front of your child. That is not love

  8. But now a days if you do something bad you’re out of jail that same day

  9. Just…🌹🙏🏾😓🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾🌹
    He’a Such A Selfish Little b*tch!!!!!! 😡😒😡😑

  10. Currently in the process of taking firearms training. Black Girls take note

  11. Ladies please stay prayed up. Seriously its so easy to get caught up with a man because we get deceived. Believing what they say because they put on an act until they get you. Then things change when you are in a bad spot. No job , sick or with child. Please keep you a bank account that’s yours don’t disclose how much you have. If you feel unsafe its time to run get an apartment and a new job somewhere else. Get a restraining order and if you can learn to shoot and buy a gun if you can carry in your state. Take a self defense class. Pray and ask the lord to keep Dusty’s out your enviroment.

  12. Unbelievable… ladies, don’t get pregnant by these losers, stay focus while you are in school, a lot of these men have jealousy of a woman, as if they are women themselves, they don want to see you advance. Fall back when you see the relationship is going south, play if off until you get around family members, who are men, stay with them, until the loser is out of your life… I’m sorry babygirl🌹 so sorry RIP

  13. These beautiful and talented woman always make the mistake of getting involved with these disgusting, useless and dangerous men.

  14. People going to hate this comment but it’s extremely true and it amazes me when someone says people are going to love who they like but this is an extreme trend with good black women… That have this issue with dating pookies and ray rays and not truly getting with a good black man but I also will say people are who they date and attract this is a sad case but she would have been alive if she was with a man that was equal to her talent.

  15. When you’re a progressive person, not everyone is happy for you. Some people get insecure about themselves because they see you making progress in life and they’re at a stand still. Watch who you share your life with.

  16. She picked him! Women choose these type of men so deal with the decision you’ve made.

  17. I’ve noticed that when a woman is black, educated, has a kid (specifically by another man), and is successful in business a man takes her out with or without her kid.
    What’s going on there? Jealousy?
    Or is it because she knows her self and she is confident she can’t be told anything by a man? Which triggers him?

  18. Wait!!! Wasn’t there just another black woman murdered with her 6 yr old absolutely beautiful little girl by her spouse? I HATE and I mean hate the fact that the media has pushed this division between black/brown and white women. The bottom line is we are in serious danger ladies. We are being attacked, murdered and targeted by men at a unheard of rate. Now they let in MILLIONS of illegals (whom I might add are 80% male) that have no background checks and many have crimes against women. They have a different way of looking at a woman. I think we need to stop these ridiculous fights we bring between each other and stand in unity to fight what is happening to woman all over America. I don’t know the answer but I do know I am so tired of US perpetuating the dislike/jealousy/anger amongst us. We need to really push our sisters to stop relying on the government or a man for support! Get a education and work hard to move yourself and your children out of high crime areas. ESPECIALLY if you have children because no matter how hard you try to shield them, they will learn and mimic these “men” they see on the street. Which a lot of them have no respect for us, are criminals or continue living this gang lifestyle. Stop trying to change these men! If you want it to change, get your children away and stop the generational curse most these men have. Stay in school and fight to get yourselves in better areas, dont glorify rap music and hatred in front of your kids. Don’t be a punching bag. It is the same thing for white women who continue to stay with alcoholic wife beaters in certain areas, then they wonder why we have so many domestic violence in these areas.
    We are all women and at the end of the day, we all have our problems no matter what skin color we have, we all are scared and worried for our children and our fellow sister. Much love ❤️.

  19. And they always saying how we gone die alone with a bunch of cats shiiiiiiid ft I’m picking out my cats names now I’m tired of these bitter broke bums.

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