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Bishop Whitehead chokes woman at church service

Bishop Whitehead crossed the line/Getty Images

Bishop Whitehead chokes woman.

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BROOKLYN — Bishop Lamor Whitehead almost caught a case after he damn near asphyxiated a female congregant during Sunday service. The choking transpired at Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Brooklyn, New York. It was also captured on video. Live stream footage shows Whitehead grabbing the braided Karen by the scruff of her neck when she approached the altar to illuminate his malfeasance. Then he had an usher escort her off the premises before continuing service like nothin’ happened. “You not gone come in my space. I feel threatened,” he told the congregation. “You ain’t gone walk to my baby. Amen! You can walk to me. But when you get to my baby and my family, you gone get out of here. I’m gone protect my family.” The woman was later arrested and charged with assault. If you recall, Whitehead (who has a criminal history of his own) was robbed at gunpoint mid-sermon on the pulpit two months ago.

The thieves purloined $1 million in jewelry.

Whitehead also swindled $90,000 from elderly parishioner Pauline Anderson. So it’s probably time for civic leaders to deep-six his church. Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “Just another con man taking advantage of people in the jungle, smh.” Another chimed in with, “You didn’t defend your family during the robbery. You was on the floor like a lil bitch.” A third observer added, “These churches are something else, especially in the ‘Black Community.’ But you wonder why people are leaving in droves. Between him, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, I don’t know who’s worse.”

Watch the attack from different surveillance angles.

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  1. You not going to come in his space to threaten him but someone came in your space to rob you and you drop down and you didn’t even touch a man like that he’s a crackhead🤡🤡🤡‼‼‼‼…


  3. She approached his wife and baby. The Bishop was right to grab that woman! Bishop should get more security in the church!

  4. Black women are out of control, black men, smack these female clowns back in place.

  5. How do people even indulge in this fake blasphemous shit. This is not a preacher or a church

  6. Where was all that energy when them dudes rolled up in the chuuuch, AMEN!!!✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  7. In the Old Testament they stoned false prophets, today we worship them!

  8. He did that with such precision you can tell he’s grabbed women like that before..disgusting! I could never see myself hearing the word from someone like that smh

  9. Wait did a grown ass man say he was threatened by a woman walking past him… What that really was is sis had the energy to to wake the people up which means less Money. The devil in him brought it out!

  10. How did this lying fool get this far?!? Are folks really this blind?!? He is a whole circus! 🤡🎪

  11. Everyone defending this UNRULY blk woman’s behavior is an absolute problem within an already decimated community 😡

  12. Look at how he aggressively jumped on that woman like he wanted to strangle her! Look at his face ! Dude ain’t nothing but the 👿 for real! A wolf in sheep’s clothing! He’s nothing but a flaunting hustler and street pimp! No REAL ” pastor” does sh*t like that! And I knew that he was not “robbed”, I didn’t fall for that bs ! 😒

  13. Bible talks about false prophets and he is one of em right along with td Jake’s Juanita bynum Joel olsten Eddie long just to name a few. We as sheep have to have discernment in who we follow and who we allow to lead us.

  14. That woman was loud and rude like most black women yet I think he could’ve handled it another way

  15. Bababababa.. you chocked her lier.. The look on your face as you put your hands around her neck. This thug is an idiot. You were arrested and the woman is filing charges

  16. His jive talkin slick ASS, u wouldn’t have doe that shit to a MAN!!!!! FACT….

  17. That’s definitely a church I wouldnt go to in the first place after seeing that the preacher was a criminal in the past. I know god is forgiving but I’m a little more picky on who is gonna lead me in faith and the promised land

  18. This is why a church must have apostolic succession. Too many churches have been randomly started and are cults because their leader is toxic. If these people knew the bible they would never attend this guys service.

  19. Amen! Amen! What?? Grabs a woman because he feels threatened… Then says he is defending his family 😂 he said that for the cameras so he doesn’t get prosecuted… She was talking to him and he didn’t like it, calling him a liar, she was not running up to no one… Come on!!

  20. Omg 😮, this is appalling and so incorrect for a supposedly Man of God to behave in his matter. I don’t care what she was saying, she never raised her hand to him or from what I could see in this video to his family. So therefore their was no reason for him to put his hands on her period. Yes that’s assault. This is what we get when one is not called to preach.

  21. God will definitely judge him. But the law needs to take action as well

  22. She was probably exposing him for who he really is and he lost control and grabbed her by the neck and had her thrown out.

  23. Sooo not only did this man choke a woman, but he actually choke a woman of God who was speaking the Name of the Lord!!!!??? 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Hey ya’ll don’t be surprise if this man get killed by God in the coming Days. And he will be straight in Hell burning and getting tormented to the uppermost by the Devil and his demons. Not only did he blaspheme the Holy Ghost but he put his hands on someone with the Holy Ghost. The Lord God is Angry. I think God about to kill him in the coming days

  24. that lady was yelling at his wife and approaching her, was he supposed to wait until his wife was attacked before he pushed her away?

  25. I was strangled by my ex and thank God he did eventually let go. But let me tell you, this is a very scary act! For a few minutes, I thought I was gonna die. To this day, I don’t know what he was mad about. It’s scary and I pray you never, ever get to know how scary this is.

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