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White chick thinks Subway inserted poop in sandwich

Kelsey found poop in her sandwich/YouTube

Michigan State student ate poop.

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EAST LANSING — First, Jared masturbated to child pornography. Now this. A viral video shows a ravenous white chick in East Lansing, Michigan accusing Subway employees of putting dookie in her footlong. Kelsey Coyne, a student at Michigan State University, called 911 to report the nauseating ingredient and crime scene investigators scoped the excrement for forensic corroboration. “In between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal sh*t. There’s feces,” Kelsey explained. “We’re not sure if it’s dog or if it’s human. The police took a swab of it. I ate a bite of it.” Yuck! That’s gross! Keep in mind Subway workers are required to prepare sandwiches in full view of customers unless entrées are pre-ordered online. Kelsey said she tried to contact Subway’s corporate office. But to no avail. So she remunerated an attorney and litigation is underway.

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “Sounds like bullsh*t because you watch them make your food. So she must have went home and put sh*t 💩 in the sandwich then made the video.” Another chimed in with, “I always thought Subway tastes like sh*t.” A third observer added, “Don’t ever kiss her.” Rumor has it a 39-year-old black female employee inserted the turd to get back at white folks à la Minny in “The Help.” If true, does she belong in jail? Should the incident be treated as a hate crime?

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. This Wyte Slút probably ate the Whole Shxt because her DIRTY Uncultured European Ancestors ate feces too,🍴💩 because they we’re cannibals before they Evolved into Carnivores trying to be more civilized after leaving the Chauplin Caves of Europe 🍴💩 y’all really some shxtty people 🚫✋🚫

  2. They literally make the sandwiches in front of you while they ask you what you want on it, did you ask for a slice of shit in your sandwich?

  3. Why would you leave your house to buy a sandwich……..make your own damn sammich……and make me one while you’re at it thanks in advance…..

  4. They will DNA the sh*t and know who’s it is, idiots today don’t think. That is a felony.

  5. Bro I ate at subway just the other day.
    I was literally sitting there watching my sandwich being made, and the one employee went to go do something for a second, and I’m just dead ass watching flies landing on my bread.
    There was 3 of them.
    Keep food service professional.

  6. She way too calm for finding shit in her food. And don’t they make the sandwich in front of you? She put that shit in there for views and a lawsuit. Guarantee it comes out this hoe lying.

  7. What you need to do is shut up and get a lawyer…

    Right now she’s contradicting herself she said she smelled it so why would she take a bite of it, then she said she ate it and she spit the second bite out????

    Is she trying to get money because that’s what it sounds like maybe shes not but if it did happen stfu?

    Subway has better lawyers then what you can pay for!

  8. What shes smelling is called bull$$hit. Her story has some holes and she the type to crave attention and likes.

  9. It’s clearly hers! They love to setup up a scenario where they can play victim

  10. Did she wait in the car for her sandwich. They make that shit right in front of you Pun intended.

  11. ALL SUBWAYS ARE FRANCHISED, calling corporate will not help. Got to go to that Subway owner with police or lawyer

  12. nasty AF.. all of these fast food places are desperate for hires that they put anybody in them, and most mfers ain’t clean…

  13. Yeah right they grab the bread 🥖 and cut it in front of you. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. So she drove all the way home and didn’t smell the sewage smell she talked about in her car?

  15. Come on now u had to smell that boo boo before u put in yo mouf😂😂😂😂😂…u chewed and swallowed the first piece…subway thick ass bread takes a while to chew so I think you really enjoyed the doo doo samich

  16. Wait, you smelled the sh*t 💩 yet still ate a bite? Regardless, whoever did that to her sandwich is done! Also, she’ll be getting a nice check from it too…

  17. She would have to prove it, when she watched them make it unless they’re magicians and have sleight of hand, I don’t see how, and she admitted she bit it at the place and took it home and continued eating it, she she’s lying

  18. let me get this right.. you took out the sandwich to eat it. but it stunk of shyt.. you then thought ‘ I like that tangy shytty taste, let me take it home so I can enjoy it more’. So you went home and took a SECOND bite???’ I was done there, I bet it tasted like you momma’s cooking if it wasn’t for the smell.. biatch hold this L

  19. I would eat a dookie sandwich if it meant I got to sue Subway for a milli

  20. Just went to McDonald’s yesterday and it had a glob of hair in it!!! Didn’t even bother to drive back considering how far it was and that they may have told me they don’t know how it got there!!! Fast food has took a horrific low since they’re hiring anybody now because of ppl not wanting to work.

  21. Women eat poop sandwiches as long as the poop came from a Chads butt.

  22. If you believe this story look out the window and see all the dinosaurs walking around!

  23. That’s so disgusting you know what the evil and this world and the kids being brought up in all this evil they’re just doing horrible things and it’s so messed up this world is doomed I hope the Lord comes back soon or so I say I pray the Lord comes back soon

  24. I was a cook for years and when I would clean the flat top grill at night the burnt oil that collects in the grease trap smells exactly like shit.
    There are things other than feces that can smell like that.

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