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Black high school student assaults his white teacher

A viral video shows a black student pummeling a white teacher in class because he received a bad grade on his report card. There’s also allegations of racism. The beatdown transpired at Discovery High School in Atlanta. Cell phone footage shows the recalcitrant teen thwacking the educator repeatedly in the countenance before a pair of students mercifully intervened — much to the chagrin of the assailant’s sister. One viewer wrote, “Looks like the kids are learning very well. Critical Race Theory teaches them that ‘the man’ is keeping them down. So, they’re lashing out at all the ‘oppression.’ Keep teaching Wokeness. This is just the tip of the iceberg.” Another added, “That’s why we can’t get good teachers in our schools.” The teacher’s wife spoke with reporters. She said her husband suffered a busted lip and a concussion. “I don’t think people should have the crap beat out of them when they go to work,” she said. “I just want the students and the teachers to be safe, because my husband signed up to be a teacher. He loves his job.”

Administrators with Gwinnett County Public Schools are catching hell over this incident.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Hit first, ask questions later!!! Where have I seen this before?? oh wait……nevermind

  2. It’s just their culture, you lower the standards for them but monkeys still can only ooga booga and fight. 🇳🇪 Behaviour

  3. Low pay, baby sitting both kids and parents, and getting disrespected. Only someone with true passion can tolerate teaching these days.

  4. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES for this type of tribal behavior! If you assault a staff member once~ charges should automatically be pressed & the student should go yo juvie or jail depending on their age! So many people try to lend excuses to these hoodlums such as (well, you don’t know if their father just died or brother/sibling/best friend just died. Or, you don’t know if it is their responsibility to feed the rest of their family b/c they have a single Mom whose on drugs & they are the man of the house.. These things put immense pressure on their shoulders.. etc..) Well, my response to that is you don’t know the situation of any of the other students (whether they are beat everyday at home, etc..) & they come to school for some type of structure & most of all SAFETY!! And we keep getting these assholes who think they are cool b/c they fight teachers who don’t even fight back because legally they aren’t allowed to.. So, these dumbass kids rob the rest of the students of their safety & structure. Where I grew up kids like this went to a special school called YALE. And no, it’s not the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL! I’ve seen some of the hardest teens go their and come out broken.. Put these kids in a Yale school where they will meet their absolute nightmares EVERYDAY!!!

  5. Animals…dude should have slapped the dog shit of of his ratchet ass sister. Bet mom acts just like that n dad probably aint around.

  6. That’s black students for you. They don’t have respect for no one. Just like Atlanta. If these were my kids I’d be ashamed of them.

  7. Fross09: Look at parents these days though. Most of them don’t have respect to teach their kids. That goes for EVERYBODY. Black, white, right, left. America is culture waring itself to death by way of Darwin Award

  8. To all you union lovers out there, I give you public schooling. Your tax dollars hard at work.

  9. Kids run the class now. If the paddle and punishment came back things would change.

  10. The fact they stopped spanking kids in school, allowing cell phones, personal laptops etc, helped these punks get worse.


  12. Weird how people think this is a new issue or this is somehow unheard of. This has been going on for years….

    As an educator, I have no problem with letting my students know that I’m from that “knuck if you Buck” generation. So if they think about trying me, they’d have a better chance at trying to resurrect the ghost of Michael jackson.

  13. Much respect for the teachers. So happy that I’m not one. I would be under the jail if this happened to me.

  14. Why would anyone be a teacher at a public school nowadays. Low pay, disrespectful students and unhealthy lunches.

  15. That level of violence is a direct result of the governments social policies. America already has by far the highest incarceration rates in the world, but the solution offered will be to put more armed law enforcement in schools. Social injustice is why so many children are raised in circumstances that result in psychological problems leading to violent and antisocial behaviour. Dont expect any change to be coming soon, the wealthy, priviliged, and powerfull, can buy their children out of trouble and they dont care about the rest.

  16. This is what happens when you allow the kids to do as they please, no accountability,..teaching woke bs…..parents lacking in discipline of these wayward kids.

  17. This is what happens when you have black students and you don’t punish them. Name a single white school where this happens.

  18. IMAGINE HOW THE STUDENTS WHO ARENT VIOLENT FEEL AND HOW THEY’VE BEEN FEELING FOR YEARS NOW. This is ridiculous, it only becomes a big deal (and that’s a stretch because the school board still isn’t taking it seriously) when the adults are effected by the violence. That’s obvious cause and effect most of the schools in GCPS have been bad, students are scared and the ones who are violent and the ones who are not violent are shown there is no consequences for their actions, when that example is shown you will have a district that is out of control and not safe for any child or adult to be there in the first place let alone be there 5 days a week 7 hours a day. All this new policy has done is made the violence worse and made school even more unsafe than it already was. At what point is what the county is doing considered phycholgical abuse to their students and staff? And what is any student actually learning or retaining when school is an OBVIOUSLY violent and unsafe place to be with the policies in place?! They want to treat students and teachers in the district like guinea pigs for this ridiculous policy that obviously and very drastically isn’t working.

  19. The parents are to be blamed, they are not raising their children right. The children take what they learn at home outside.

  20. I’m really considering homeschooling my last 2 children. Just watching how things went with my older children especially in high school was ridiculous, honestly some of the teachers were just as ignorant is the children

  21. Let’s be honest, all this violence stems from the parents. All these students that are getting violent, look at their parents and their home life. Their home life is probably miserable because they might have had to shut down their business because of covid mandates. They might have lost their house because of covid mandates. They might have lost everything because the government told them they were non-essential. Everything stems from the house and it rolls downhill. The one thing the government is good at is breaking your leg and then coming and asking if you need help. Remember it takes 10,000 hours to master something. The indoctrination your kids receive in public school is about 18,000 hours. Let that sink in. The government sees your children more than you see your own children until they graduate college. From 8:00 to 4:00 they’re in school. If they have after school activities then they are there. So maybe it’s not the parent’s fault but maybe it’s the government’s fault because they’re the ones that are in doctrinating our children.

  22. Some of these kids are rude and disrespectful backed by their parents. Hats off to the teachers who are sticking it out.

  23. There needs to be a serious rule where phones are not allowed in school at all. It has already been psychologically proven that this messes with these kids heads even adults. Get the phones out of the schools. And you might have less problems. This child needs to be prosecuted accordingly along with any other child that thinks it’s okay to attack their teachers. Stop going after the parents for their children’s behavior. This country’s biggest problem is everyone stopped taking accountability for their own behavior, and also stop having their children take accountability for theirs.

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