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Amato familicide chronicle details ‘cam girl’ obsession

Grant Amato kills entire family/YouTube

Grant Amato is a sick bastard. 

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CHULUOTA — When simpin’ goes wrong. Anna Uncovered released the murder documentary of Grant Amato, the 33-year-old pervert who killed his entire family over a cam girl he fantasized about online. The familicide transpired January 24, 2019 at their residence in Chuluota, Florida. According to police reports, Grant shot his father, mother and brother Cody in the head then staged the massacre as a murder-suicide committed by Cody before vamoosing the scene. Police officers took Grant into custody following a 24-hour manhunt. He was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder. Grant was later sentenced to life without parole. While probing the bloodbath, investigators learned Grant was infatuated with Bulgarian webcam model Silviya “Silvie” Ventsislavova. He purloined $200,000 of his father’s and brother’s mazuma then gave it to Silvie to attend her pornographic webcam sessions. It was arguably the most exorbitant masturbation livestream ever.

Dude acted like he’s never seen boobs before.

When family members discovered Grant misappropriated their funds over a virtual onanism, all hell broke loose. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One reader wrote, “He looks like Nosferatu. No wonder he’s a sick bastard.” Another added, “The family should of whooped that ass after the 1st charge without permission. Dude a Lil ho. I hope he gets the ho treatment in prison.” 

Grant and Silvie never met.

She simply took his cash, put on a show, then sailed off into the sunset.

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Despicable scumbag. Sadly, the taxpayers will be footing the bill for his existence for the rest of his life.

  2. This freak is a waste of space. 200 thousand dollars! What a pathetic loser. Death penalty

  3. Basically he was the only bald in his family ? His dad and his brothers all had hair … seems like ne had inferiority complex all his life probably

  4. He’s a fool for spending that kind of money on a female that he never even met.

  5. what grant did to his family is unacceptable i am glad that he got life in prison and won’t ever get out rest in peace to grant’s mother father and brother they did not deserve to get their lives taken all because grant could not follow there rules or get help for his addiction

  6. Dude this freaking virgin beta male is so pathetic. Can’t believe people can be like this.

  7. Sicko needs death penalty
    What a perve! For a CAM GIRL? She’s the same trailer trash he is!

  8. And the cam girl and her boyfriend sailed off into the sunset

  9. He’s a sick POS 💩 !!!

    Why is ppl getting away with multiple killings. And no death penalty ?

  10. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. The defense did a poor job. That family spoiled him. 200k on a virtual woman!

  11. How come Sylvia wasn’t questioned by anyone? How can you spend over $200,0000 of your own families money stealing from them on a girl that is online. Taking that kind of money from people you’re supposed to love who worked hard for it and provide for you. That was his first evil major crime, in my opinion.

  12. What a fkn rtard that spends 200000 of his families money on a cam girl to then to proceed to murder his family

  13. What a lousy clown❗…
    Met a hooker and thinks that he’s a smart .
    Those camB1tches live a lifestyle of liars and greedy for money charlatans❗And they always have a second platform(which is ACTUALLY FIRST ONE) , like meeting for hookup in their own country .
    And this loser created himself a castle in the sky , like it’s the right person .
    Those hookers always have dozens of that kind naive cretins , and don’t give a F about anybody other than themselves and the money is the only interest for them❗

  14. I don’t like to blame the victims….but: how do the parents let him BLOW $200k, and THEN get angry. Geez, the time to get angry is after $5k or so, LOL.I mean, for a relatively “financially normal” family, you don’t just let $200k fly out the window. If he had been slapped back early enough, it wouldn’t have devolved into this. Just saying.

  15. Him and his brother were so close yet he murdered him! Just so crazy he did this for a cam model who just wants money. Was he delusional to think they were in love? So crazy I don’t get why he’d kill his parents let alone his brother who they said were so close. Obviously not and Grant is insane.

  16. this nigga killed 3 muthafuckas who loved him for a ho he never met

    Simpin at its finest

  17. Men have to stop fantasizing that there is any kind of relationship with the cam girl, prostitute or escort that they’re seeing. You PAY for her to make you feel wanted/good. It is a service. There’s no feelings and NO relationship. It amazes me how many men think they have a “special connection”. This kind of fantasy thinking is so unhealthy and will never end well. They’ll certainly never find connection in the real world because it will never live up to their unrealistic idea of what a woman should act like (they think… all the time), or what goes on between real couples. Too much fantasy is seriously gonna mess with your head.

  18. Im sorry but once ‘Sylvie’ found out that Grant was stealing over $200,000 from his family to give to her, she should have CUT HIM RIGHT OFF. I know to her, its an easy buck. Grant is a ‘loyal regular’ customer, someone who she probably felt comfortable talking to as well. But the fact she kept talking to Grant on Twitter was just leading him along. Would Grant have still done this even if Sylvie completely cut ties and never talked to her again? Who knows. RIP to the Amato family. They deserved a better son/brother.

  19. He’s probably got pictures of Silvie all over his cell and none of his dead family….. Thee absolute worst kind of human being ever! THEE WORST……. YOU CANT EVEN WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND IT……. AND THE BLOOD SUCKER LAWYERS DEFENDING HIM WAS HILARIOUS…….. THERE DEFENSE WAS A LOG OF ROTTED HIPPO DUNG……

  20. This guy is nuts spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk to some whore what a stupid ass**

  21. $200,000 just to TALK to this chick? Bad enough what he did to friends,& family…but he never even got laid once? I must be missing something…

  22. People shittalking the camgirl/shittalking camgirls in general are assholes. I don’t pay for cams either but it’s a job and that woman had no obligation to stop taking his money — ESPECIALLY SINCE HE WAS LYING TO HER AND TELLING HER HE WAS RICH. How was she supposed to know he was stealing money? She’s not psychic. I hope she’s doing okay after all this. What a chilling thing to find out.

  23. imagine you as a mother giving birth to a son that will one day take ur life and the other way around parents killing their children its all sad pathetic to me 🙏

  24. They enabled him so badly. They should have cut him off. He was extremely babied. It’s not their fault he lost his shit and turned on them… but still idk how privileged ppl think treating their adult offspring like this is going to ever work out. Poor family deserved better. He took advantage of them and bled them dead.

  25. Have anyone not noticed we are in the last days? We have an enormous amount of family members killing one another, neighbors killing one another, lovers killing one another, and friends killing one another? We have mass child killers now. More children are being murdered as well today. We have a world of narcissistic people that don’t value human life, are getting so jealous they kill, money hungry, and majority of them are doing it simply to be evil. What’s even crazier is that all these evil acts are rising like NEVER seen before in all history. Wake up people! Evil is here and I’m paths and God people can feel it like never before. Be mindful of what’s in your mind. Fight the demons. This is not who you are or ever were meant to be. Do not believe the devils lies and tricks. As for Gods people. Stay protected and prayed up to get through these times. They are horrible and close to all homes today and more is to come. Fight the enemy. In you and in others as well. We in REAL war now of pure evilness. Gods people be patient. He is getting rid of your enemies. Gods bless you all as God does too but cannot protect one from their own free will and evil doings. Better come correct. Time is running out Satan. God is here and will soon be noticeable to ALL as well when His presence ERADICATES all evil and all who are with the enemy. Do not be fooled. This shit be REAL. Pay attention to ALL the schemes, plans and plots against us all. If you think this right here is crazy, one day you are going to look back and everything will flash before you. You will have the truth. You will suddenly see what’s going on. And THAT- that is more scarier than your imagination could ever fathom. God be with and in you forever no matter who tries to take that from you that is only up to you if you let the enemy have his way. Love and light is the only thing that can sustain life, including the wicked doers!

  26. damn I can’t even get a male who claims to like me buy me food.they tell me they got dick or cum for me to eat or I gotta do something strange for a piece of change.then a girl started talking to me and she would just ask me if I am hungry randomly she would cook or order me food thats when I knew pussy was the answer to all my questions

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