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“Bernie Mac Show” stars selling sex thru OnlyFans

Camille twerks for cash/Oshay Duke Jackson

Bernie Mac actresses sellin’ sex. 

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HOLLYWOOD — It’s not uncommon for thespians to moonlight when work dries up in Hollywood. For instance, “Martin” star Carl Anthony Payne sold used cars to make ends meet. Ditto for “Cosby Show” actor Geoffrey Owens who bagged groceries at Trader Joe’s and didn’t give a damn. He had bills to pay. Hell, Gary Coleman beat the sh*t out of a woman who laughed at him when he worked as a security guard. But “Bernie Mac Show” actresses Camille Winbush, 33, and Dee Dee Davis, 26, said to hell with workin’ a 9 to 5. The voluptuous vixens are now twerking their derrières on OnlyFans and catching hell for it. Many fans called ’em a “disgrace.” Camille clapped back via Twitter, claiming the adult entertainment website has produced millions in remuneration. “The trolls are hungry again so here’s some food for thought,” Camille wrote. “I’ve never been arrested, never been on drugs, don’t have any baby daddies, I pay all my taxes, I drink water and mind the business that pays me. If the most scandalous thing strangers can say about me is that I took some sexy pics as an adult and made a couple of mil in less than 2yrs, I think I’m doing alright as a human in todays society. Camille Simoine Winbush will never be a disgrace so miss me with all that bull.”

Fans countered, saying Bernie is turning over in his grave. But Camille ain’t having it. “Bernie, God rest his soul, is not turning over in his grave,” she retorted. “STOP saying that.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One fan wrote, “Invest! Make that quick money. Invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Create your own business with your OnlyFans money. Keep making your money sis & keep leveling up. You’ll never be broke when you’re a beautiful black woman BOSS!”

Another chimed in with, “I think she’s a genius ’cause she uses her body to earn a living.”

A third person added, “I looked at her page without joining… she is flat out lying about making millions.”

Are you disappointed in Camille and Dee Dee?

Is there somethin’ wrong with using sex as a pecuniary resource?

Watch the ladies clap back.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I think to eventually retire or not have to work at all is alot of people’s end game. Camille still acts and has recently been in movies. I don’t think she’s being “lazy” or taking the lazy way out. She like a lot of people have discovered a quick/easier way to make money and reach that end goal. Can’t say I necessarily agree/disagree with this choice but these folks are grown.

  2. Look don’t be mad when you can’t find a man that will respect you cause if you gonna act like this don’t be mad when you die alone . These women don’t think about the out come of there situations. All for money.

  3. When are women gonna hold other women accountable instead of talking Sh*t behind their backs about there actions. This is why y’all don’t trust each other

  4. I can hear Bernie Mac voice right now Nessa what you think you are doing you know I didn’t raise you up like this. Go put on some clothes

  5. Camille looks gorgeous. She is a talented actress why is she not getting no job.

  6. Women complain about negative images of black women as oversexualized and they act like this is ok. You can’t have it both ways. This is perpetuating those images. Use your mind to get ahead, not your body. Funny I don’t hear any women speaking out against Cardi B ad meg the stallion for putting out filth like WAP which is totally degrading. hypocrisy. Wake up sisters. If you are queens then you must act like it, and this ain’t it.


  8. She lets it all hang out on onlyfans smh Bernie Mac would be turning over in his grave!!!

  9. Like I said and I’ll say it again I’ll put Camille up against any redbone any damn day just pure natural ebony black beauty no makeup pretty skin Ill put her up against any damn redbone any day, let’s not forget, a red bone can’t be made without something like her, you know white massa sneaking in the slave house looking at that black beauty he couldn’t resist, that beautiful black skin, redbones where do you think y’all come from, I’m just being real. Simply beautiful, and I’m glad they got her up there cuz they are always puting some redbone up there saying that’s the Black version of beauty,! no there’s more, nothing against the redbones you know y’all got it but there’s some beautiful darkness is out there too but I mean some real beautiful daughters out there, black people stop being tricked by the media.

  10. It’s her business she a grown woman now. She’s 33 that’s not child. If she wanted to sell her puss & do porn that’s her damn business her choice, her life. She not hurting nobody & no one is gonna pay her bills. And people is weird talking as if her & Bernie was real family members. They was co-workers.

  11. It’s okay for Cardi B, Saweetie, and other major female celebrities to get a OF but why is not for others

  12. welcome to the united states of whores these woman are not wives fellas

  13. I can hear Bernie Mac’s voice now screaming in hurt and anger, What The Hell You Doin Baby Girl.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.

  14. I must say I loved the Bernie Mac show and still watch reruns to this day. So happy Dee Dee Davis is healthy, happy,and raising her 2 beautiful children. I dont think its anyone business what this young woman do and who she joins. Same for Camille.

  15. Black women act like not respecting yourself is something to be proud of, the only culture that allows you to show your disrespect for yourself on the red carpet, Go ahead and find me another. Look at this, no moral compass, “im grown can’t no one tell me not to hoe”, they literally bend for money.

  16. Dee, I’m not shocked. Her career is mostly cemented as a cute little girl. Camille however is stunning and certainly was provided the platform to evolve into an adult actor. Camille has talent and more connected. Her brother has not missed a beat. He has remained a working actor since The Cosby Show. They clearly weren’t managed/represented well.

  17. Imma just come out and say this on a public platform. Back in the early 90s I worked as an adult entertainer for a little while some of you may be too young to realize this but being a dancer was not always acceptable the way it is now. One thing I can clearly remember the females that were always judgmental and critical about me and other women like myself who chose to strip; those bitchez always wanted to borrow $40😭 eventually

  18. Its fuckin genius 👏. All this criticism is going to make them more popular on Onlyfans!
    They about to get paid.
    They should continue to respond to critics to keep the attention

  19. I stopped being surprised with black child stars after seeing the youngest daughter from Family matters start doing porn. ANYWAY! I don’t think Bernie Mac was that invested in his t.v.children off-set activity.

  20. Get a real job instead of whoring yourself on the internet. My heart bleeds for poor Bernie.

  21. Half of these so call celebrities make more on Only Fans than in TV, Movies, Singing & Rapping 🤔

  22. It’s definitely a challenge for black actresses in Hollywood. There aren’t enough valuable roles where it’s worth it for the actresses to audition for. Plus everyone is competing for that top role for the movies that are groundbreaking… That’s why we see the same black actresses being used over and over again i.e Angela Bassett, Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson.

    I honestly wish they will give other actresses a chance like Kellita Smith. Sis has been in the game for over 30 years and she’s a dynamic actress. But they typecast and don’t allow for others to showcase versatility. 😒

  23. It was bad enough when Camille joined but not “baby girl”!!!😭😭😭

  24. They aren’t the first child actors to end up in this situation, only fans has just made it easier and far more lucrative.

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