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Vicky: Lil Nas X faking gay

Vicky confronts homosexuality/YouTube

Woah Vicky exposed Lil Nas X.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MIAMI — Woah Vicky raised eyebrows yesterday when she said Lil Nas X isn’t really gay. He simply sold his soul for stardom. The “Don’t Like Me” rapper dropped the bombshell during an appearance on the “We In Miami” podcast. Vicky also believes homosexuality and parturition are mutually exclusive. Instead, LGBT proponents like Nas X make conscious decisions to swing the other way. “I think he need Jesus,” Vicky said, referring to Nas X. “I got a few friends that went to school with him and they said he was never gay. So, I know for a fact what he doing is ’cause they told him you gotta do this. I feel like ain’t nobody really gay, in Jesus name, Amen. It’s getting popularity. It’s getting you money. Getting you views. So, it’s like selling your soul. The industry is demonic. You have to do certain things… So, I believe he had to do certain things to get where he’s going.”

Social media reaction was mostly pro-Christian. One commenter wrote, “Love her boldness. That’s what we need and she did it better than these ‘celeb’ pastors out here selling their souls for likes, perks and money. LET’S GO in Jesus name!!!🔥🔥🔥” Another chimed in with, “They literally be worshiping Satan in broad daylight and y’all still think it’s a conspiracy?” A third person added, “Jesus showed himself to her!! There is nothing but evil in that industry 💯 i rebuke them in the name of JESUS CHRIST !!!🙏🏼 ❤ She looks a lot better now with Christ in her life.”

Vicky said bisexual rapper Lil Uzi Vert, 27, sold his soul too.

Damn, hip-hop was heterosexual in the ’90s.

What happened?

Lil Nas X (né Montero Lamar Hill) egressed the closet during Pride Month 2019.

Since then, he’s released a handful of fudge-packin’ videos coupled with Satan shoes.

Nas X did, however, admit he misses vulva.

“This gay sh*t was fun at first,” he tweeted two years ago.

“I miss p*ssy now.”

Do you agree with Woah Vicky?

Did Nas X and Uzi sell their souls?

Watch Vicky break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I plead the blood of Jesus over my beautiful sister in Christ Vicky. I love her boldness for the Lord. We need more women like her! ❤

  2. “I feel like ain’t nobody really gay, in Jesus name AMEN” 😂😂 I fuck w it

  3. Is talking and ACTING BLACK when that’s not really you, is that selling your soul also?

  4. Y’all listening to a woman who STILL thinks she’s black. She’s always going to be an idiot, “period.”

  5. This is honestly not accurate. Lil nas x is gay. He simply wasn’t out. There is tons of proof on that. I definitely believe Hollywood has an agenda but claiming that lil nas x became gay because of Hollywood is wild and just a crazy accusation.

  6. Why is it when white people say something, all of a sudden you guys take it as the gospel truth!!! This has been common knowledge among black people!! Sh*t he used to talk to SZA!! Black people already knew this!!!! Facts 👍🏿😂🤣 Once again non black people are on the late freight again!!! However Whoa Vicky has aligned herself with the forces of darkness as well, she doesn’t make positive, empowering music!!! Don’t let this closet white supremacist fool you!!! All she’s doing is out here slumming with NIKKAS!!! FU*CK HER!!🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  7. She speaking real talk especially that only God & the Holy Spirit can change a man ! 💯

  8. I’m sorry. The irony of the girl that pretended to be black accusing someone of lying about their sexuality. Has she never heard about ‘being in the closet’? People like her are the REASON why queer people pretend they’re straight even when they’re not.

  9. Every single soul belongs to God. They make these people think they sold their souls and its gone forever so that they feel forced, but that’s a evil lie. You cannot sell what doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to God

  10. “Nobody is really gay”. That’s clearly just false. I’m gay myself, I can’t change that. I can’t magically find women attractive. It’s simply not how my brain works.

  11. I gotta fuck wit shawty after this interview its all faxx be safe 💯❤

  12. Amen, Jesus is the only one I need. I know exactly where she’s at & I’m so proud.
    I’m celibate, I’m happy, I know that if it’s meant to be, I will come across that person & if not…that’s cool too! But u cannot force something good.
    Boldly love & speak about the Almighty Creator always!!!!

  13. What a change of character….you think she saw some shit that scared her??

  14. Vicky got Christ tatted on her right arm. She ain’t playing with these demons

  15. She’s right but why does she talk black 🤦‍♂️

  16. Seems like she has seen some shit. She has really changed her life around.

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