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Diddy tried to kill Jamie?

Diddy blamed for Jamie’s illness/YouTube

Diddy & Jamie have beef. 

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ATLANTA — Uh-oh! Scuttlebutt has it Diddy had something to do with Jamie Foxx’s medical emergency and skeptics are clamoring a police investigation. If you recall, the Academy Award winner was rushed to the hospital on April 11th after suffering a f*ckin’ stroke in Atlanta, Georgia. Jamie was in town filming his new movie “Back in Action” with actress Cameron Diaz when his body completely broke down. At one point, the “Blame It” singer was unresponsive and had to be resuscitated. Damn. “Jamie suffered a serious medical episode and needed immediate attention,” said a close source. “It was touch and go for days with him, and he had to be revived — he is very lucky to be alive!” The insider also said Jamie, 55, suffers from hypertension. So it’s imperative he cuts back on salt and start drinking some mothaf*ckin’ water. “Jamie suffers from high blood pressure, which doctors say can cause clots in the brain leading to a stroke,” the source revealed.

“Doctors believe this was a long time coming, and really, if they hadn’t acted fast, Jamie might well have been a goner.”

This article hits home ’cause my quondam radio partner Reggie B., with Hot 103 Jamz, grew up with Jamie in Texas. We talked about him all the time over the air.

So, what’s his beef with Diddy? Several artists — including Jamie, Al B. Sure!, T.I., Xzibit, and 50 Cent — have accused the “Bad Boy” honcho of packin’ fudge at his parties. Jamie even admitted Diddy tried to groom him.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Al B Sure said on national radio that if harm comes to him, Diddy did it. Al got really sick and damn near died…. Al also said Diddy may have had something to do with his baby mama’s death.” Another chimed in with, “Jamie wouldn’t give Puff no booty. Now he’s sick. So you tell me.” A third person added, “Diddy is a straight freak and it seems he’ll do anything to get his rocks off!😂😂😂”

Word on the street claims Jamie was murdered and cloned à la Dave Chappelle and Mo’Nique.

Do you concur?

Should the FBI get involved?

Watch the shocking report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Puffy daddy, Diddy whatever you wanna call him he’s gonna have to face the Almighty one day and it’s not gonna be pretty for him for all the people he try to have killed and killed

  2. Imagine people getting sick – and everyone suspects yo azz. Even if puff is clean on this… he’s got a lot of other “coincidences” he needs to answer to.

  3. why are they trying to take down another black man? If he was white no one would do anything about it. What ever he is doing should be between him and GOD. If he likes Men so what our world throws Gay pride parade’s every year and no one is doing anything about that. And everyone who participated in his party’s had a choice not to. NO I DON’T THINK ATTEMPTING TO HARM ANYONE IS OK BUT THE REST OF HIS SEXUALIY ISN’T OR BUSINESS. YOUR ALL DOING SOMETHING WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT.💯

  4. That’s why he cut off Young Miami. She started telling them golden secrets.

  5. This crazy!!! Diddy had nothing to do with Foxx health issues. Lying bloggers that’s why most of you getting sued🎉

  6. @William Farrell: That I do believe is what happened to Jamie Foxx we have to wait to see what he look like.hopefully his hairline won’t be any worse than what it is

  7. Yeah, y’all ReachN! Like ah Mfkah! In other words, lying. Jamie Foxx ain say shit, about Sean Combs being gay, at least I didn’t hear him say no shit like that

  8. Well well well if this is to be true about Jamie Foxx and what p Diddy has done why hasn’t he been arrested we keep going round and round with this guy P-Diddy if he’s be trying to take people and kill him why is he still out and about I think this is all b***** and if he really did do this to Jamie Foxx and he should be in jail what the hell are we waiting for Christmas New Year’s his f**** birthday what are we waiting for going arrest him FBI and get him and put him where he’s supposed to be so he can beso he could be an example to what he is done let everybody see so that he sold a she’ll know not to do it too so they should all get their act together and quit acting like idiots and whoever helped him like the co-conspirators of his record label helped him in any shape or form and they should be his co-conspirator and go to jail with him I don’t care if it is his record label because you’re doing in the name of the record label anyway right ain’t that game banging 101 right there g******** 101 cuz everything that you’re doing you’re getting it funded by the by your own record label not by the streets not by the dope singing that you’re doing by the fact that people are buying your albums in the record label is the one fronting the money to you to do make these heinous crimes you should be i the record label should go with you as being your co-conspirator to commit a heinous crime this is all bad they should be arresting you what the f*** are they waiting for

  9. Jay z and shitty Diddy are cup cakes, I really can not stand them both.

  10. This is crazy 😧 smfh wow all these things coming to light 🚨🕯️

  11. Diddy part of that JayZ, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Travis Scott etc etc satanic Luciferian Illuminati cult.

  12. Diddy is very dangerous; & must be put down like a dangerous mutt 🐩 effective immediately.”

  13. It’s a vaccine injury….that’s why they can’t talk about it!:he had a stroke….that’s why he couldn’t communicate….
    Bruce Willis – can’t talk no more
    Bieber got stroke face
    Bibers wife had a blood clot!

  14. Something telling me Puffy didn’t have anything to do with this. I know Diddy foul but taking Jamie out I don’t think so. Ppl reaching and gossiping what they know nothing about bcus if they did know it won’t be he she they who say this or that confusion. Maybe he is mad Jamie was telling some of his business but I think Jamie didn’t know he was recorded or didn’t know it will be a public exposure

  15. My niece was pretty healthy and had a stroke out of nowhere. Now y’all got Diddy out here giving out strokes and the dumbass people believe it Diddy and Jay Z just killed everybody according to y’all

  16. Jamie might have HIV he be going both ways at those parties. He and Jayz had a threesome with Foxy Brown when she was a teenager. Do your research.

  17. Diddy has nothing to do with this. Jaimie’s time was up. Illuminati shit. Has nothing to do with what he said about Diddy. If that was the case 50 would’ve been dead as much shit as he openly and publicly says about Diddy. It was said that Jaime tried to bribe his way out with money and a Rolex. Although this is hearsay, it is definitely possible. The man that was Jamie is now a CLONE! They are prepping the clone and that’s why it’s taking so long. Watch when this person is released it will not be Jamie. Just stay tuned and watch..

  18. They need to arrest Puff Daddy p Diddy or whatever the hell he want to call himself these days He’s behind a lot of people’s death I still feel he killed his ex-wife

  19. Something does need to be done about about Diddy you think about notorious BIG and Tupac and how their lives ended so tragically and then Suge Knight comes to mind when you think about Eazy-E is a whole different concept on the disease when it’s inserted meaning when it’s injected with a syringe into the the bloodstream…. Then there’s Johnny Cochran who went into the hospital for pneumonia upper respiratory problems…. He didn’t come home all because he got OJ off let’s be honest…. Then the last but the best of them all Bernie Mac king of comedy was admitted to the hospital for allegations of prolonged off an on source said it was a familiar issue with the burn man but who knows he died in his sleep didn’t come home…. But the problem at hand is the spiritual battle against these karmics the whole world has got a hold of voodoo and dark magic an food spells….. Orchestrated trama’s they have tried to unlive me as well but death an rebirths are real… And this is just an opinion in the allegations about Obama if we recall Obama wanted free healthcare for all so then people would know that the covid virus is really parvo b19 inhumans another one of America’s dark history truth but end result of this inhumane theory 7 billion people died remember the K9 advantage commercial with the dog singing ain’t no bugs on me..may be bugs on some of you mugs but ain’t no bugs on me …. Cute as s***commercial until they took it off air…. Then came about the Medicare advantage get it canine Medicare they’re both advantages… Never know anymore refrigerators and ticking compressors like the refrigerator is syncing data the reasoning is contrary we are all products of our environment eschatological and ecological my opinion the refrigerators and leftovers brain together a whole different. Outlook refrigerators are their own ecosystems again my opinion with barely no punctuation😂

  20. Sean is a murderer and the fact that no charges has been brought up is Ludacris. I hope all of you are seeing it for it’s obviously belated truth. it’s all about money in this world and money is the root to all evil. I mean rich people get so bored cause they have done it all. Every scary movie that has come out and science fiction movie is based on the truth. I mean I could go on and on . Bottom line to my rant, Diddy is a murderer like his mentor Clive Davis and because they have money and with that brings power he will keep getting it away with all of these murder. He’s always hi! Cause he can’t live with his demons I don’t know no man or woman who could to the lights he has went

  21. Why would jamie foxx risk his live to expose diddy as gay when everyone already knows…

  22. JUST UNBELIEVABLE, I just can’t wrap my mind behind these so called Black celebrities. Okay vicious Will Smith attack on Chris. Now Jamie Foxx with Diddy. They’re all concerned with EACH OTHER sexuality. Plantation drama, Black on Black crime, Black on Black bashing. ARE we the only nationality of people who just don’t have no respect for EACH OTHER AT ALL. SOO SOO 😢😢 embarrassing and a SHAME

  23. He poison Jamie slowly but surely but God step in and took all Jamie weaknesses and God gave Jamie the strength to live! Jamie will be alright God has got Jamie in Jesus name Amen!!!❤❤❤


  25. Damn if Diddy gay that’s his business, how is his sexuality affecting them?

  26. Illuminati is nothing more than a satanic cult, Hollywood is controlled by this Cult. Those who control this world are the Elite banking families who according th Jacob Rothschilds the head of family, they are the bloodlines of the Fallen angels, Simply put a satanic cult. They own over 90% of the worlds wealth! They control politics, media, Hollywood, healthcare, big pharma, big business, ed in cation, science, technology,, history,, inflation,interest rates, weather, even much of religious. US Demons rats and dinosaurs work for demonic Agenda that’s being put into place with the New World Order take over. A 1 gov,11leader, 1 i,1 God world who the pope revealed will be Satan!! Its not like this has been a secret! The plan has been around for decades before it Started with Bush and LBJ murdering JFK



  28. Diddy has always been a thug! Someone or police need to put Diddy away..

  29. Diddy got them homo eyes 👀 that will want take revenge on anyone that talks about his shit , he be evil 👿💯

  30. Black people are the only race that goes around spreading rumors about successful black people. It’s a shame. How come we don’t see this about rockstars? I’m so sick of this.

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