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U.S. Airman murdered wife ’cause she had a boyfriend

Andreen McDonald brutally murdered/YouTube

U.S. Airman butchers wife.

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SAN ANTONIO — Another day. Another simp. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 29-year-old Andreen McDonald who was beaten to death by her husband, Airforce Major Andre McDonald, because she had an affair. The femicide transpired February 28, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. Andre was convicted in February 2023. Their daughter Alayna is now an orphan. According to court docs, Andreen and Andre had contretemps when she started a new business under her name only. The jilted Jamaican took that as a sign his wife was leaving him for her paramour. As the quarrel intensified, Andre shoved Andreen to the floor. Then he stomped her lifeless before wrapping her body in plastic. “I grabbed a couple of trash bags and I put one over top of her and the other one on her lower limbs,” Andre testified in court. “I drug her through the house, to the front door.” Andre then loaded the corpse into his car, drove to a private property a few miles away, and dumped it.

Oh, it gets worse.

The next night, Andre returned to the site and set Andreen’s body on fire.

Her being dead wasn’t enough.

“I was angry as hell. I jumped over the fence and toward the body,” Andre recalled. “The reason I’m really angry is because I’m thinking about this whole situation. All of this, in my opinion, could have been avoided. Like, if Andreen wanted to be with someone else she was free to do that. I got really angry, So, at that point, I poured the gas on her and I light the fire.”

But Andre wasn’t done.

He grabbed a hammer and beat the sh*t out of Andreen’s cadaver.

“At that point, I got the hammer,” Andre explained.

“The body is right there. At that point, I got really pissed-off. So I started hitting the body with the hammer.”

“How many times?” the lawyer inquired.

“Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. It was multiple times,” Andre replied.

“I know I was hitting [her] in the neck and in the face area. I remember like at first I hit her in the face with the hammer and then I used the claw and hit her in the neck area and I remember the claw got stuck in like her neck and that’s when I was ripping the hammer out. I thought I was done. But, as I start to walk away, I gave it like one more whack on her body. Not sure where that landed.”

Andreen had been missing for months.

Investigators found her remains on July 12, 2019.

The body was completely mangled but Andreen’s cross tattoo was used as identification.

Andre was arrested and charged with murder after police officials learned he went to Lowe’s and purchased a shovel, a hammer, and a flashlight. But, instead of a murder conviction, the jury found him guilty of manslaughter after 12 hours of deliberation. Ain’t that a bitch? Judge Frank Castro did, however, give Andre the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison with no parole.

Andre’s 68-year-old father, Everton “Beachy Stout” McDonald, killed his first two wives in Jamaica.

So like father, like son.

What’s my take?

Gotta be careful gettin’ seriously involved with American chicks mainly because many of ’em are businesswomen in addition to being spouses, girlfriends and mothers. That’s why they struggle with all things conjugal because it’s nearly impossible to balance all three. Daycare centers are raising our children for Christ’s sake. Because so many American women have surpassed their husbands and boyfriends when it comes to career achievements and education, more men are relegated to second-class and they’re growing jealous. It’s comical to call yourself the man of the house when your lady earns more in remuneration.

That makes you the bitch in the relationship.

What’s sad is simps rather commit femicide and putrefy behind bars than remain free and bang other chicks.

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I cannot stand defense attorneys sometimes. The nerve of you to represent murderers…ones that literally admit what they have done and blame the victims. Smh they have no soul and are money hungry. I can see someone that may be innocent but when someone admits such horrible crimes. Nasty

  2. I’m so sick of these BM who are “expected” to provide and be the protector of the family but yet have shown time and time again they have so much visceral jealousy and hate for BW and themselves. Black American men have shown time and time again how treacherous they are. As the wealth and educational gap gets wider amongst BM & BW they are becoming more and more violent and unstable. Most of these unaliving videos always illustrate that most of these women are growing financially or elevating whilst their counterparts are not progressing. It’s sad because so many BM who make it financially well quickly leave a BW for a non black woman. My sisters stop trying to raise these struggle bandits. Find a man that is evenly yoked and just as ambitious as you are even if it is outside of your race.

  3. People get a freaking divorce that’s what it’s there for, do NOT throwaway your life for anyone, it will hurt but at some point you will heal, killing is not the answer.

  4. If this man is crazy enough to kill his wife in such a brutalistic way (WITH THEIR CHILD IN THE HOME!!!), I am sure he didn’t display the behaviors of a kind, sane, compassionate or gentle-hearted individual. I’m positive he didn’t behave lovingly, generously, affectionately, or in a stable and consistent manner emotionally mentally and psychologically. Good actions here show that he was cruel and selfish. So dealing with a person like that isn’t the recipe for a happy home or marriage. And when you don’t have a happy home or union, it is easy for something to get through the cracks, and that’s regardless of gender. The foundation may be weak because of the one or both indivisible or because of the nature of the relationship itself. Clearly he was the problem.

    That poor woman should have left him as soon as she could, but she was probably terrified, and clearly for good reason!! I can’t imagine what it was like for her everyday. If this man destroyed her self esteem and mental health the way he did her psychological body, of course she had an affair. Ethical or not, when someone is being starved of love adhd attention, they seek it elsewhere. They may choose to seek it internally, via self love, self-respect and esteem, or externally, via an affair or external validation. Most people will choose an external source because that’s how we’re socialized.

    Even if she did have an affair, his actions are of no excuse. The best thing for either person would’ve been to simply leave. If he was angry he should’ve left, if she was dissatisfied, she should’ve left. Now a life is gone.😔

  5. This was a sloppy marriage she was having an affair before marriage and then he was getting divorce but then he kills his wife anyway sloppy

  6. This man took the life of a beautiful soul. As he explained how he savagely killed and mutilated her body, he had shown no remorse for the victim or the family. An animal like that should be put down to sleep not to live amongst other prisoners.


  8. It’s so common for women and men from the Caribbean to marry an American citizen just to come to the US. All he should have done was divorce her and move on. Now look at this

  9. That’s why we should never envy people in big, fancy houses, because we have no idea what goes behind the pretty facade. Everyone describing her as an angel, a wonderful this or that. Notice how they say that about all victims? How they “light up a room”? We are all just flawed human beings working our way through life. A smiling, good-looking couple does not a happy and well-grounded marriage make. These were two flawed human beings who got married, and the rest is history. I’m beginning to wonder if she would have offed him if she had gotten the chance first. He’s a pretty sick piece of work though.

  10. She didn’t deserve to be killed. However, if she knew that she was going to continue to cheat she should have allowed this man to follow through with the divorce. I don’t condone violence in no such way, but this man tried to leave and yet she was playing with his emotions. He is most definitely wrong but she wasn’t innocent either.

  11. He obviously always felt inferior to her. She was a beautiful, successful woman, and he was a jealous, cold piece of trash.

  12. Just to be fair. Never once, you guys never say, She should file for the divorce before she was cheating on him and trying to take his part of the money while he was serving our country.

  13. Sometimes , your narcissistic partner doesn’t want to lose the battle. Which can play either way, if you disrespect your partner with affairs, lying and stealing. Then walk away, get a divorce, but if you allow it, well it will lead to this. He had obviously built in a lot of anger towards her. Why do they not leave??? Why lead to murder, it seems so easy to get rid or a problem now in days. Taking the law in their own hands. Not thinking how this will affect everyone around them. But for most the children. They always lose 😢😢😢

  14. I’d like to know what were their motivation to continue the marriage, she’s in love with another man and he’s aware of the relationship. And why reconcile the marriage from divorce while the illicit affair violence and conflict are ongoing. Very good business acuity, but awful at life.

  15. Perfect example you give this man 20 yrs for killing and then burning his wife , then going back hitting her with a hammer, but it’s ok give R . Kelly 30 yrs , wake up it’s ridiculous it’s my opinion and that’s crazy

  16. She double crossed him she was wicked. She was cheating and tried to get him to go to Jamaica so her boyfriend She was cheating with can kill her husband. She wicked. But look at her now 😏😏😏😏

  17. How you can kill your wife/husband, the other parent of your child/children breaks my heart! What Is Wrong With You People!?!?! If You Are Not Happy In Your Situation, Get the Fu@k Out! WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU THINK YOU WOULD GET AWAY WITH YOUR EVIL AND THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE TO YOUR CHILD AND OR CHILDREN! MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  18. I keep telling women to stay single and focus on being a part of a Sisterhood where women are taking care of women, and helping each other. If you need help paying bills get yourself a woman roommate who is on Jesus team. Women act like they don’t have access to the internet, social media and the news. When will they learn. The courts, police and people everywhere are starting not to care about what KEEPS happening to women because they keep signing up for this craziness. Women should know by now what comes along with being with a man in this generation and these days. Men want to CONTROL and DOMINATE and when they can’t they turn violent. Again, leave these DEMONS alone. They all start off nice and like it’s a fairytale, but down the road they change and life with them becomes a nightmare…you end up walking, talking and living on eggshells.

  19. Only in America can you admit to killing someone and STILL get a trial and waste taxpayers money.. He’s just as sad as this government.

  20. This is why I HATE THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM in this pathetic nation, they only charged him with manslaughter for such a heinous crime.
    And you rest assured he will not serve the full 20 years of that light sentence, he will be paroled that’s how the crooked American
    justice system works.

  21. how was that manslaughter it SHOULDVE been murder thats crazy he was mad about her probably about to leave him thats why she cut him out the business deal he was smurkin in court he dont care about no one but himself and its in his dna what he did to her LIKE FATHER LIKE SON HE SHOULDVE GOT LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE NO ACCESS TO HIS DAUGHTER

  22. So sad and I’m not saying there’s an excuse or reason to take someones life but sounds like she was using him and setting herself up financially before skipping out and he found out 😬

  23. No one has any proof that Andreen cheated except the words of the murderer who also burned his wife body. How can one comment about the lady cheating with absolutely no evidence? Unbelievable!!!! Have you never heard a partner lie about another to make themselves look good????

  24. I am from Jamaica 🇯🇲 the same place we all comes from i no all involved and he plans all of this but he did not no he would get caught and he wanted to take her to Jamaica where it would be easier to get rid of her but his plan fail, he and his father the same do the research on his father who kills both his wife how he plan both but eventually got caught

  25. Yall throw around the word narcissist entirely too much, especially in reference to men. There really is a such thing as temporary insanity, escalation, etc, where an argument or a situation starts one way but ends tragically. Anytime someone is led by their emotions, they are thinking, doing things, etc, irrationally. Trying to cover up the murder doesn’t mean premeditation. Like any human, it is the realization that they have done something wrong and the efforts to cover it up to avoid trouble. Yall really need to get an understanding of human behavior and emotions, NOT JUST YOUR OWN, but generally. That’s the only way people will get ahead of this, and others in these situations will get out of this. A lot of yall think you’d never do something like this, but truth be told, they all felt that way till they did. So yes, everyone is fully capable of doing something like this.

  26. He’s sick he needs the death penalty how dare he do her like that she was already gone how evil

  27. Men can’t take a woman cheating on them w/o going POSTAL‼️But they can cheat on a woman a 1000 times a day and think it’s OKAY‼️💯💯

  28. First of all, she has an affair. Secondly, she has the nerve to tell him she will start a business under her name only, and with his funds as well as hers. She was an evil user, and he couldn’t take it anymore and snapped. I’m surprised he didn’t kill her as soon as he found out she was having an affair.
    I feel that she victimized this man, and he just snapped.
    Women, don’t play with a man’s money or feelings. If you don’t love your partner, leave him and have done with it, and don’t be unfaithful while still with your partner just because you don’t want to let go of his money. Because people talk about a woman scorned, but never refer to it when it comes to a man’s feelings when they’re wronged.

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