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Woman and her boyfriend murdered by felonious ex

Tamera was brutally murdered/Leah Gordone

Old felon kills young ex & her man.

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CHICAGO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Convicted felon Steven Hawthorne, 55, was thrown back in the slammer after he murdered his ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Tamera Washington, and her new boyfriend, 51-year-old Norman Redden, while they were copulating. The double homicide transpired around 2 a.m. on April 16th in Chicago, Illinois. Damn, Tamera liked ’em old. Both men are twice her age. According to police reports, Tamera and Steven were already sundered. But she forget to recoup her key. Steven used it to ingress the home, went upstairs to the bedroom, pulled out a gun and opened fire — killing Norman while he was in bed. Then Steven chased Tamera down the street, grabbed her, threw her on the ground, and beat her to death with a large rock. Tamera’s sanguinary corpse was completely mangled by the time police arrived. After a short manhunt, Steven was arrested and charged with murder. He’s facing a million years in prison.

What’s sad is Steven was out on bond in another case at the time of the killings. Had they kept his black ass in jail, none of this would’ve happened. Steven also served 34 years for murder when he was a teenager in 1983. He received manumission in 2017. “I’m devastated. My heart is broken,” said Marietta Stepter, Tamera’s aunt. “He will not get away with murder for the second time.”

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Women stop dating so quickly and giving your body to men without marriage.” Another chimed in with, “This is why brothas should ask about past relationships. You never know who and what type of men they’ve dealt with. Could cost you your life.” A third person added, “And people tell you to date an older man, they’re more mature. Well, apparently this one wasn’t.”

Tamera leaves behind two daughters.

Both hid underneath a bed during the murders.

Moral of the story: Change your locks after breakin’ up.

What’s my take?

You should never stay at a woman’s residence because of episodes like this. Desperate ladies often make craptacular choices when it comes to men and they rarely have their homes under control. One time, I was at a chick’s house and was unaware she had just egressed a relationship. Her ex showed up unannounced, cussin’ and screaming, and she tried to hide me in a closet.

I’ve been strapped ever since.

There was also a time when I dropped a chick off at home following a date. The lachrymose damsel called 20 minutes later and implored me to return. As soon as I arrived, I noticed she had bruises all over her body. Turns out, her ex was hiding in the bushes when I dropped her off. When he saw me leave, he assaulted her. She’s lucky to be alive. Again, never lay around a woman’s house.

A chick has to stay with me or f*ck it.

Hell, my last three relationships ended because I wouldn’t live with ’em.

No sir.

It’s my place or the highway.

If her ex-n*gga shows up at my pad, I’m gonna bust some caps in his ass and I’ll have self-defense on my side.

These women will get you caught up.

Be safe my n*gga.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Just plan sad he need the death penalty like he killed her and her new boyfriend my condolences to both families 😢😢

  2. This makes me feel sick, thinking of how she died. That b*stard needs to be UNDER the prison!

  3. Dats why I’m mean af. All love ain’t good love. Especially if I’m putting my life on the line for it. Dying over sum sex damn🐱

  4. This man was too old for her first of all!!! he looks deranged…women do background checks…look at their police records…anything you can to see what kind of person you’re dealing with!!!


  6. That man is much older than her. Black ladies need to do better about choosing which men to bring to their kids. Poor daughters experienced a lot!

  7. He looks like he’s old enough to be her dad smh Grey hair and all.

  8. So she didnt want him anymore and rather just moving on & finding someone new… he entered her home k!ll one, shoot another, torment all then chase your ex down the street and brutally shoot & k!ll her with a rock?! This is sad and scary.

  9. What happened to changing the locks? thts why I dont chill at no female house r.i.p


  11. How do you spend all that time in prison and get out only to do this? Wild!

    RIP to her

  12. This make me want stay single for the rest of my life this is sad this make me think know one is safe in a relationship you could be sleeping with your own enemy and dont know it and when you leave him this when you see the bad side of your ex lover my prayers goes out to her kids and family

  13. This is why I’m happily single. These males out here are WEAK AF!! Just a complete waste of oxygen!🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. Im sick of yall BULLSHIT …she chose him so she got what came with him…also..that man served his time for his previous crime so he should’ve been given a second chance

  15. If she Moved On Why she Didn’t Change the Locks, obviously the Old Man was still Coming Over.

  16. Men be Careful Stop gping to Women House….She got a Innocent Man Killed even tho her and her Ex Broke Up,and she Didnt change the Locks,that Shows he was still coming Around and had Access to the Home.
    SMH,Women get Men Caught Up in their Drama.
    Just like the Rapper name Trouble got Murdered being at a Female House and her Ex came in and Killed him

  17. I Bet her New Boyfriend didn’t know he still had a Key….This was Beyond Messy Obviously she still had some type of Relationship with her Ex, that’s Why she didn’t change the Locks….He Obviously come by Often SMH…She played a Major Role in her and her boyfriend Murder.

  18. ladies its time to look for JESUS!! stop having all these babies, and leave these no good ninjas alone !! focus on you and your children, its ok to be alone !!!


  20. Why didn’t she change the locks? No way I’m going to ANY females house who ex still has a key to her place.

  21. All I want to know is why in the fuk didn’t she change the locks to the door!! 😢😢😢😢😢 Yes he went crazy ,yes he was nuts, but this could have been prevented if she would have changed the locks🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 even if a breakup isn’t bad you still got to change the locks so somebody can’t come back inside your house I don’t care who it is ….oh my God they didn’t have a chance cuz he was already in the house this is so sad 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  22. Young ladies please don’t date these older men they’re no better than younger me they’re actually worse possessive.

  23. Once again another beautiful queen tooken away from an ex that probably didn’t want her to move on or be happy , he is a coward , to beat on a woman I can’t stand men like that

  24. Black women will refuse to date good men like me but gawk gawk gawk men like this.

  25. old man… older dudes need to leave these young ladies alone. You steal their youth from them. Rip sweety👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  26. Old G’s need to know when to stay in their generational lane…This young woman had no business even being involved with the old criminal nuisance in the first place…Instead of this old fellon making good use of his second chance at life and freedom…he throws it all away trying to recapture something that really never was…how pathetic…The old “loser” mentality…”If I cannot have you…then no one else” will…

  27. The real issue is… this man went to prison as a child and learned nothing but hate and violence. He had no reason to dead this girl or her boyfriend other than he was upset and jealous. She knew that he was unstable and did what needed to be done by separating herself from him. This is another reason why you do background checks on people before you get involved with them. Horrible, demonic man that committed these deaths…. there’s not enough that could be done to him to make this right.. You can’t walk away peacefully and think everything is alright.. Tragedy

  28. What was Tamara doing with that old man, who looks like a convict? Wow! This man is truly evil to go to that extent to make sure she was dead. Boyfriend got it too. I do not know what to say again. Hard luck to lose your life, along with your boyfriend. These women have to take a break before letting someone else in their lives. They have to ensure that the ex boyfriend has moved on with his life and not a threat to theirs before entertaining someone new in their life. They have to know how to manage the transition from an ex boyfriend to a new boyfriend, if they want to live. They have got to be smart and give themselves that break.

  29. Women please stop dating men that have been in prison or hurting or killing other people. What do you think they will do to you? Want better for yourself and your children.

  30. Omg he had a key!!!. How could she forget to change the locks?!?!. She was so beautiful, this is very sad. He deserves the death penalty, what’s the point of keeping trash like him alive?. Those poor kids have no mother all because of him!..

  31. Leave them damn Criminals alone! Especially the old heads they don’t give a shit👍🏿

  32. Y’all blaming the woman more than the murderer the man was her EX meaning they broken up. She didn’t deserve to die regardless of the age difference or his background stop making excuses for these animals all the time and y’all wonder why they get back on streets so quickly look how y’all have more sympathy for the man then the victims

  33. Why tf was she with him in the first place? He’s older and ugly!!!
    Women make dumb decisions!!!!

  34. There is much much more to this story. she was a decent girl with a bad attitude and sailor mouth but she did NOT deserve to die! She had her first child right before she turn 15yrs old. Tamera Washington has 4 kids NONE are with the murderer. So, NO Steven Hawthorne and Tamera do NOT share any kids together, BUT that man is her 4 yr old son first cousin. Yes u read it right! The father of her 4yr old and her ex (the man who killed her are first cousins). that’s how she met Steven through his cousin which was her boyfriend from 2019-2022 and her son father. The cousins are/were close and by him hanging out with his cousin that how Tamera met Steven. In late 2022 put baby daddy out and she move in the murderer. All was good up with her son father until he figure out they were flirting and she then put him out end of last year to be with the murderer. Steve and Tamera has only been together since last year as a couple but she was sleeping with him behind her son father back which Steven and him are first cousins. so baby daddy went about his way and months later this happen. her current boyfriend who was also killed was a ex she dated back in 2017 and she just reached back out to him 2 weeks ago when she ask the murderer to leave for a few weeks because she was mad at him and then had the current boyfriend/ex spending nights she just got back with him only two weeks ago when she ask Steve to leave. Steven was only gone 2weeks and she has another man in the same bed, house and steve still has the keys cause she knew she was letting him back just didn’t know he was watching her after she sent those nasty texts and putting boyfriend in it. .She live on the south side 4 kids three baddy. she DEFINITELY knew what she was dealing with!! he was NO STRANGER of months to her it’s been a few years she has know him (2019) been around him sleeping smoking bashing etc . . . she knew!!! but overall very disturbing and sad!

  35. WHY was she involved w/ an ex-con? Someone who had been locked up most of his adult life?? Didn’t her Aunties warn her that he was probably mentally unstable as a result of prison life. Young women be forewarned…don’t tread in those dangerous waters. Now her 3 children are motherless and traumatized.

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