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Rock n roll star Tina Turner deceased, cancer killed her

Judge Joe Brown slams Tina Turner/YouTube

Tina Turner dead at 83. 

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ZURICH — “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!” Tina Turner, the distinctive rock ‘n’ roll legend who pioneered the shoulder bounce before winning 8 Grammy Awards, has migrated to that big concert arena in the sky. The “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” kicked the bucket Wednesday afternoon amid complications from intestinal cancer. She was 83. Tina (né Anna Mae Bullock) passed away peacefully at her mansion in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland. Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “Tina Turner is simply the best! She lived an iconic life!” Another person added, “Before Beyoncé, there was Tina Turner. She leaves behind an incredible legacy.” Sadly, those close to Tina saw this coming. That’s because the “Proud Mary” singer had been ailing for years. In addition to being diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Tina underwent a kidney transplant in 2017.

She was in so much pain, she sought euthanasia.

The Nutbush, Tennessee native began her métier in the ’50s as the lead vocalist of guitarist Ike Turner’s “Kings of Rhythm” band. The musical pair got hitched in 1962, had a couple of babies, then things took a dramatic turn for the worse. Ike got hooked on narcotics, his group incurred massive arrears and, as a corollary, poor Tina became a poster child for domestic violence.

After working alongside her maligned husband for two decades, Tina got a divorce in 1978 then went solo with nothin’ but her moniker. As a stipulation of their dissolution, Tina told the judge she didn’t want Ike’s mazuma or royalties — just his surname. Even though she sauntered out of court penurious, it turned out to be Tina’s most sagacious decision. The once demure mother of 4 transmuted her modus operandi which started with a gravity-defying spiky coiffure. Then she became a full-fledged Buddhist.

Then she did a complete 180 with her music.

Tina’s “Private Dancer” album took the world by storm in the ’80s and her “What’s Love Got to Do with It” song was so inspirational, she released a biopic under the same title. In 1988, Tina’s show in Rio de Janeiro drew 180,000 people — one of the largest concert audiences ever. And, in 2008, she performed at two sold-out shows in Kansas City to launch what would be her final concert tour.

Tina ended up marrying a white dude, 67-year-old music producer Erwin Bach; which made her a cougar.

Now that she’s gone, Zaddy inherits $250 million — not the black community.

Ain’t that a bitch?

“Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo!”

Judge Joe Brown, Ike’s best friend, called Tina a fraud and said she was abusive towards him and others.

Yet, bigwigs in Hollywood made her out to be the perfect angel.

“That’s why I don’t have any respect for that woman,” Judge Brown said during a panel confabulation.

“Because Hollywood sat there and tried to run a game on Ike.”

Judge Brown also called Tina a “sleezy heffa” before accusing her of pimpin’ hookers in Memphis.

Watch some of Ike & Tina’s greatest hits (no pun intended). 

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  1. R.I.P. to Tina Turner but the “What’s Love Got To Do” movie exaggerated Ike’s actions to the point that it lied about several things he didn’t do including RAPE.

  2. her white husband probably poisoned her to get the money

  3. Tina Turner may be the poster child for abused women, but she abused women herself. Judge Joe Brown said Tina was a pimp in Memphis and she physically abused the women who worked for her.

  4. She set a HUGE example for abused women on how to keep rolling on the river. She inspired so many of us including myself.

  5. She was a STAR. She was a LEGEND. She was a QUEEN! She will be missed! 😭💔😭💔😭💔

  6. After all she has been through, she rose up and took control. A real hero for sure!

  7. What’s love got to do with it will definitely be on repeat❤ R.I.P ❤legend

  8. She came out of an abusive marriage in her late forties with nothing but her name. And then she became a worldwide superstar. Such courage. Such talent. Tina is loved all over the world. She will be dearly missed.

  9. She truly was a legend!… Stood up to abuse!…much respect…! May you rest in peace.

  10. The personification of resilience… through authenticity… and power… generations of women (also in my family) had to suffer sexism, supression and suffocation through male arrogance and violence… when I was dancing to “The best” as a teenager I learned far more than rock’n’roll from this incredible woman… immeasurable Inspiration for many generations… thank you for everything, Tina!

  11. She wouldn’t be beaten down by a man. She wouldn’t be beaten down by Society . She wouldn’t be beaten down because she was a woman . She survived life by giving us all the love and talent she could . We were fortunate to have known her. RIP lovely lady. She was “Simply The Best!!” 💙🙏

  12. This woman was in a league all her own. Paving the way for all the great artists that came after her. Not afraid to cross boundaries and dare to be different. Not because of what someone else wanted her to be but because of who she truly felt she was as an artist. RIP Anna Mae Bullock 🕊🕊🕊 You were Simply the Best!!!

  13. This Lady was SIMPLY TOUGH 💪🙏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌

  14. What a deeply beautiful and talented woman who radiated class….impeccable class. In my mind the most famous example of good karma. Someone who rose from the ashes like a resilient superstar Phoenix. I typically don’t get too emotional about stars passing but her music reminds me of special times in my life both good and sad. I was able to see her perform through the generosity of friends and it was unforgettable. ❤ She represented everything it means to be a human.

  15. A FORCE SHE WAS !! These types of women can be intimidating to an insecure man, to insecure people in general, when the woman is simply being herself & extending her love, compassion & art as an offering of her presence. It becomes too much to bare for some but just enough for others. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner, Queen of Rock & Roll. Rest in Peace & Rise in Power 🕊️🤍👁️‍🗨️

  16. What a beautiful and strong woman. And how she stood where she was in her life. She is an example of fortitude. And, of course her voice. Her husband, at the time, may have pushed her to be what he wanted her to be. But she surmounted his idea, and became herself. May God bless you, my dear. We will miss you.

  17. My mom split from my dad in 1984 and she played Tina’s ‘Private Dancer’ album like 8 months straight. I grew to love Ms. Turner and grew to love my mom even more!! Rest in Power Anna Mae!!

  18. Heaven just gained a rock star!!!! RIP Anna Mae!!! ❤❤❤

  19. Rip tina turner … she was so in love with Ike…..phil spector ruined the marriage

  20. Rest in peace Angel. Im so happy I attended your concert once, thanks to you I have fallen in love with rock and Proud Mary will be always one of my favorite songs. Always the best Tina !

  21. Tina Turner threw black men under the bus along with the black community when she was alive. Not to mention her own children said they had little communication with her when she moved overseas with her white zaddy!

  22. She would never go back to poverty, and she chose to stay- i get it.

  23. Anna May Bullock, may you forever rest in peace.Thanks for all the good memories and moments you’ve given us.
    You were the best and a true fighter.

  24. It astonishes me how jealous and abusive Ike was towards her , if he treated her right they could of been a power couple making millions


  26. Tina shouldve married a good man but women love Pookie & Ray Ray

  27. My Pops taught me that if a Man ever got to the point where he’d have to slap or hit his Wife, that meant he is failing at being a real Man.

  28. Tina has left us & one thing’s for sure, she’ll never meet Ike again! She’s showing heaven how to rock! RIP Tina ❤

  29. Ike was the type of dude who would hit a baby to make it stop crying

  30. Loved her music, loved her….RIP Tina and give a great concert in heaven

  31. @Frost Fanatik: Best thing she ever did was divorce and leave that bastard. She got to keep her name and let him have all the royalties from her previous work. She then became bigger than ever, so the joke was on him.

  32. Ike had a Narcissistic Spirit using him to tear down Tina. He was projecting his jealousy towards Tina through his actions. I’m glad she stood up for herself, kept her authenticity, and left Ike before she became just as Narcissistic as him.

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