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Jackson Mahomes guilty? Victim regrets calling 911

Jackson assaulted Aspen Vaughn/YouTube

Sexual assault victim scared. 

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OVERLAND PARK — In the Netflix sports series “Quarterback,” Kansas City Chiefs icon Patrick Mahomes had an awkward exchange with his brother — Jackson Mahomes — after his wife gave him a good luck kiss on the sideline prior to opening kickoff (see Twitter video below). You can tell Patrick wants nothin’ to do with his TikTokin’ sibling who was thrown in jail for three felony counts of sexual assault. Jackson, 23, grabbed Aspen Vaughn by the neck and shoved his tongue down her throat. Aspen, 40, owns an upscale restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas. Jackson’s kiss took most of us by surprise because we all assumed he was full-blown, Liberace gay. Nevertheless… Aspen raised eyebrows the other day when she said she regrets the 911 call that went out in February and Jackson’s kiss was blown way outta proportion. Since filing charges in May, Aspen’s restaurant has been vandalized and she’s lost 75 percent of her business. You can tell she’s scared as hell.

“We feel like we’re stuck in a situation that we didn’t put ourselves in. It’s heartbreaking, it’s exhausting,” Aspen told reporter Malik Jackson of Fox 4 News. “We just want our lives back. I think that’s the biggest thing, just go back to normal.” Social media reaction was skeptical. One commenter wrote, “I’m sure the change of heart has nothing to do with the loss of business and harassment.”

Another person added, “Sounds like witness tampering to me.” 

Jackson is friends with Aspen’s stepdaughter who works at the restaurant.

Do you think there’s more to this story?

Watch Aspen’s interview and Jackson’s kiss.

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  1. He seems like an immature effeminate jerk sponging off his brother. Now that kiss, imo, looks like they were both fooling around. She walked away kinda smiling. Imo, I think they where hanging out drinking. But I still think he’s a jerk. And, Patrick mahomes definitely could had done better for a wife. She acts like a jerk too sometimes and with his silly brother.

  2. He’s a Biracial man.
    Let him deal with his self created problems.
    Focus on BM problems.

  3. That’s his white side showing cause white men are the leading sex offenders

  4. @amber one n only: That’s sexual battery all day long! Unless you are legally blind the victim is literally attempting to stop the attack! Sit in a cage for awhile Jackson!

  5. He’s comes off like he doesn’t even like women. Matter fact he looks almost like a stud.

  6. Wait,…so the owner is 40, Jackson is 23. So….she was not just some young innocent naive person (who’s fresh out of high-school) like Jackson is. Clearly It was a setup! 40-year old Cougar is now like … “Pay me 7 mill, and your brother wont have to go to jail where he will be beat-up or worse.

  7. It must be tough in some ways being the brother or sister of a superstar. Of course there will be some advantages, but really most people won’t even want to know you, they will just want to meet your famous brother or sister

  8. FINALLY !!! Jackson Mahomes gets more press than his brother…good job Jackson.

  9. Strange crime for a gay guy to commit. Cocaine is one hell of a drug!!!

  10. Im not a mahomes fan, and I could care less about the case. I only dont like to see women, looking for a payday either. Not saying is for certain, but im looking at the video and seeing a woman that maybe looked slightly uncomfortable, because of someone maybe she looked at right after she smiled, and then she smiled after the odd look. So it could be something to think about before looking into it too much, but should be investigated for certain. Just to make sure not to drag another innocent guy into another “Me Too” situation. Not a good side of the race I would like to be in the end of it all!

  11. He’s a victim of society today. Has money he didn’t earn and believes because of that money he can do what he wants without consequences. If the justice system fails him and he is let off for these crimes he will become unstoppable. So pray lady justice does her job and teaches him a valuable lesson. He’s young and can be rehabilitated.

  12. He’s going to be doing those little Tiktok dances for them boys I’m prison. 😂😂😂

  13. Imagine being a women and going through all the struggle of opening your own restaurant just to be handled by some 20yo nobody who thinks this is just all a game

  14. I try not to hate anyone, but I can’t help hating this kid. I really hope he does time in prison

  15. Jackson Mahomes is a total loser. But he did nothing wrong in this case.

  16. Wait a minute you can’t have it both ways now one minute that’s considered sexual assault anytime you touch a woman or look at them now if they don’t like it now because you’re losing business it’s a different standard no this is what it has become so now you deal with it now on the other hand what he did is a sexual assault just because of his last name doesn’t justify what he did because if you don’t stop it now with a kiss later, it’ll be a full rape and he’ll think he can get away with it because of his last name

  17. I feel that the whole situation is a mess but no proprietor should be threatened, harassed, and have their employees and place of business placed in security and economic peril for doing the right thing…Sexual harassment and sexual assault is very serious and dangerous and the victim should be much better protected…It’s time for Jackson to finally face the music for his reckless and immature actions…Staying in the “negative” media spotlight due to the celebrity status of your brother is not cool…He needs to “grow-up” and find his own dignity and self-worth and build his own human and personal success in life…He must begin to be his own man…

  18. sounds like a paid sabotage job I just hope it’s Not Patrick paying for the hit job.

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