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Pregnant postal employee missing since Fall of 2018

Kierra Coles was pregnant/Leah Gordone

Kierra Coles still missing. 

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CHICAGO — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Leah Gordone released the cold case documentary of gravid postal worker Kierra Coles who mysteriously disappeared in October 2018. The abduction transpired in Chicago, Illinois. Surveillance footage shows Kierra, 26, with her presumed baby daddy — Josh Simmons — prior to vanishing. They were at Walgreens around 11 p.m. withdrawing hundreds of dollars from an ATM. It’s the last time Kierra was seen alive. “I didn’t understand why she would be taking $400 out because she’s really cautious with spending,” said Kierra’s mom, Karen Phillips. Josh, who’s in a relationship with his other baby mama, was interrogated. But not arrested. Kierra was three months preggo. Her car was parked on the same block as her apartment, with her cell phone and purse inside. The Chicago Police Department and the U.S. Postal Service are still investigating. But family members want the FBI involved. “Can’t nobody imagine the pain that I go through daily,” Karen said. “Missing my child, not hearing her voice, not knowing if she had her child. Not knowing if she’s suffering every day.”

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “The boyfriend did it.” Another chimed in with, “If only she received the same amount of attention as Carlee Russell. That’s why we can’t afford to lie.” A third person added, “I always said it was the boyfriend. He didn’t want no baby and he had a baby mama already. They moved out of state after this girl went missing.” Homicide detective Will Svilar studied every minute of the case and he still don’t have a f*ckin’ clue what happened. “She’s living a great life. She’s going to have a baby. She’s gainfully employed. She is an upstanding citizen who was living a nice life who all of a sudden disappears,” he said.

Law enforcement officials are offering a $70,000 reward.

Josh and his baby mama skipped town shortly after Kierra came up missing.

Do you think they worked in cahoots?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s hard to prove without a body, but we already know who did it. Moving out of town with the baby mama? They can easily cover for each other. The perfect crime.

  2. The baby daddy could have hired someone to take her out. He leaves town to avoid the publicity that he could have done it. Her body could be in a body of water. In the woods would be too easy cause with the weather the bones might be found

  3. Hmmm the mother of his baby disappears and he moves out of state shortly there after?? Something smells fishy!!!

  4. This is why I cared nothing about the Gabby Petito case because Amerikkka cares Not at all when it’s a Negro Man Woman or Child missing. I still don’t care about No damn Gabby Pettito

  5. Chicago Police is full of sh*t 💩 the person behind it is just walking infont of their nose….Interrogate the boyfriend idiots

  6. The Chicago police department need to bring the boyfriend back and give him a lie detector test, because he knows something

  7. Don’t fight over another person for their attention or intimacy (trust me, you can find a person to do what they did or better)…..If they don’t want you, regroup, and move on. Fighting or stalking someone just causes problems and jeopardizes the safety of all parties involved, as well as your freedom. Relationships can be emotional for all involved…Lies and kids being brought into the picture can make the emotion greater (good or bad). My motto, hope for the best, but always prepare for the worse that could “possibly” happen, like a person leaving you cold turkey for reasons you may not understand. Always prepare that you could be in this world alone, with you and yourself, or you and your God (if you so choose to believe in one)…STAY SAFE FOLKS!…👌🏾

  8. @Bernadette Sparks: Yup 💯 and if he didn’t do it. It was the girlfriend.

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