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Police officer kills pregnant fiancée then murders a cop

Dante killed Brittany and a cop/Twisted Crimes

Ex-cop kills pregnant fiancée. 

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MERIDIAN, Miss. — When “protect and serve” goes terribly wrong. Quondam police officer Dante Bender was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his pregnant fiancée, 31-year-old Brittany Jones, because he got fired. The femicide transpired on June 9, 2022 in Meridian, Mississippi. According to reports, Dante and Brittany were scheduled to get married. But after he received a pink slip from the Meridian Police Department, Dante blew a gasket and took it out on Brittany. The Certified Nursing Assistant called 911 to report a domestic dispute. There was a paucity of cops on duty, so Officer Kennis Croom responded on his day off. When he arrived at the scene, Dante answered the door and said everything was fine. But, realizing something was off, Kennis peeked through a side window and descried Dante holding Brittany hostage at gunpoint.

As soon as Kennis radioed for backup, Dante opened fire — killing Brittany. Then he went outside and shot Kennis in the head. The officer was pronounced dead at the hospital. Dante fled the scene. But the manhunt reached its cessation the next day. Dante was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

The City of Meridian named a road after the 30-year-old cop for gettin’ killed in the line of duty.

It’s called Kennis W. Croom Street.

Brittany, a loving mother of four, worked three jobs and attended Meridian Community College. “Brittany would leave here, go home, take a nap, then come back to work, working 16 hour shifts,” said Elizabeth Melton, Brittany’s co-worker at North Pointe Healthcare. “It was always ‘hands on deck’ with her. If we ever needed anything, she would help us and was eager to do it.”

Brittany also accepted Dante’s son like he was her own.

They appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

But, behind closed doors, he was beating her ass.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. THESE MEN ARE SOO WEAK, always murdering their wife/women/baby momma….they are cowards..!!!!!!

  2. Ok let’s shine a light on the real issue. Start at 2:46 of the video where he’s thanking her.

    I quote: “Thank you queen for teaching me right from wrong and never putting me out…”.

    This foolish insecure man worshipped at the alter of the divine feminine mystique. These men who likely grew up raised by a single mother (if he doesn’t find God) will put the women on a pedestal. She is his girlfriend, teacher AND mother. When she decides to leave he must now destroy his goddess for failing him.

    A real man secure in his nature without other extenuating circumstance would never move in with a women with four kids. My point is if he truly loved her he would buy a house and have her move in after marriage.

  3. They always say she was good she so vibrant but they don’t know black women behind closed doors. They belittle their men and press their men. Black men are beat down by society and go home to our “ black queens “ to be smashed deeper into the ground. But us good black men gotta always submit to them.

  4. Whatever the Woman did is never talked about since the Agenda is making the black man look bad , nobody can’t just wake up and kill his wife for Nothing

  5. Dam! This fuqtup! Make being single easy as hell. The key to my happiness will stay in my pocket. U can NOT allow someone ELSE to have this much control over your emotions. He sorriazz hell. Never be jealous of ANY relationship!! Ppl be going thru a lot, the whole time THEY WERE SMILING. Their murdering women that try & obtain any level of success. R.I.P babe

  6. Just more of a reason single is perfectly okay. I’ll start dating in my late 40a once my children are adults if I ever get lonely but I don’t see that happening honestly

  7. Once again a beautiful black woman tryna fix the unfixable say it with me Abuse is not love

  8. How in the hell did this RAGGEDY @$$, UNHINGED NINJA managed to pass A PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION in order to be A COP?

  9. How she working three jobs? How many hrs she pulling with three Jobs and have time to go to school somebody lying

  10. She worked three jobs, with children and another on the way, and was still striving to be successful — only to have her life robbed of her.
    Condolences to her and the officer who lost his life in the line of duty.

  11. A broke and abusive man is a ticking clock. Never stay when you witness the first sign of abuse.


  13. DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS AND I CAN SEE THE DEMONS ALL IN HIS! 👀 Eyes! 😂 But you know I’m sure she thought her boos eyes were sexy! 🤨🤷🏽‍♀️ So keep on choosing demons! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. He was a simp. Fellas, stop marrying woman with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, kids.

  15. They dont send white cops on those kind of mission they only on traffic stop harrassing and ending blk ppl lives or breaking down the wrong door of blk ppl with guns drawn or some kind of welfare check making scene scaring the kids etc

  16. Funny how they spin these stories like it’s only men that flip when it’s women that trip hardest. They always make us black men out to be villains . We all ain’t bad.

  17. Ugh this dude posted his business on social media like a female…. Damn that’s so unattractive. What did she even see in his broke ass🙄

  18. she put it on him. he didn’t know how to accept that she was falling outta love with him. Anger, in and outta jobs. not a good mix for a solid relationship.

  19. Posting your feelings and deepest thoughts about your man or woman on social media, and yall live together…is a RED FLAG 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩. Just tell that person that…in person. Why are you posting it for everyone to see?

  20. If you are in a relationship, how in the hell are you working 3 jobs and going to school? Are you living in a mansion and living beyond your means? How do you have time for your man and children?

  21. What a pathetic man. Good thing they took that badge from this unstable coward. He has no business with any kind of authority.

  22. Moral of the story! Don’t go to work on your off day! Enjoy that time with your family! My pawpaw always told me! If you drop dead today they’ll replace you tomorrow! Life is short! Work your hours and go home to your family! What a senseless crime! He’s such a coward

  23. once again, phony, fake, show off, pda couple, that is under pressure
    due to the male’s inadequacy, inability to hold down steady employment.

  24. She had 4 KIDS and on her way to her 5th, 3 JOBS, WORKING as a CNA, going to SCHOOL to be a Nurse & PLANNING a WEDDING, and let’s not forget about the SIDE HUSTLE I guess next y’all going to tell me that there is 48 hours in a day in Mississippi…. RIP Officer CROOM …. I’m soooo f**king sick and tired of these females posting all the lovie dovie pic and videos on social media while their men are beating their ass behind closed doors putting their life and innocent people lives in danger

  25. Beware of dating cops. Your taking a risk because they are bad boys in uniform. They have been on the beat running after criminals. Why do you expect cops to have everything together? To run after criminals. Normally, cops become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Job calls for this transformation. Only Jesus can help them. Not a girlfriend or wife. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  26. Society continues to push the narrative that women need to be in a relationship or married to have value, yet every day I see a story of another woman being killed by a man.

  27. So clearly he had anger issues and shouldn’t even have been accepted into the police academy. What a coward

  28. He looks evil, demonic and evil. So horribly sad, I know one thing I’m tired of hearing about this stuff. Women take defense classes, carry and don’t ever underestimate a abuser. Don’t let them slide one time, it doesn’t get better! A person that loves you would never hurt you and your love can’t change them.

  29. A police officer who has violent tendencies??? Get out of here, you don’t say.

  30. You would think this would be a WAKE UP call for women to LEAVE these MEN alone. It always start off like a FAIRYTALE and ends up a NIGHTMARE. Women are STILL going to KEEP signing up for this craziness and then want to pretend they are VICTIMS. They are NEVER victims, they VOLUNTEER for this because they KNOW what kind of men are out here…..They KNOW! Let the Trannies have these men, because if they want to abuse someone, let them abuse another man. He may be soft in the bedroom, but outside of that he’s STILL A MAN. I keep telling women to PLEASE stop signing up for this…PLEASE!

  31. She was doing all of this work and had all of these jobs while this bum just sat there and did nothing but use her and reap the benefits. It’s sad. Ladies, please stop doing this for these little boys claiming to be men. A man isn’t going to allow you to work like a dog and struggle. I promise you that.

  32. BW WE NEED TO START VETTING THESE MEN WELL. Hell in my head everyone is against us and we need to be VERY CAREFUL WHO WE ENTERTAIN. Our black and non black friends are slaughtering us like cows, our husbands/wives and gf/bf are killing us for leaving and for staying, the whole world hates us bc of the stereotypes THEY CREATED FOR US and bc of the demeanors we collectively share bc of all the hate surrounding us! EVERYBODY IS YOUR OPPONENT UNTIL THEY ARE NOT BLACK WOMEN WAKE TF UP! AND QUICK BC IF NOT WE ARE GOING TO BE THE ONLY GROUP OF WOMEN WHOSE FAMILIES ARE KNOWN FOR NOT GROWING UP WITH A FATHER OR MOTHER(!)!!! Let the self-hating, disrespectful, passport bros gtf on and worry about you or they will make an example out of you! Learn how to be alone for at least once and OBSERVE AND YOU’LL SEE WHY I SAID ALL THAT I DID😅

    They tell us to choose better and forget that we are the better we need to choose! Or that better looks familiar and tbh it does not! Tbh most of these makes are undateable. It’s generations of trauma atp for most people. People need to heal, seek out healed individuals when you get there. Aint nothing attractive about a man that gets rough w you.

  33. The player have words man, why these women like to encourage the man to label them the Queen? A king don’t get his queen working so hard to support they family and abuse her behind close door. He just know how to mess with her brain 🧠 what happened here is no couple living like king and queen situation they both had need help.

    She was his super hero or sugar mama. Doing all that for a basic stupid man she was just putting on a great show so sad.

  34. Yet again. Another blaq woman who settled for “love,” allowed herself to be the provider with no reciprocation, allowed herself to be the doting, submissive, forgiving fiancé while requiring NOTHING from him but a weak promise to marry.


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