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Gay Pookie murdered wife ’cause she wanted divorce

Alicia killed by her gay husband/YouTube

Gay Pookie kills estranged wife.

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GRAND RAPIDS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Marcus Lofton, 42, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 38-year-old Alicia Lofton, one day after she filed for divorce. The femicide transpired on August 17th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were only married 6 months. According to police reports, Marcus was served divorce papers after Alicia found out he was f*cking other men. Yep, dude was full-blown, Liberace gay. Marcus’ homosexuality was exposed by a gay n*gga in a private Facebook group called “Who’s Man Is This?” The next day, Marcus and Alicia had contretemps. As the argument intensified, the deranged bisexual pulled out a gun. The terrified mother of three ran into a bedroom and locked herself inside. Marcus kicked in the door and opened fire — striking Alicia multiple times as she tried to escape through a window. Law enforcement officials found her body outside the home, riddled with bullets.

Alicia was pronounced dead at the scene.

Marcus was arrested and charged with murder.

Investigators said he was jailed in May for domestic violence against Alicia.

So he has a history of beating her ass.

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Black men, stop trying to fit into this new generation of gay social media. Don’t let these gay men trick you. WOMEN want a MAN, NOT A BITCH. SHE DID THE RIGHT THING RIP.🙏🏼🌎” Another chimed in with, “Now he’ll be happy. There’s plenty of gay men in prison.” A third viewer added, “Sadly, a lot of women have had run-ins with men like this. You’d be surprised at the extremes they’d go through to keep their gay secrets from getting out.”

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. DL men are the worst. Be YOURSELF. If you like men leave women alone, it’s 2023 nobody cares anymore but to deceive someone then kill them because your insecure of your sexuality is beyond evil

  2. There are many men that hate women. Starting with their mothers 😢. Some were molested and negligence led to that hate, but the forged intimacy put them in the arms secretly with other men.

  3. I feel she got with him for the wrong reasons.
    Women like tall men, and with him flashing all that jewelry probably attracted her more than the man himself, just look at all these women in crappy relationships with all these wannabe rappers and gangsters.

  4. I don’t know why men go to such great lengths to date women, marry them, lead them on, and then get mad when it’s found out that they’re gay. Just be who you are. Live your truth and stop bringing innocent people into your lie.

  5. He’s the one at war with himself! Lying and deceiving, then get mad when your truth is exposed. Wow

  6. I’m sure all u women seen signs.. but He’s going where he needs to be at.. “PENIS PARADISE” JAIL

  7. What got me with this story is that he did not go chase down the man who exposed him. He chased down his wife because she made a common sense decision to divorce his lying butt.

  8. Look at him with that tongue? Ugh knowing he a booty bandit. That man never liked her.

  9. Most black bums are the most disgusting subhuman mfers on this earth..ewwww..

  10. Killed her because he didn’t want anyone to know, now EVERYBODY KNOWS

  11. Can I ask a honest question? A lot of women be seeing the red flags and look past it. Why is that? Also why are yah so supportive of this crazy ass gay community 🏳️‍🌈.

  12. Some people say her husband should have married a man but that’s not the problem. He is sexualy out of control he is bi-sexual and will hit anything.

  13. We are so desperate to get a rang from a kang that we will accept anythang… we need to stop dating them and stop birthing them… They are defective and unaliving us at an alarming rate…

  14. See! This is f**ked up! On various levels! First and foremost, that beautiful woman should still be alive and well! That man should have also just lived in his truth, and either found a woman who was fine being the beard, while he lived his best gay life. Because as sad as it is, I get that coming out 100% isn’t a safe option for many. Which is part of why we have so many DL out here lying to women! And mistreating them! Because a lot of times the same clueless women that love these men, are the same ones that he takes his resentment out on! And puts through all types of other Hell!! Even if shes lucky enough to leave the situation unscathed! It’s bad for everyone involved. And I wish that we lived in a world where consenting adults could do whatever!! As long as they kept it among other consenting adults! Preferably ones that aren’t cheating, or committing adultery! As long as people are only going after other single adults, that want them too, then have fun! Just know that your choices have consequences! And that hookup culture isn’t healthy for most (if any.) And that’s not me being judgy! I only want people to make informed choices! Especially where their bodies, minds and spirits are concerned! In 2023 there’s no reason that we need to be shaming and mistreating other adults on what they do behind closed doors. On that note, a lot of y’all, str8, gay, bi, and whatever else y’all are calling yourselves, it doesn’t matter.. Because everyone would do well to learn to keep some of their business to themselves! Trust me! 😹💀😹

  15. Wow me and my sisters are in that Facebook group too a lot of people ended up deleted, beaten and exposed because of the info in that group. So many DL men and cheating men get exposed in that group.

  16. Honestly I don’t think any of the black men are straight these days. You can feel it off them they are not. I just wish they will live their life as a gay man. And quit doing a P Diddy with these women. And yes, we have lesbian black women but they won’t hide it as much as black men do.


  18. These comments are funny to me. Women are the main ones pushing that ABCDLGBSTXT alphabet crap. Most openly gay men are comfy around women cuz y’all support them. Then ya have the nerve to be mad ya men is DL 😂 serve ya right. Why there’s no women DL? Cuz we men are real, we don’t care of a girl sleep with other girls, even better. Dudes have to be DL because ya fake accept them. Anyway, American culture is f*cked up anyway. Y’all living in Babylon. This is what happen when you live for pleasure. Over sexualized world.

  19. The rainbow jumpsuit, the way he was throwing the pillow at her & when he said, “Ouuu girl you betta stop being nasty” would have been major signs to me. May she Rest In Power 🌹❤

  20. Now the whole world knows what he tried to hide , should’ve just left and carried on with these men

  21. Ladies #PleaseStop trying to be Married or with a man at any cost … its ok to date yourself for a while.. just work on you, your career if u have 1 & your life in general.. your #True person is waiting to meet u in Gods timing.. its ok to wait a few years #ForBetter.. its not ok to settle & be with these #NarcissisticDemons walking around disguised as humans! … be ok with chilling, being single & waiting! 🫶🙏

  22. He killed her to stop something from coming out that was exposed to the public already in a Facebook group? Just to be known as,”the man who killed his wife bc she found out he was DL”….please make it make sense. That was further confirmation it was true, he just started doing anything. Why do all that when you know you enjoy being with a man sexually? He could’ve moved on with his life and live his desires. Smh…🤦🏾‍♀️

  23. Men who get down with men really don’t like women at all believe that !!

  24. She got what she deserved. Yall better😢 learn to stfu and mind your business. Tried to shame that MAN and it backfired 😂

  25. He clearly looks like a MOOK !!! It’s like these females be in denial. I can look at him and tell he likes men. His lips definitely been wrapped around something 🤢

  26. People can say what they want but Homosexuality within the black community is killing us. Either our Queens are by themselves or these men are on the DL. Are community has been on the decline since Homosexuality became regular

  27. Wow, she clearly didnt know her worth to even be with this fool. RIP

  28. It is disgusting to murder a woman because you are the liar, the deceiver, and the confused one. They pretend to be straight because deep down they are ashamed. If they weren’t ashamed they wouldn’t hide their dirty secrets. Why take an innocent woman’s life because she figured out you’re a homosexual. He really thought he could hide his sin forever. This beautiful woman had to pay now he will be around plenty of men being bent over.

  29. This just piss me off! The only ones confused and need to get their mind right is the DL’s! They want the best of both worlds for their own selfish reasons. Then when exposed get upset enough to kill . They be upset with the wrong one. Live your truth , do you , just leave innocent women out of your wicked world. Let the woman know upfront , but if you notice they never can bring themselves to doing that. Why, what does that tell you. My condolences to this family

  30. Wait until y’all find out most of y’all husbands are gay 😳

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