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Jacksonville shooter killed three negroes then himself

Ryan Palmeter hated black people/YouTube

White Supremacist killed 3 blacks.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

JACKSONVILLE — The Sunshine State is in mourning after gun-toting white supremacist Ryan Christopher Palmeter entered a Dollar General store and opened fire; killing three black people before blowing his own brains out. The triple murder-suicide transpired on August 27th in Jacksonville, Florida. Donning a bulletproof vest and tactical gear (à la Rambo), Ryan barged through the main entrance with an AR 15-style rifle (covered in Nazi swastikas) and unloaded on every negro in sight. “This shooting was racially motivated, and he hated black people,” Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters told reporters. Angela Michelle Carr, a 52-year-old Uber driver, was shot in her car. A.J. Laguerre, a 19-year-old Dollar General cashier, was shot as he tried to escape. And Jerrald Gallion, a 29-year-old customer, was shot as he entered the store.

Ryan, 21, also transcribed “several manifestos” detailing his hatred for black people.

The massacre was reportedly in response to the pummeling white people suffered in the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl.

Investigators said Ryan was a quondam Dollar Tree employee. Prior to the shooting, he stopped at a Family Dollar store with intent to kill. But Ryan egressed the premises when security guards approached him. “Based off what we saw: him stopping off at the Family Dollar and working at a Dollar Tree previously and then him going to Dollar General, that was his intent the whole time,” Waters said.

“Why that store? Still hard to tell.”

Ryan’s dad told a 911 operator his son was non compos mentis and he stopped taking his psychiatric medicine.

The corpulent incel also dropped out of college then lost his job.

Despite being mentally ill, Ryan purchased his firearms legally.

Watch disturbing footage of the shooting.

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  1. What gets me about these people they want to put on all of their military gear like Rambo knowing that they’re not going to be on this Earth much longer don’t really matter how you dress

  2. Killed a store employee who came from haiti fleeing violence only to get shot by a fat racist lunatic.

  3. I blame the way they raise the girls, this young man was ignored and ridiculed his whole life. Never a girlfriend just labeled toxic and discarded. Only the 10% of men get anywhere with women. This is yalls fault.

  4. What kind of pussy fires into a kia with an older woman just sitting there?? If you hate any kind of person, challenge them to meet somewhere for war. I’m sick and tired of these white ideology pussies hiding behind firearms they know will not be matched initially because of their cowards BS. I’m ex military with special training. Show some balls and come after people who will immediately engage.

  5. Arrest his parents since he killed him self. They knew he was mentally ill. If people want to go on shooting sprees then start arresting their entire immediate families or relatives. Charge them with the murders too and start making them face life or the death penalties as well.

  6. He is also a confirmed heavily supporting trump follower. THey found extra magazines also on his parents house / garage in a chest and Nazi relics if you would so call them.

    This blood is on every single one of your hands that follows and supports trump and the hate he is spreading

  7. It’swhite culture..the same pple who call other races violent 😒 is and has always been the most violent of ANY race ..I’m sick of their blood lust.

  8. Our Mentally blind black generation today is sadly about to learn what real white supremacy is about. These white peoples whenever they fight each other they always use black people as the fall guy they used Obama to free the gays and kill khadafi now the using a black woman judge and black woman prosecutor to try trump in court. This will rise up the ignorant white suprematist to go apex predator against all black people. Lets go home to Afrika before its too late. For those of us who can’t make the trip home y’all need to unite in y’all communities and self police ourselves and develop by black economic self reliance businesses with a quickness.Your so-called white liberal or white conservative friends will not save us in this next possible civil war so let’s save ourselves for once

  9. Another sad, loser coward that should’ve just taken his own life, without hurting innocent others, if he hated this world and the multiple different people in.

  10. Don’t think that it’s over he killed some of mines so what goes around comes around PROMISE 🫡😷

  11. Brothers and sisters arm yourself protect yourself and do not trust them hundreds of years have passed and they remain the same the time of welcoming is gone no uncle tom stay woke stay dangerous protect yourselves

  12. Damn. It’s so crazy how people hate over skin color. I wish everyone could just see one another as human.

  13. That fat knocked kneed sloppy credent hated himself. Black folks was the scapegoat for his failures and shortcoming.

  14. These pathetic little incels really need to get a job, move out of their parents basement and get laid.

  15. The only way to stop racism in America to send white folks back across the pond.

  16. America refuses to do anything about blacks, easy to see why he had so much hate built up.

  17. Malcolm X

    X – The worst enemy that the Negro have is the man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the man.

  18. So he literally kills people, and they say it’s just “mental health issues”, no it’s fukin NOT, It’s his issue, it’s they way he wants to act, and the actions he did were the actions of a serial killer/terrorist.

  19. Charge the parents they knew what was going on how you didn’t know he had all of that stuff in YOUR HOUSE you can’t walk in the house with an AR and not know what’s there

  20. On November 21, 2021, a black man named Darrell E. Brooks Jr. drove a sport utility vehicle (SUV) through the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States, killing six white people and injuring sixty-two other whites.[

  21. @Average Joe: so are you like the official race war score keeper or something? So In your sick mind it’s all good because of something race related that happened a couple years back? Dude seriously people that think like you are the problem

  22. this fool was probably bullied by black people or something. the race issue will always be issue in America. stupidity has always been there. racism will always remain. hate breeds more hate. just take care of yourself while watching these idiots burn one another.

  23. Just look at this sloppy, slovenly, slob, and worthless slab of meat. Hell isn’t good enough for this slime. May the Almighty raise the victims to Heaven… My prayers go out to the family’s of the victims

  24. Ask yourself why this “mass shooting” is all over national news and so in-depth…
    Because it was a black man that gunned down 4 old white people… and national media 🦗’s

  25. This dude is a total nerd without intelligence. You can see in his whole demenor that he’s sorry individual.
    He probably was mocked by his friends for being weak..!!!
    This dude looks more foreign than American.
    His family probably migrated from one of these poor European Countries..

  26. I can come up with maybe some reasons why this dude snapped. Number 1 he was fat. Number 2 he didn’t have a job. Maybe he was angry because he didn’t meet taylor swift in person. Maybe he didn’t get his food from Starbucks. I am not trying to be funny here.

  27. Black folk: yall had enough yet?what is it going to take?its only one way they will stop this

  28. If he didn’t kill black people, just killed himself, not a lot of people would have known or cared about his suicide. He used black people to get attention. And it’s a damn shame.😢 If my black skin is so inferior to you, why do you need it to get attention? 😢

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