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Trans Woman tricked her boyfriend, men are scared

Tranny won’t reveal biological sex/YouTube

Tranny tricks straight men. 

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LOS ANGELES — Chicks with d*cks strike again! A viral TikTok video shows a transgender woman telling the world she tricked her boyfriend into believing he’s a biological woman. They even canoodled and copulated. Yuck! “I lived with my boyfriend and his parents for three months and none of them knew I was transgender,” the he-she admitted. So, how did he get caught? The boyfriend’s mom stumbled across the tranny’s Instagram page and found out he was indeed a transgender woman. “The next day, when I woke up, I just found [his mom] acting really funny,” the tranny said. “She was acting really strange. She loves me, or loved me. But then she started acting very standoffish; almost like ‘he betrayed me.’ You can see the look in her eye. So, then she’s like, um, ‘You’re around my kids, you were around my grandkids. Why didn’t you tell me this?'” Rather than put the he-she on blast, mom protected her son’s feelings (and masculinity) by telling the tranny to egress her home immediately.

“Does my son know?” mom asked.

“No,” the tranny replied.

“You know what? We’re gonna keep this between us but you gotta go,” mom retorted.

The tranny left without saying goodbye and the son had no idea his girlfriend was born with a phallus. Damn, that’s foul. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Playing with fire doing sh*t like this. This is one way to get seriously f*cked up (or worse).” Another chimed in with, “So I’m assuming this trans woman had a sex change 🤔 if the son didn’t know?” A third viewer added, “Man, I really feel for men. This sh*t is beyond crazy. Y’all be careful. Ask for birth certificates and baby pictures.”

I will also add make babygirl drop her panties to ensure there’s a coochie between her legs.

That said, does the boyfriend have a right to know?

Should chicks with d*cks be legally required to disclose their biological sex?

Watch the explosive clip.

Share your thoughts.


Ahhhh the life of Dawna

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  1. I would kick her ass and get her out of my house. My son will definitely be told.

  2. Most modern black women look and have masculinity features these days, so it makes it real easy for Trans to get away with it like this woman did….

  3. Boi we living in some scary ass times!!🙏🏿Praying for all my righteous brothers and sisters🙏🏿

  4. @threecturner3: People can go back and change their genders on driver’s license and birth certificates.

    I think people need to do a full DNA test to ensure that the person is a biological male or female.

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