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Daycare owner deleted by husband who kills himself

Tierra was out of Jeremy’s league/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills wife then himself. 

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FRANKLIN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of 21-year-old Tierra Williams who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 25-year-old Jeremy Williams, before he blew his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired on June 5, 2022 in Franklin, Kentucky. According to multiple reports, Tierra told Jeremy she was done with the marriage — sparking a bout of contretemps. As the argument intensified, Jeremy pulled out a gun and emptied the clip — striking Tierra multiple times. She was pronounced dead by the Simpson County Coroner’s Office. Jeremy fled the scene and drove to Interstate 65 where he shot himself in the head. Tierra was no doubt the breadwinner. The ambitious damsel graduated from dental school, she was the proud owner of T&J’s Daycare, and she was a devout congregant of Harvester Warehouse Pentecostal Church. In high school, Tierra was a cheerleader.

She was on the dance team.

And she ran track.

So achieving success was a deeply ingrained habit.

Jeremy, on the other hand, was a stay-at-home dad for their young daughter. The slothful bastard also lacked ambition. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “What kind of work did her husband do? What kind of education did he have? What kind of family did he come from? If he didn’t have a job, how was he supporting her? I think he was a bottom feeder riding her coattail 😮😮😮.” Another viewer added, “You can see from jump that he was mentally unwell, and she wasn’t really in love with him. They weren’t a match, but they were religious with a child so she stayed to save face. He knew she was on her way out and he couldn’t handle it.”

Family members said Jeremy was jealous of Tierra.

But they appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Damn I’m so tired of these women portraying their relationship online to be so great and end up dead, by the hands of the same man. It’s a shame.

  2. I don’t know what is wrong with these beautiful black queens.😢☹️💕

  3. Unbelievable sad & upsetting! So instead of celebrate her for her intelligence, sucess,well accomplished, fun loving ways & giving him the privilege to be with her, he repay her this way? What about your daughter at this tender age who need her mom? In his rage he dont think of her? They look so good together! 👀We as women as really ask God to discern A true lover who can be angry and kill not!!!! How he just snapped just like that? He went from lovable cuddable teddy bear to a killer? multiple shots? She just have your baby girl? 😦😟😞 Did he have some mental challenges that were well hidden? 🤔. She was a beautiful girl with so much treasures within, at least she displayed them before exit, seems so unfair! Her poor family. Deepest condolences! Sigh! 😞 8:45

  4. Shooting her over & over showed rage & hatred !!!!
    Condolences to her family and friends 🙏🏽🥀

  5. These men really feel entitled to killing women they are married to or dating. We all came in this world alone and will leave that way. Stop thinking you own your partner.

  6. No disrespect but looking at his eyes you can see his not all the way there mentally she seemed to be a huge light in his life / lottery ticket so this was bound to happen

  7. Sistas learn to be alone and avoid these scrubs. Vet these men and stay off social media. You shouldn’t post everything.

  8. Vagina🩸Blood Magic – Love Spells❣️ Trapping Men In Relationship Goal$ Unions 4SocialMedia Using WitchCraft & Demonic Spirits Is Backfireing Like A MF

  9. She started a daycare after attending Dental school?? Dentists start their practice after completing Dental school, not a daycare.

  10. I just went through this jealousy stage with my soon to be ex husband!!! Luckily I left him and moved back to the state I was from!! But what I have learned is that sometimes it is better just to be by yourself! I’m happier and can live in peace and enjoy life again!!This is so sad 😢 she is with God now and I pray for her family and their healing!!


  12. Why cant i find a beautiful successful woman like this? Ladies please leave these sensitive guys alone. From the look of it, she probably was the man of the house taking care of all the bills

  13. 1st Red Flag, He Was ALWAYS With Her 🫤 He Was Jealous and Evil ‼️

  14. Bruh it ain’t even like the girl made you feel less she included you in everything she did and had your damn back smh. I wish I could find me a queen to hold me down while I work on myself. But this is why I don’t even get jealous of relationships cause plenty of people out here rushing it and haven’t even put the work in on themselves and are just waiting to crash out. Imma continue to work on myself and the right one will come cause God sent it. Condolences to Tierra and her family.

  15. Young ladies you continue to pick these males who are not of your status and has nothing to lose. You can end up losing your life.
    Young ladies you have to begin to protect yourself and love yourself to life.

  16. I’m trying to see what was the issue that justified him taking both of their lives! She married him what more did he want… she gave him a child her only child was his and now that baby doesn’t have either of them over what… his demons!! His delusions …his self esteem being low.. why can’t these men communicate to resolve before taking stupid action.

  17. Men who like to pose with their women in a headlock or half-Nelson are usually abusive, insecure men. I’m serious though. It’s something I noticed, even a few women in my family had men who always had them in a headlock pose in pictures. They were abusive. I guess that’s a form of control.

  18. That dude looks bad for 25. He should have been happy that he was even given the chance to date someone out of his league. I hate seeing beautiful and talented women end up with dudes that are not only jealous, lame and broke but also have faces that were slapped with the ugly stick. Disgusting

  19. I’ve unfortunately experienced jealousy from men I’ve dated on several occasions even from a man that was more successful and very handsome.😪 Sometimes they can just be jealous of your confidence and your light it’s really sad. She was really beautiful.🙏🏾

  20. It seems as if she married an insecure, immature, narcissistic grifter and that turned out to be a fatal mistake! Condolences to her family and friends! 🙏❤️🙏

  21. I am in no way trying to blame the victim here ….this is awful ….but these young women today get soooo caught up in simply being able to post a picture online instead of learning about whose in the picture with them…. I really get the vibe that she was so eager to post an engagement photo/ then post a wedding photo/then post a pregnancy announcement a baby shower etc and she ended up ignoring signs that were there way back when they were dating…I bet the tantrums he would throw…oh your going to leave me…oh your talking to another man….I bet those conversations happened way before they walked down the aisle

  22. Ppl ask me why at 43 I’m not married, I have yet to meet a man that didn’t show signs of jealousy with my success & self confidence smh RIP baby girl

  23. This is who Tyler Perry and Iyanla V are advocating for black women to settle wiyh

  24. Idk why these females like taking care of a man tht clearly can’t or ain’t doing shit for them. I never once heard of them mentioning him working or doing anything for his self and family like dude what was u doing. Sitting around letting her take care of u. And I’m sorry but I’ll be damn if I’ll be catering to a man doing pedicures and facials and shit like he worked oh so hard

  25. The sad part is people have become so desensitize that this is becoming normal. Please ladies and men… use discernment and look for red flags. We cannot change people, people who want to change will. Take things slow while dating and/or in relationship because this is becoming ridiculous honestly. Sleeping with the enemy isn’t fun.

  26. Ladies slow down ITS OK TO BE ALONE lots of times it seem to good to be true BECAUSE IT IS specially when it’s fast

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