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Eboni claims single ladies better settle or stay lonely

Eboni says single ladies running out of time/YouTube

Eboni says women should settle.

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NEW YORK — When dissin’ blue-collar men goes terribly wrong. Eboni K. Williams, the gold digging barrister who once said she wouldn’t marry a bus driver ’cause he don’t make enough money, is back-pedaling like a mofo. Now she’s admitting single ladies should pursue wedding rings in conjunction with college degrees, even if it means settling for second-tier prospects. If you recall, cross-dressing filmmaker Tyler Perry echoed a homogeneous sentiment. The Madea thespian said women should be satisfied with men paying the light bill only. Then there’s the issue of duration. It’s Eboni’s assertion a man’s socioeconomic status improves with age whereas a woman’s biological clock equates to depreciation. In other words, ladies age 40 and older have diminutive value in the dating market. The prepossessing attorney disseminated her thoughts via Instagram.

“As black men age, their desirability increases thus their optionality of women is always expanding, and the exact opposite is true for black women,” Eboni, 40, explained. “As we age, doesn’t matter how much money we accumulate, our degrees or professional accolades, the reality is that our marriage and partnership market value is depreciating with every passing year. No matter how good we look, no matter how fit we are, men are still seeing primarily our presumed dwindling fertility as a knock against us.”

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One commenter wrote, “Let western women dig their own graves.” Another chimed in with, “It’s sad that American women have to listen to this 304’s advice.” A third viewer added, “She changed her tune due to hitting the wall and realizing there’s a small pool of eligible bachelors.” Eboni was quick to point out black chicks are graduating from college at a higher rate than their male counterparts. Only problem is African American women lead the nation in student loan debt.


Not to mention, lots of dudes are certified tradesmen earning big bucks despite not having a college degree.

For instance, plumbers have fat pockets.

Ditto for carpenters and electricians.

Do you agree with Eboni?

Should western women return to a more traditional role?

Watch Eboni keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This girl needs to be arrested for grand theft and for impersonating a proud blk female.

  2. It’s no surprise how she tried to go after another white male and he TURNED HER DOWN!! Ebony K. Williams is DAMAGED GOODS!!

  3. This lady is a fool. The reality is black women don’t know how to humble themselves before God and they want a man that they don’t deserve.

  4. Whaaaattt? I’m not hearing what I think I’m hearing especially from this (boss b*tch) What the f*ck happened? Now she has clarity? Wow! Just wow!

  5. Father Time and Mother Nature working hand in hand to humble these f€m!n!$t$. Bus drivers smiling right now.😂

  6. NOPE ! My wife is one of the last ones to get a man that they are all looking for now. Im 35 , 10yrs plumbing, have my own plumbing company and take care of my wife! But she was with me when i made $16 hr. Never made me feel lesser because of my income because she saw my work ethic and knew who i was as a person not what i could proved finically at the time. All yall boss chick, I dont need a man etc just got the reverse uno card played on you and i wish you and your cats the best of luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are tired of being your punching bag for all the mistake YOU decided to make. My Wife seats next to me and laughs at yall because yall where more worried about the life style and not about having a LOVING , HARD WORKING , MAN that would look forward to seeing you after a hard days work. WE dont WANT YOU NO MAS !!!!!!!!!!

  7. What happened here was her whole world changed when she said that bullshit about not dating a bus driver. That blew up in her face and back fired. And now she is back trying to change it up.

  8. The people who are always giving out relationship advice are the ones who are the most unsuccessful in relationships.

    Quote by ~ Alexandria Washington ~

  9. Never forget guys. When the world goes to hell the woman who shit all over us will be the first to cry and beg for help.

  10. The problem is they put off marriage and that’s it. They still have a lot of sex, have kids out of wedlock and then when about to cross 100k miles, then they decide to pursue marriage.

  11. I defended her months ago I now regret it ! She should marry a bus driver ! and see where that gets her in 3 years !

  12. Non Black men don’t want her and she priced herself out for most Black men

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