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Black chick let her white boyfriend call her n*gger

Black chick laments disgracing herself/TikTok

Sis let Zaddy call her a n*gger.

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ATLANTA — When swirling goes terribly wrong. A viral TikTok video shows a braided black chick admitting she let a white dude call her a “n*gger” during copulation as a derogatory form of role-play. Yep, dude ejaculated in her coochie while calling her the N-word. She even called him “Massa.” Black people worldwide are absolutely pissed. “When I was still in high school, I was so desperate for male validation and attention I used to have a thing with this [white] boy and he used to call me the N-word and I just let him,” she confessed. “Not only did he call me the N-word, but he wanted me to call him my master as a term of endearment and I did. He’d be like, ‘What’s up my little [n*gger]?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Hey master.’ Unsurprisingly, it turned out he never liked me and I was just an inside joke between his friends.” Damn. Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Because she allowed a White man to call her a racist word, she deserves whatever bullsh*t comes her way. She slipped through the cracks and hit her head! What you allow is exactly what will continue! She’s goofy as f*ck for this!”

Another chimed in with, “Black women love men who don’t love them. That’s why they’re obsessed with Pookie & Ray Ray. You can’t make this sh*t up. Smh.”

A third viewer added, “Black women: ‘I won’t be submissive. I won’t do laundry. I won’t cook and clean… unless it’s for Zaddy👀.'”

What’s my take? It’s not unusual for couples (regardless of race) to partake in a little role-play during sex. If done right, it’s hot ‘n’ sexy. Hell, me and my ex-girlfriend (who’s white) brought our plantation dramatis personae to life on many occasions. I portrayed Mandingo and she starred as Missy. I waxed that ass every time she came to my hut then sent her back to the Big House with Massa. Now, we never said “n*gger” and we sure as hell didn’t use whips and shackles. But we had a lot of fun with slavery.

That’s how my phallus got his moniker, Mandingo.

I guess what I’m trying to say is babygirl took it too far.

Now she’s a punchline.

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  2. I love black women and i always will but the thing that bothers me is when they say black men hates them when in actuality it’s not the we hate them it’s that a lot of us are constantly being rejected by them by default so who who hates who in the melanated community I know a young black man who eventually ended up becoming a passport bro one day he asked me why do black women hate us it was a sad question for him to ask me unfortunately i wasn’t able to give him a solid answer all i could really think was the fact that us black men are the ones that are getting our stuff together and there’s a lot if black women that don’t like that to see their black men become successful with a level headed mindset and a clear and expansive vocabulary this is just a few things that some of us are believed to repel them 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. This young woman had no sense of self worth to allow this man to degrade her like this. I hope she has developed some and awakened from her stupor.

  4. Gentlemen, do yourself a favor. Don’t pay these trash can, low life, traitors any attention.


  6. The self hate is strong in this one. The white man may have use for her yet.

  7. This is why you got black men becoming passport bros I don’t hate women But I don’t like the BS Of Western women Bro tell you these women day shame you for everything because day not getting what day want After day Ben running over by chat in Tyrone pokey And ray ray the bad boy But Western women do not understand the because day stuck in the emotional bubble and the what’s going keep them single only to win is to stay focused find what makes you brothers happy 😎👍keep winning 💯% the all

  8. She aint the only one. There are some black women that are still living in that slavery mentality. Self hatred is an understatement man smh.

  9. This is wild bro. I don’t even utter the N word what makes you think I’m going to let some one else call me that.

  10. We used to call it “code-switching”, when they dealt with us Black men and when they dealt with the Caucasian males or females. They degrade and do all sorts of things and make concessions…For him, that is in her mind…” Master of all he surveys” and will do anything for them that they would not for a good Black man. Even Hallie B., in court, said her ex Cauc man called her the N*word and did all sorts of degrading behavior i cannot say here. They cannot help it and humiliation is a part of their culture and par for the course.

    I knew one just like this…And she was left with a major, unshakeable disease[s], that plague her to this day, as she told me all the particulars, and I warned her…This will not end well for you. But each to their own and the world is a competition and those that take themselves out…The more for the rest of us if they are correct. One is for certain…

    Until Black America corrects its trajectory, we [They I am out of it!] are all F**ked, as good and decent men are not going to stay and get out and leave them all to their ultimate fate[s]…Throw Pook, Tyrone, and Ray-R a bone with these Harpies we all want and do leave behind, and never look back. Good video, just renewed my passport again and because men who get the best, live the best….And that is not found in America. Could say more but for now…Peace goodvibes

  11. Never been a fan of Tommy Sotomayor but what is said were pure facts. Can’t depute. For the BW who allowed her ex-WBF to call her the N-word is telling. Some of these BWs will do anything for Zaddy. The self-hate is real.

  12. This video shows why you should kick black women out the black community and start a new🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. If this is not psychotically fucked up I don’t know what is really!!!

  14. Ok, so this situation is NOT funny by any stretch of the imagination. Black men and Black women have fought for centuries to get their and our rights back and this dim witted ass black woman in this clip is allowing a white man to call her a N—-GA and she calling him MASTER. Wow, she don’t even respect herself because she’s dating an idiot racist, and without a doubt she got this completely WRONG, and then she can’t figure out why black men are leaving so…. Men don’t waste time with Black women who is this STUPID!

  15. 80% of black men should just leave black women alone no kids and Protection and marriage or treat them like crap

  16. Notice, She had to Blame it on High School , BullS__T ! She knew it was Wrong. She just don’t want to be Judged. There are plenty of Men to learn from. But, A lot of kids are intentionally kept from their Fathers.

  17. Not gonna lie, that does sound hot. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

  18. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH! We melanin masculines had the society we created destroyed and history dismantled , OUR signiture right as TRUE OWNERS of this planetary body wiped away and our one and only allies betrayed us. We will NEVER FORGET moving forward.

  19. Black women change their attitude with white men simply because they want to prove the negative stereotypes of the angry black woman narrative wrong.Also out of desperation because they know most successful black men aren’t checking for her and if so it’s only for sexually related purposes.

  20. Man, as a 31 y/o melanated man learning our actual history in America, it makes me want to stay in the States as this was originally our land.. however, when I learn about what our women have been doing well before our generation and what they are doing today, I want no parts of the society here. I genuinely want us to respect each other and fully show the world how great we can be together..but it’s clear to me these women are not our women. It’s clear they don’t respect us and rather throw us under the bus for the enemy who convinced them they don’t need the melanated man. I love the convenience we have here but it’s damn hard being a man here. I’d rather find peace and other melanated women elsewhere. Apologies for the rant..

  21. Black America is dead there’s nothing here for good decent black men. We need to get our money up get our passports and leave. These women dug their own grave all they need to do now is lie in it because we know most of them will end up homeless without us and I’m okay with that.

  22. Black women seem to want to be idiots at one end of the spectrum or the other!✅

  23. Does anyone not see that she is still turned on about the “master/slave” dynamic. When she remembers it she got an endorphin hit. It seems to me that she wasn’t too upset about it at all.

  24. I guarantee you that she still dates wm . Usually when something like this happen to them with a wm/nonblack men they will blame themselves but their bad experiences with bm are placed at the feet of all bm.

  25. I always noticed it’s always the decent looking BW that dated white men like Tika Sumpter, Candace Owens and this woman in the video here who confessed about relating to what our ancestors been through. Decent looking women and only one is trying to live through her ancestors. This is what you called a race roleplay. So they’re on their best behavior for Brad but wouldn’t be respectful for Demarcus who is a good blk man. If that isn’t selfhate then I don’t know what that is.

  26. She’s a clown 🤡 for that! . She deserved whatever that yt boy was dishing out because she allowed it💁🏽‍♀️

  27. “A Black American Man will be a Fu€king fool if a Black American Woman lay down with a White Man in you date her you’re a fool.”

  28. Kevin Samuels said it, “If BW treated us the same way they treat white men, that’ll be just fine.”

  29. These are the same girls who give decent brothers attitude then give pookie amd ray ray the cheeks then when that dont work out they divest. Then they super submissive to Anglo European men and even tolerate micro aggressions and sexual racism from them.

  30. C’MON,NOW Y’ALL. C’MON,MAINE. This is NOTHING NEW with the WOMEN of our nation’s, THEY know that THEY(So-called Black Women)are nothing but FETISHES,This NO Different than,The so-called black men with the So-called white women,BUT WORSE. More than likely,SHE KNEW this!!

  31. Black men ask so little from black women and they refuse to do it, white men demand the world from black women and they obey and do it. And shoutout to Tommy Sotomayor, I wish many of these dudes would stop pretending he doesn’t exist the man’s flowers are long overdue.

  32. I wanna point out that her brad was homeless.. in highschool. How do you find a homeless brad in school? Man bw are looking worse literally everyday

  33. She wants to be a slave🤷🏿‍♂️ she won’t make a BM a sandwich but will be a slave for a WM. 🤷🏿‍♂️ I feel no sympathy for this stupid female.

  34. I’ve had enough of these yt’s and if anyone of them ever disrespects me, he’s gonna wind up on the evening news. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  35. 😂 I swear these women don’t know there is black slave sex fetish on the rise. And some of these folks just don’t have the ability to look at a black woman as a human being. Not good enough for marriage or family or anything other than dehumanizing a sista

  36. I dont feel sorry for her, she is a stupid fool she got what she diserves.

  37. @yesshesaves: Exactly 💯 but always telling the brothers what they are not going to tolerate but would let a white man talk to them any kind of way

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