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Stripper: High-Value fellas shouldn’t work a 9 to 5 job

Diamond disrespects working men/YouTube

Black chick defines high-value man. 

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ATLANTA — Damn, you know times are precarious when having steady employment ain’t enough. A viral video shows high-maintenance stripper ‘Diamond the Body’ providing a list of métiers high-value men should eschew. “There’s a list of jobs that men should not do, especially grown-ass men,” she ranted. “For one… McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s… as a matter of fact, any fast food restaurant. If you think that [as] a grown-ass man working in a fast food restaurant is ok, something is wrong with you. Leave those jobs to the teenagers. My nephew can’t even get a job right now because there’s some grown-ass men in his goddamn 40s flippin’ my goddamn burger.” Diamond believes retail jobs are equally inappropriate. “I don’t want to see no grown-ass man handing me a dress,” she said. “Why you a grown-ass man working at Ross? That makes absolutely no sense. Target, Marshall’s… like guys, give it up. Leave these jobs to the kids. These are jobs you get in high school.”

Fellas… if you work for the city, don’t even think about approaching Diamond. That’s because it’s her assertion all municipal jobs suck ass. “And for you high-value men that think that it’s high-value to work for the city, let me tell you something. You’re absolutely wrong,” Diamond vented. “No police officers, no firefighters, no construction workers, no mailmen, no post office… if you consider that a high-value man, you’re absolutely wrong. There’s nothing high-value about making $70,000 a year. It’s pathetic. It’s sad.”

Then, as the proverbial 🍒cherry on top, babygirl made it crystal clear being a garbage man is the worst profession of all.

“I don’t want my husband coming home smelling like trash,” she explained.

“Yes, we do need people to take the trash out. But don’t come to me thinking that’s a high-value job. You guys need to go get some real careers. Become an entrepreneur or something. Own a Lamborghini. You’re driving around here in a f*cking Toyota and thinking you’re high-value ’cause you work for the f*cking post office. You’re absolutely wrong. Stop it. You’re low-value. If you want a high-value woman like me, you need to switch your career path.”

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Fake nails. Fake hair. Fake jewelry. Fake eyelashes. Need I say more?”

Another chimed in with, “Um, I make 6 figures at the post office and I only work 5-6 hours a day.”

A third viewer added, “How can those jobs be for teens when most businesses open at 9 or 10 a.m.? Kids can’t even work that early.”

What’s my take?

Diamond, who claims she slept with 2,000 n*ggas, is simply shaming guys who aren’t interested in her.

“Sometimes I feel like being a real ho,” she said.

Diamond is enamored with Pookie & Ray Ray and that’s where she belongs.

Besides, a large segment of high-value men have forfeited conjugal aspirations with Western women.

Divorce laws in America are simply too punitive.

Even prenups have flaws.

That’s why the Passport Bros are traveling overseas for nooky.

Diamond had the audacity to trash police officers.

Yet, she’d be the first to dial 911 when Pookie beats her ass.

That said, do you agree her?

Should men quit good jobs and pursue entrepreneurship?

Watch Diamond go scorched earth.

Share your thoughts.


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  1. Heck men maintain the gas lines that heat your home , water and food. This is wild but sadly a lot of sistas feel this way whether they voice it or not. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten turnt looks wearing my overalls walking into a store from a job site from sistas like I ain’t nothing. Crazy times we in.

  2. All I have to say is look where it’s coming from. Should we really take her serious?!!!🤔

  3. I think she is an absolute clown, but I did have a cousin in his 40s trying to get a job at Krispy Kreme because he thought it would be easy work, but he was lazy and useless most of his life

  4. I think she’s campaigning for more men to run for the Pookie and Ray-Ray lifestyle. I bet if a high value man would want her to take care of the home why he’s on the grind. She won’t take that job because a man like that won’t take no smack.

  5. These overly masculine females, you fellas better run, loud mouth and no restraint 🤣😂 – passports 🛂

  6. Nobody cares what a hyena in full costume has to say. She’s a joke like 80% of them are in this country, it’s black men hell men in general have checked out & sought out better options around the world or just went their own way.

  7. She’s just trying to be polarizing, knowing half the population will be upset, trying to go viral. It’s very obvious, just like the “Cheese Cake date” lady. Don’t even give this masculine, fullback built, hair-hat wearing thot the satisfaction

  8. And these women wonder why passport bros was formed cause of low lifes like her and what she represents.

  9. fatherless woman in the house. This 304 would die without all the hardworking men that make her ratchet life possible

  10. Sis is wrong on multiple levels. And I’m so over the term “high value man”. I guess what is high value to real women is drastically different from what these young girls think it is. Keep living boo. . . I guess you’ll have to figure out what a high value man is the hard way. SMDH

  11. As if i’m going to take advice on how to be high value from a stripper ma’am sit down your not a high value woman anyone can shake their ass your not special.

  12. More than 100 million jobs have been lost due to outsourcing and globalization. I agree with her on the fast food places but not the rest of it.

  13. Firefighters paramedics and ambulance paramedics come to your house when you are shot and having a heart attack a respiratory emergency or Cardiac arrest you are not breathing and no pulse

  14. Where do women like her come from she even put down brothers making 70,000 K a year.

  15. Why would any self respecting man consider what a clown (wearing a hair hat and face paint) says anyway!

  16. She’s dark skinned and I never got along with dark skinned women they born with masculine energy im about Eddie Murphy complexion every woman i ever been with was light skinned and i really don’t know why but it is what it mom is dark skinned 😂. and she never married 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. She is kinda right about older men working at McDonalds unless he is a manager.

  18. I think she went to far when she said police officer, fire fighter, city worker, or construction worker. I say this because I have a Associates Degree in Carpentry Technology.

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