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Sex offender deletes entire family then shoots himself

Schinara & kids killed by sex offender/Viral Crimes

Sex offender kills his family. 

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LAS VEGAS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Las Vegas, Nevada are in mourning after 42-year-old Marvin Patterson murdered his wife, 34-year-old Schinara Patterson, and two of their children — Zi’Myra Patterson, 6, and Ki’Ziah Cone, 14 — before blowing his own brains out. The massacre-suicide transpired around 10 a.m. on December 11, 2023 at the Loreto & Palacio Apartments. Schinara was killed a day after celebrating her birthday. According to police reports, Marvin was in jail for 9 child sex abuse charges. But the judge lowered his bail from $100,000 to $10,000 and the child molester got out. “We argued strenuously against the bail reduction,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. While on house arrest, Marvin texted his brother — claiming his car got repo’d and he’s facing eviction.

Realizing something was wrong, Marvin’s brother called police. When officers arrived at the apartment, they found the aforementioned quartet deceased from gunshot wounds to the head. Marvin tried to kill his 11-year-old son too. But the rugrat somehow survived. Now he’s fighting for his life. Marvin was the biological father of Zi’Myra and the little boy.

Ki’Ziah was his stepdaughter.

Social media reaction was melancholic.

One commenter wrote, She knew better and should’ve did better for her kids. They’re the only victims. They didn’t have a choice 💯.”

Another person added, “Horrible justice system let them down.”

Schinara was a hair braiding entrepreneur.

Yet, she married an unemployed sex offender and had the n*gga around her children.

To compound matters, Schinara testified on Marvin’s behalf to get his bail reduced.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Probably not a good idea bringing a predator into your life, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Idc how in love I am, if my husband gets arrested for messing with a kid.. I’d never speak to him again, I’d be more disgusted than anything. It sucks for the kids but mama made a choice smh

  3. I wonder was the sexual assault with their kids. If so, why tf would she move in with him. For one, it violated his bail agreement.

  4. Why on earth would you have a child predator in your home. With your kids smh . It’s not that much desperation in the world .

  5. so she knew about him doing this to kids and she still brought him around her kids ☹️she failed them kids she didn’t care at all

  6. Not only did the judge fail them but he will remain being a judge and making ridiculous decisions. I think it’s time for accountability. That judge signed their death certificate by lowering the bond. Congrats to his lawyer you are also responsible.

  7. These women like the marriage status and i guess sex because to know all these facts and still marry this man who could not help you financially. How could you shoot your own flesh and blood? How could you watch your stepkids and put a billet in their heads. These things sound horrible enough but people picture witnessing a situation like this is. What a horrific scene. May they rest in peace. Women love yourself and think ten times before entertaining these characters into you and your children’s life.

  8. Now I hate they are all gone, especially those babies … but the mom knew better than this. Trying to look good for the gram ain’t healthy. And she knew this man wasn’t no good. Come on…. make it make sense!

  9. How do you live separately from wife and kids while they are being evicted?!?! 🤔

  10. Wait, y’all.
    1. SHE had been evicted because she wasn’t paying her rent.
    2. His car had been repossessed AND he was being evicted as well????
    Wait, but they were MARRIED, so, WHY were they living apart???
    I mean, I understand that maybe she was still on her lease when they got married, so, couldn’t easily get out of it, but, she wasn’t paying anyway, so, she should’ve just broke it and been done with it. 🤷
    So, why not just wait until your lease is up, THEN get married to combine households into one, so that these financial problems wouldn’t get so big???
    Oh, yeah — “DESPERATION”! 🤷

  11. Choose your CHILDREN I watched another case where a woman got with a man who had killed his pregnant girlfriend years back. Fast forward he tied her up and shot all 4 of her children right in front of her 😔 as a mother why would you ever put your innocent children in harms way

  12. These black women need to get it together, why was she with a child molester period?? Stop being desperate for a man.

  13. Why were they living in a apartment building when she was so successful he was a absolute loser and she allowed that monster in her life and he ruined it

  14. Wow, she totally failed her kids and now her baby boy is fighting for his life. This is terrible. Awful just Awful. 😢 I hope that everyone that went along with reducing his bail have nightmares about the death of those babies for the rest of their lives, and knowing that if it wouldn’t have been for them, those babies would still be here and breathing. “F” the mother. She deserves no good words. RIP beautiful babies. And I hope the good Lord is with baby boy and that he is not in too much pain. If he is to take baby boy to be with his siblings. He doesn’t deserve to be in pain. This angers me to the freaking core.

  15. Baby I would’ve left his azz as soon as I found out that ish. Protect your children and she failed them🙏🏾 😢


  17. Wait … so the wife with kids testified on his behalf of his character and helped get the bail reduced? Remember one of the kids wasn’t his, so why would the wife want to help a man out on child sx charges when you have a kid yourself? Classic examples of women who focus on the wedding, but are blind to the red flags in the marriage to ignore them. As a mother and parent, she didn’t protect her kids, only her own ego. Again, men like this can get all parts of a woman regardless of their history. Shame.

  18. Im just confused as to how can someone fall in love and be married to a child sex offender ? Ladies please make sure you are doin background checks and playing close attention to these men and do not be desperate to just fall inlove i dont care if he has money he can be sick in head just like this dude smh

  19. He must-have abused his step kids and daughter and didnt want them to speak up. After getting bailed out he had to leave. With no where to go he made everyone pay for his bad choices. 😢

  20. @Tony: Why are you blaming the justice system when she was up there fighting to get his bail reduced? She knew what this man charges were but still put herself and kids life in danger smh rip to the kids only it’s sad they lost their lives too.

  21. Why was she with a sex predator in the first place and why would you have someone like that around your kids? Hood shit 🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. That’s crazy. People can be so selfish. Maybe those kids were going to testify against him. That is so sad and selfish. He didn’t want his s*** to come out. 😢😢😢😢

  23. Ladies, this is a cautionary “pick me tale” it should never be that serious just to say you got a “huzzzband” use discernment and vet men carefully. 🧐

  24. Why did they even let that sick mf out on bail mane, I blame these mf judges 🙏🙏😡😡😡😡😡

  25. Unfrigging believable! The judge should be charged with criminal negligence!

  26. The jails are just too full and cannot house all violent offenders any longer. This dude was accused of sexual assault with a minor and was released on house arrest with his wife and kids? Tent city jails would not have had this happen as there are plenty of tents that our service men and women have to use when deployed but violate the rights of accused criminals. There is something seriously wrong with this.

  27. He should never have been let out of jail! They don’t take SA seriously.

    This mother was an absolutely horrible parent. She knew this man was the lowest form of scum and she brought her children there to live with him? All those people crying on the news about this tragedy and none of them would give her a place to stay? They were okay with these girls living with a predator? They are all full of 🤬

  28. I think the mother failed!!! Evicted are not, my children would have not gone back around him!! Thats crazy 2 me!!! Why couldn’t she go with her mother who was on the news blaming the judge? This was the mothers fault at the end of the day, I dont blame the judge for this at all!!! I pray for healing for the brother , just tragic

  29. They trusted a sex offender to stay away from kids. This judge needs to resign….

  30. The mother was pawning off them girls out of desperation for stability.

  31. Black families are never protected at the same high caliber of white families. Never and for the simple fact. Those 2 judges dropped the ball on the on him. I feel like Judges need to start facing consequences and accountability when they do this. This is not the first story I have heard like this. There was another one where a man set up there and tortured his girlfriend at the time, and they put his bond at $500. And the mother bailed him out and he came and unlocked the mother. The father the girlfriend and other family members.

  32. If he was depressed about being evicted and losing his car ( which he brought on himself by getting locked up for child assault) , he should have just took himself out cause nobody else had anything to do with it , respectfully.

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