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Chicago QB Caleb Williams consults Patrick Mahomes

Caleb Williams consults Patrick Mahomes to find out what it takes to play quarterback in the NFL.

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  1. He’s gonna be in heaven in that locker room of big ole BBCs. Shit he’ll be sneaking in the shower with em like he’s a young black Sandusky

  2. @JamesIsAmazing: With all due respect, I disagree. I think he’s gonna be a beast at the next level.

  3. There cannot be 2 mahomes in the same era… The next mahomes is 15 to 20 years away

  4. Packer fans gonna be real mad when they lose to a guy who paints his finger nails

  5. The problem is people see Williams making Mahomes like plays because he does have the athletic ability and arm talent to make some of those plays, which IS a rarity in itself. Williams doesn’t have anywhere near the pocket or field awareness or vision that Mahomes has. Williams gets hit/sacked fairly often where you can tell he had no idea he was about to get hit, which is part of the reason his fumble rate is double of the fumble rate Mahomes has. You almost never see Mahomes get hit where it looks like he never saw it coming because he ALWAYS sees it coming and is one of the best ever at avoiding pressure. Now, we’re talking about the mental part of playing football, which if you can imagine it or not, is an area where Mahomes is actually underrated because Mahomes is elite in that area, and is still getting better. I fully expect Caleb Williams to improve in that area as well. Will he ever get to the same level as Mahomes and oher elite QB’s (like Manning, Brady, Brees, etc.) did? Only time will tell.

  6. Oh man, they got a lady boy as their QB in Chicago, he better show up and show out or the bashing will begin early

  7. As Travis probably said, it’s ok to act gay if you got her eating your bussy

  8. “Just keep plugging your booty with tampons”💀💀💀💀💀

  9. People look at Caleb’s circus like plays as though he’s the next Mahomes. I see it as a liability.

  10. Let’s wait until we start comparing him to an all time great like Pat.. I hope he does well, but Mahomes has a killer instinct and is as good as Brady under pressure in big games. That is Mahomes best quality.

  11. There is no comp to Mahomes. While Mahomes has great athletic ability and arm talent that is off he charts, that’s not what makes him the best we’ve ever seen. It’s his MIND. It’s nearly impossible to rattle Mahomes. He’s completely comfortable under pressure as well as playing from behind. He has a photographic memory and his football IQ is off the charts. His pocket and field awareness are the best I’ve ever seen… He sees EVERYTHING. His mental game is right there with Brady and Manning while being WAY more athletic than either of them. EVERY draft someone gets touted as the next Patrick Mahomes, and we have yet to see any of them even come close. COULD Caleb Williams end up being the best QB we’ve seen since Mahomes became a starter in 2018? He’s definitely got the potential, but keep in mind that Mahomes has had the best start to a career EVER, both in statistics and success. In 6 seasons as a starter Mahomes’ floor is losing the AFC Championship game in overtime. Even Tom Brady’s career didn’t start off THAT good. NO college player should be compared to Mahomes because it’s not fair to put those kind of expectations on ANY college player.

  12. I don’t know bro, the last man that put lipstick and had painted nails helped Chicago get 3 rings, Dennis Rodman. He even wore dresses as well, so it may not be all bad. As long as he delivers like that man did.

  13. How’s Pat gonna teach him how to have the refs favor and cheat for you? Having the refs call back 75% of your interceptions and flag anyone who touches you aren’t skills to learn.

  14. Caleb Williams isn’t & wont ever be Patrick Mahomes
    End of story
    The Bears no offense are a joke

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