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Pookie killed rising model, placed body in refrigerator

Maleesa’s body found in refrigerator/YouTube

Pookie tortured sexy model.

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LOS ANGELES — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Magnus Daniel Humphrey, 41, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered 31-year-old Maleesa Mooney because she wanted him to move out. The femicide transpired on September 6, 2023 at Maleesa’s apartment in downtown Los Angeles. According to multiple reports, Maleesa let Magnus live with her rent-free because he was down on his luck. But, as time went on, Maleesa grew weary and asked him to leave. Rather than respect her wishes, Magnus did the unthinkable. After not hearing from Maleesa for almost a week, family members implored police to conduct a welfare check. “When a week passed, we knew something was wrong,” said Bailey Babb, Maleesa’s cousin. “Her messages weren’t delivering, and we knew something was up because we all have a special relationship with Maleesa.” When officers entered Maleesa’s apartment, they noticed a pool of blood underneath the refrigerator.

Then, after opening the door, they made a gruesome discovery.

Malessa’s corpse was gagged and her wrists and ankles were tied with power cords.

She was mostly naked, wearing nothin’ but underwear.

And, her body was riddled with bruises and lacerations.

Coroners conducted an autopsy and learned Maleesa suffered blunt force trauma to her face, head, back and left arm. Magnus tortured that poor girl. The toxicology report also showed Maleesa had narcotics and alcohol in her system. Hmm… makes you wonder if Magnus was her drug dealer. Police used surveillance footage to midentify his ass. Magnus was arrested in Minneapolis on November 3, 2023 and extradited to Los Angeles. “Ms. Mooney opened her home to this individual with trust, but was repaid with torture and murder,” said L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón.

“The heinous disregard for Ms. Mooney’s life will not go unpunished. Justice is being sought, and he will be held accountable.”

What’s sad is Magnus has a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s.

Yet, Maleesa let him live with her anyway.


The good news is Magnus’ capture has brought closure.

“We are very pleased that an arrest was made,” Heather Hammock, Maleesa’s aunt, said outside the courthouse.

“We’re full of so many different emotions. We are very grateful and thankful that he was caught. Please continue to pray for our family. We just want justice for my niece.”

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Can’t understand why beautiful successful women pick up these broken down, unattractive creatures and bring them into their homes!”

Another person added, “Why was that creepy looking dude living with her? These girls are crazy.”

If you recall, another model, 32-year-old Nichole Coats, was found deceased in her L.A. apartment just two days before Maleesa was killed.

Perhaps Magnus had something to do with it?

Maleesa, sister of Guyanese pop star Jourdin Pauline, was a real estate professional who moonlighted as a model.

Her family told investigators she was gravid. But there’s no proof of that.

Magnus is a felonious bum with no goals or ambition.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Black women need to get with a nerd or a geek they wont harm you not some thug

  2. Smh she was beautiful I’m so sick of these tender duck men rest in peace angel!

  3. I felt sorry for her until it was said she just let him in to stay with her. I don’t even answer my front door, you think I’d let someone stay with me that is not family. Oh and if I decided ever too (very unlikely) I’d do a background check in a minute. This day and age is crazy and you just can’t be too nice unfortunately. Even if dating there should be a good sizable amount of time before actually moving in together. You stay at your place and I stay at mine and we meet in the middle. It’s unfortunate that life is like this.

  4. I think she told his abusive ass he had to leave and he snapped. Just because a woman doesn’t ask for anything doesn’t mean a man shouldn’t contribute. But obviously now this man is a psychopath so he was dysfunctional to begin with.

    They need to find out for sure that he’s not connected to the other lady who was deleted a mile away. I remember her family said it looked like she was defending herself. The coroner and law enforcement need to do their jobs and find out wtf happened to her! Stop covering up m-rder and writing it off as “natural causes” when obviously it wasn’t.

  5. Too many blk woman going down, last time it was Sade Robinson, someone back in the 90’s told me this was going happen, murder of blk woman would be on the rise.

  6. Okay So What’s Up With These Young Negro Women PUTTING THEMSELVES IN HARMS WAY FOR LITTLE OF NOTHING???

  7. I think she told her family she was
    pregnant but terminated the pregnancy without telling them. But this is a real sad story. Prayers for her family

  8. I’m confused about this case. Why was he staying with Meleesa? What was their relationship? He seems like street person. Was she a small-time dealer? I feel like there’s another person between the two people that will pull this case together.

  9. This is why people with lengthy criminal records should never be let out of jail. The law has failed this beautiful young lady. I hope they keep this monster in jail forever.

  10. Looking at her and looking at him?I mean, How did she caught up with someone like this? Is she an escort or what? This story is weird.

  11. I believe that he may have lied to her. Told her that he was some kind of agent. Poor lady, she believed him. And lost her life in the process So sad what happened. My condolences to the family and friends.

  12. I think he was probably a friend that she allowed to stay with her. He tried to be more than that, she declined and he got upset.

  13. Ladies, this is what happens when you’re trying to build a man up. Don’t be a Barbara. I would never let a man live with me, it’s just so backwards.

  14. She let a stranger live with her. She trusted this man. Question is what did he do for you to trust him? Love bomb … ? We gotta think clearly especially when we have stuff going on. Evil times we are in , I stay to myself or my family.

  15. Stay away from bandits and pale pookies because they mean you ladies no good!

  16. It’s very possible she was trying to make some extra cash and things turned very ugly. R.I.P ️.

  17. He probably was staying with her for a while and she might of thought she was pregnant. She might have told him, but he didnt want the baby. He was probably jealous of her to. She was too independent.

  18. He was supplying her with drugs and may have been some what cool she may have declined his affection and being under the influence and he most likely lost it your home is your safe place and comfort so letting everyone know where you lay your head down and is most vulnerable that info should be like fort knox until you have known the person for awhile see us og know that is a recipe for disaster

  19. I find it hard to believe she was dating him. I wouldn’t even let that troll drink my bath water. i wonder if this was a sugar baby relationship that once the money ran dry she demanded he leave and he lost it

  20. I am constantly reading crime content where black females are inviting unknown black males into there home to let them stay and they massacre them. Desperate to have a dude in their world .

  21. Black women don’t like living a peaceful life, just drama that ends in premature deaths

  22. Black females love them some violemt black maniacs, criminals, and thugs. These cretins can be broke, ugly, and mentally retarded. But they make Shaniquas get moist between the legs. These women are damaged beyond repair themselves. Sane women would have nothing to do with the sort of males these women frolic around with.

  23. Was she so in need of of boyfriend that she opens her door to that. Don’t u ladies look at faces anymore u can tell a thug when u see one

  24. Women plz make better choices in whom you are friends with and helping bring in you nice home !!! that man is a criminal why why why she will have even be associating with him ???? Evil evil evil sadistic horrible monster!!!

  25. Aint no way she was goin wit dude or he was livin with her. He probably was her dealer or he was trickin and it went too far. Idk rip to both the young women though

  26. So sorry that this happened to both of these young ladies. That man was living with her and her family didn’t even know. So no one will actually even know what transpired that night. These young ladies better start taking the time to get to know these “Strange Men” they are being so trusting of. Again I am sorry this happened to her.

  27. Look at the thing who’s accused of doing that to her . She probably refused his advances . Cowards do the most horiffic shit to get back at you ,when you turn them down .Rip

  28. You can’t make this shit up ! We the same size so you mean to tell me my whole body could fit in a fridge a side by side ?? Stay single ugh!

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