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Depressed nurse murders girlfriend, ex-wife, himself

Rajaee lost his damn mind/YouTube

Jilted lover murdered his exes. 

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BALTIMORE — Ladies, believe it or not, Beta males execrate women so please be careful. Anyway, check this out: Rajaee Shareef Black, 44, despised chicks so much he fatally shot his gravid ex-girlfriend, Tara Labang, 41, inside her home in Baltimore, Maryland. Then he drove to Columbia and gunned down his ex-wife, Wendy Natalie Black, 42, before blowing his own brains out. Dayuuummm! The sanguinary ordeal transpired Saturday afternoon. Rajaee, a registered nurse, posted a murder confession on Facebook Live citing a custody battle as his raison d’être for murder-suicide. He also blamed the women for being lonely during the holidays. Now he’ll spend Christmas in hell. “Been going through a custody battle,” he said. “I’ve been going through having my ex-wife say I molested my children and all kinds of craziness. Been fighting for custody for three years. We got into a fight. It’s the holidays, man. I don’t have no family, nothing.”

Anyway, I just did something crazy man,” Rajaee continued. “I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head, yo. Um, felt like a dream. I never thought I’d be that guy. The person that really started my depression and all of this is my ex-wife. So, she’s next and then I’m going to do myself, too. But I just wanted to say this to people: Don’t play with people’s emotions, man. Don’t lie on these men.” 

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters he’s never seen anything like this.

“This is a terrible, terrible tragedy,” he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of these victims.”

Rajaee (aka Jay Black) had a history of domestic violence against both women.

Watch his disturbing confession.

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  1. She should not have used his kid’s against him!! She probably would still be alive today!!🤔 it’s just a sad situation!! 🙏🏽🥀🌹🙏🏽

  2. MENTAL HEALTH is Undefeated !!!!!! 👑🇯🇲🔥💥⭐🌟🇧🇴💯💎

  3. Nah, that wasn’t depression…that shit was retaliation. When you fuck with someone’s mind and heart, you can’t put a Band-Aid on that shit and act like everything’s OK. It’s easy for most people who do this to get away with it because no one can see the scars. She lied and said that this man molested their kids. She ain’t give a fuck about him or the kids…she scarred them for life. It wasn’t right but, it happened. 🪦

  4. My spiteful ex has kept my daughter from me for 2 + years. Real Talk, Love yourself, and do you! I feel this man’s pain,, but also see he was very weak emotionally! You have to compliment your own life! Make you happy first!! I have hobbies iv been involved in since I was a kid, riding bmx and motocross. I started for the fun and thrill.. I ride and race now for my sanity and to decompress stress. I still love to ride so its my escape from the cruel world we live in.. Also it’s to prove no woman no matter what the circumstances are can or ever will break me!!! the day my daughter breaks away from her legal kidnapping shell have a rock solid mentally strong dad to come home to!!💪

  5. @realliedoe: Lots of men have depression and don’t kill two people. Stop blaming the victims. They probably had very good reasons for not wanting their children around him. And lots of men lose their jobs and don’t murder two women. Women get depressed too and they don’t pull this crap on the regular. This is about men thinking they have ownership of women and children and throwing massive lethal temper tantrums when anyone tells them no.

  6. Honestly that’s why I don’t fuck with women bruh. I’m not saying I’ll never getting get married or nothing like that but damn………. 😂😂😂

  7. I know a lot of people gone disagree with me but I blame the women for this situation. Not even knowing this guy I can tell he a beta male by his voice, gesture, and choice of words. He come off very sensitive. One thing about women they know how to pull strings or provoke people. Its a women gift. IF THEY NEVER PULL THAT “I AINT GONE LET YOU SEE YOUR CHILD” this video would not have been made. The article about this situation would not have been made. The Facebook live would have not been made. Women never want to take accountability of their words or action. They know this guy have bitch ways (emotional) why pull his legs by taking his kids away from him. I don’t pity this situation frfr. Everybody in this situation was childish and toxic.

  8. She ain’t never your’s it’s just your turn. Turn that negative energy into something positive because killing her ain’t it.

  9. That woman is never yours. Its just a short term lease. When your lease term is up go to the dealership and get you a new model. lol

  10. Never bring sand to the beach,you inviting salt to her old wounds,men got to stop being so emotional and love yourself find peace within,its the best feeling.

  11. You know what pisses me off …all these misagonistic readers now are jumping to conclusions based on his speech and acusing women of being bitchy for not allowing him custody. I personally can see clearly that this man was a Narcissist and also finding out that he has been accused of domestic violence in the past and he was fired for creating hostile environment at work. This is all telling on him. I can’t wait for investigation to conclude and all these misagonistic readers will be silenced.

  12. These women play too much!….Looks like playtime is over…”PERMANENTLY”!!!⚰️🕳☠️

  13. These men out here are crazy. He’s talking about don’t mess with his emotions what he did was selfish now his kids have no parents he showed signs that he Was mentally unstable and he’s talking about the mothers keeping the kids away from him ? He had visitation the kids were in his possession when this happened. But it’s always the woman’s fault right ? we should take the blame for this too because God forbid we hurt mans feelings awww poor men’s and their emotions. Y’all play with our emotions all day and we take it and put in our back pocket you don’t see us murdering people

  14. So with ALL of his charges AND past history, abuse, domestic violence and general violence, y’all are STILL defending this man??? Do you know that his ex wife feared for her life and as a result, did not want their children to be with him unsupervised? Y’all would really let a man with a history like that be around children???

  15. If both women shared the same sentiment regarding their children, there was an issue with him and not them. While there are two sides to every story, his history of domestic violence speaks for itself. According to reports, at least three people have filed protective orders against him over the last several years. I have been in a situation where I had to leave an abusive relationship and my children and I were under a protective order. My small children were witnesses to the abuse and one was a victim of verbal abuse from the same individual. I had to make the tough decision to protect my children and not allow visits without supervision. In addition, I could not let the person know where I lived.

    While every case is different, abuse should never be tolerated. In my humble opinion and based on my own experience, what drove him to do this was not the custody issue, but his own mental incapacity and desire for control. If the children were the concern, their mother would still be alive.

  16. It’s no excuse what he did. Single mothers feel this way all the time when men leaves them taking care of kids by themselves. They don’t go killing the fathers bc they are depressed. Everybody deals with depression different but I think it’s far more than just that. I think he made a mistake and shot his girlfriend in a heated argument. Well didn’t mean to shoot her. He said he couldn’t go to prison. He couldn’t stand a chance. I think he blamed what he did on his kids mother to have a easy way out bc he had the kids with him.

  17. I said 10yrs ago that crimes like this was going to skyrocket. You got courts legally allowing women to take the children away from men and still have to be financially responsible for it. When you make a human being a utility people will treat it as such. Then you have the kids mom threatening to take what’s left of his livelihood away in order to control him. What did y’all think was going to happen? You can’t threaten to destroy someone and think they’ll be cool with that.

  18. This is not new people , its happening steady in the world cause its getting so dumb towards Fathers . cause women are using their “poor me card” and courts are steady screwing over the men . its not going to stop cause the system will not change . because the system is making money . of the “5” people involved the two lawyers are making money , the judge is making money and the woman is making money do you really think the system wants to change its archaic ways to help out the remaining stakeholder the father???? HELL NO .

  19. Horrible. Smh Lessons to be learned on each side. If you have to part ways, find the best way to do so without trying to drag each other through the mud and ruin any future hope of each other having a life without the other. Many times, bitter women will make it a point to smear a man so badly that he thinks he has no hope of living a normal life. Men do this as well but not at the same rate I’ve heard of and seen women do it. Let him go. If he is what you say he is, the next person will see without you priming them.

  20. This is just crazy. I’m terrified of meeting anyone because one day they can just decide to kill me I’m so glad no one likes me I rather stay inside forever and only come out when I need to I’m only 16 but still the thought of growing up and being out in this world alone terrifies me. Why did this have to happen to those people so much death and violence. I hope this world changes its getting worse and worse I believe no one should have kids if this is always gonna be the outcome fighting for custody threatening them they would never see the children again it’s just stupid and childish. “Opps” all this pointless killing it just makes me feel unsafe please just be nice to everyone.

  21. This needs to happen more and perhaps women will stop alienating men from their children and stop using men as checks. Rest up king🙏🏽

  22. He had nothing to lose. Lost his job, his honor, and most importantly his children. Women be careful

  23. Hes so friggin lucky that God died for his sins or else he would burn in hell!!

  24. This is sickening
    Them women didn’t deserve to die and this man didn’t have the right to kill them but women have no right to take away kids from their father because their mad or things didn’t work out and use them as weapons. It shouldn’t be about man vs woman or vice versa but rather right against wrong and order against disorder no matter the male or female.

  25. My Gaydar went off when I listened to him. He had wayyyyy more issues than these ladies knew about. He sure didn’t give a damn about his kids either and I am glad he did not kill them. Wait till he finds out that his soul has to come back here and live another life and the very thing he was worried about “mental Prison” is how he will live it.

  26. Women need to stop playing these games becasue they playing with their life. You can’t sit around and play with a man kids and think hes just a money pit and make false accusations and think its ok. Women been getting away with that for far too long they can accuse a man of awful things and when it comes out she lied theres nothing done to her she just go about living her life but this man life is messed up forever. So now you have alot of men tired now and what he did is the out come of it now.

  27. It is sad it really is sad. You know that that man can rot in hell. You know I’ve gotten angry at women I’m not going to lie about it. A woman hurt me at one point I wanted to hurt her because I was hurting. Because she lied to me about being married. But she is still breathing and I’m still breathing. You start having thoughts like that you do really go see help or you need to keep your distance from that person and you need to turn in your guns if you feel like that’s how far you’re going to go.

  28. I don’t sorry for he said stop using children to play with men emotion. Good riddance.

  29. Another emotional, fragile, yet vile man. It’s safest not to date or marry nowadays, particularly for the young women (and it seems mid age ones too), and God forbid to have kids with these ninjas. Not saying the ladies did right by this man, bit neither deserved to be killed, don’t care how you spin it. Unfortunately he didn’t take only his life. He was beyond selfish to take 2 othe ppl, now the kids’ mom is deceased. If u really loved ya kids, would u resort to that?! Ugggh.

  30. The anti Black DEMONcratic party is behind the UNjustice system as well amongst other things which is why the system is UN fair towards the Black race especially the Black males bc anytime you want to destroy a race of people you start at the head (black) (males) no matter the color and everything underneath will eventually crumble (female and children)!! #FACTS

  31. Those women were not the issue. He had some deep childhood trauma that he never resolved and as an adult he was incapable of having healthy relationships . The women he chose to be with only intensified that trauma and as a result this is what happen. No one deserved to die , he loved his children he says but now his children will suffer because now they lost both parents and now he has created a traumatic experience for them. This is not love. His act was selfish because he never processed what happens to the children when both parents are dead. Also he says he has no family, now his children don’t either.
    Makes no sense.
    There are women who deny men the right to father they children and there are men who abuse women.
    At the end of the day, remember before you lay down with someone, think about is this a person you would want a child with, if not protect yourself in the beginning then you wont have to deal with this.

  32. There are people saying they dont condone what he did but they understand it. We all get hurt, fed up, disgusted, etc. How is his reaction understandable??? How is leaving the kids you claim you wanted, parentless- understandable? Those kids are going to be traumatized for life. Dad’s lack of coping skills is understandable? The “threat of not being able to see his unborn child” means it’s better to just kill the unborn child?That’s understandable? The kids were with dad and being returned to the mother’s home so any” lie about him molesting the kids” wasn’t believed by the courts. So what’s really going on? Plus other social media outlets indicate there were several protective orders filed against him because the woman stated she feared for her life. This world is scary!

  33. I keep seeing comments saying these women lied but where is the proof that they did. The exwife was taking this man to court for touching his kids, then the girlfriend must have noticed something for her to say I’m keeping our kid from you. All of sudden he ends up murdering them, I’m sorry but Sir you are the COMMON DENOMINATOR.

  34. Women need to get a license firearm to protect themselves from these insecure jokers.

  35. When a man is this calm while making threats take him VERY seriously. That 😈 operating in him was a ticking time 💣. Just cus they aren’t yelling n screaming doesn’t mean they won’t off you and themselves….

  36. This man was at fault. Women have been enticing men since Eve asked Adam to bite the apple. Why did this man go and impregnate another woman after what happened with the first woman. He could have abstained, had a vasectomy or many other choices. But yet chose this path and then regretted it by comitting the ultimate selfish act of murder/suicide. The only winners are the divorce attornies who profit from this misery by telling women to submit false claims for profit – sad.

  37. I’m just glad he didn’t hurt the kids 🙏🏽 but women this is what you get when you play with men

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