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Ghanaian pastors gave female members a bath

Female members got a bath/YouTube

Pastors gave females a bath. 

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GHANA — Here’s some Amazing Grace for your ass: A video has gone viral that shows a pair of Ghanaian pastors at Endtime Church of Blinks giving female members a full-body ablution during church service… on New Year’s Eve… after they stripped butt naked. Lawd have mercy. While sedentary on stage, the clergymen washed the women from head to toe as a gesture to make them pure and sanitary heading into 2022. Shouts of “Amen” can be heard from the congregation as the pastors scrubbed their nude physiques with sponges and rags. The ladies had the option to stand or sit inside a metal tub. Once the lave was completed, they received a new pair of panties to celebrate spiritual cleanliness. Social media reaction was mixed. Jeftaah wrote, “Haha! This is every man’s dream. Haha!”

Chief3916 wrote, “Directed by the Holy Spirit!! 💩😡💩”

Preach the Word added, “Absolutely disgusting! REPENT!! Hell is still hot! Hell awaits these wicked pastors, and all of you who laugh and are entertained by this wickedness!” 

When asked why he gave those beautiful women a bath, Pastor Blinks replied: “God ordered me.” Gettin’ freaky with churchgoers is nothin’ new to him. If you recall, just over a year ago, Pastor Blinks shaved off the pubic hairs of female congregates during morning service. There was coochie juice all over the pulpit. Yuck! That’s disgusting!

Watch both videos and decide which is worse.

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  1. It’s these kind of things that cause people to run from God and the church instead of running to God. This filth is not of God. That man definitely do not fear God. But the minds of the people is so weak to believe this mess is sad. Soooo very sad.

  2. Total madness! Why only women and not guys? Is public nudity now accepted in Ghana?

  3. This is shameful in the eyes of God..Hell is real. Repent yourselves unto God. Shame on these fake pastors having children watch this wrongful acts against these women. They need to be going to jail for this.

  4. These churches should be banned, I don’t care what anyone thinks. This is sick

  5. Smh talk about real pimps in the pulpit? Just ridiculous…wolves in sheep clothing trying to lead people to Hell..smh..Wake up people read the Holy Bible…Shalom

  6. This is going overboard, something drastically has to be done, is this part of christianity ✝️ 😳

  7. These churches must be closed down…. in fact over 90% of churches in Ghana are led by charlatans/ con men… Shut them down just like Rwanda did… Ghana will be better for it. Ridiculous.

  8. Why only women? The pastor doesn’t want to give men spiritual bath?🙄🙄🙄

  9. Guys they are not really pastors. If a pastor is true he will not do these atrocities. Maryam, the New Testament does not tell you to go to your pastor. Jesus came so you can go directly to God and not a pastor. I pray for my people, who are indoctrinated in these mindset to be released from their boundage

  10. If only we had the strength and motivation to close down such churches..

  11. Am l dreaming. What is happening in the church. Is this for real. Please l need some understanding of this foolish mess.

  12. Always women, why,why???? Those men are very sick and need help.

  13. Is it true that Ghana has more insane people than any other nationalities

  14. if he gave em new panties that means he kept the old ones…… sick pervert

  15. those men are perverts but dont blame them, blame the women for letting them do it

  16. Jesus only washed peoples feet that’s all we are to wash also and no more


  18. This is absolutely a shame before God and no telling what’s going on behind closed doors. For this young lady to underdress not only in front of him, but the entire church is ridiculous and I see no purpose or anointing on this. Water cannot take away sins – the Blood does that. And, baptism is for the affirmation of new life in Christ and the disposal of the old man and it’s ways. This other minister is so full of lust that all he is doing is looking at her breast the entire time. Where is his overseer?


  20. Ignorance will kill people…read ur Bible’s stop following blindly …u r tainting the Christian family

  21. So is anyone going to address the fact that they are using the same water? So….their not being cleansed??? 🤷🏿‍♀️ LOL.

  22. This is from the pits of hell. People wake up! Satan has a counterfeit priesthood; the order of Mahan.

  23. I can’t believe that in this 21st century people could be this blind

  24. You don’t MOCK the King of Kings in this manner. Grace is still available for you. Repent and be save or Die in this sin and go to Hell.

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