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Fight: Tommy Sotomayor beaten up by black chick

Tommy crossed the wrong one/YouTube

Sotomayor got punched in the face.

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LOS ANGELES — YouTube vlogger Tommy Sotomayor got clocked in the jaw the other day after he execrated a Nubian popsy on the “Fresh N Fit” podcast. In case you didn’t know, Tommy’s proclivity entails calling black women “ugly” on a daily basis. He has somehow monetized the hate. But he went too far this time and paid the price. The podcast shows Tommy, who’s African American, having contretemps with OnlyFans model Chay Means when things got out of hand. “Stupid bitch!” he yelled. “I’m the wrong n*gga, I’ll f*ck you up in here!” Tommy and the fashionista then rose to their feet and started shoving each other. When security intervened, the voluptuous damsel thwacked Tommy in the countenance with a quick one-two combo. The 47-year-old misogynist also threw punches. But none of ’em landed.

The vixen clearly won the fight.

“That’s why your dick stinks,” screamed Chay who didn’t have panties on.

She’s referring to Tommy’s copulation with her best friend that didn’t go well.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One viewer wrote, “He must really hate black women to be putting hands on her like that.” Another chimed in with, “He quick to hit a woman but when that dude ‘suckered punched’ him, he called the police.😂🤣😂” A third viewer added, “A black woman must have really hurt his feelings or maybe that’s the way his father treated his mother. That is where all this hatred comes from.”

Rumor has it a black lady had Tommy arrested for domestic battery back in the day.

He’s despised African American women ever since.

Tommy’s motto is: “The darker the berry, the dumber the bitch.”

Is the hate warranted?

Watch Tommy get his ass kicked.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I don’t condone hitting women but I’ll smack a b itch if she lays a hand on me on god

  2. I’m glad she got him in the face, but I still don’t understand WHY any black woman would want to go on this show knowing how badly they get treated and talked to?

  3. Hold up, He first called her drunk and stupid, then a dumb SOB, then a stupid B. All of this was PRIOR to her raising up and saying “He’s not about to keep trying to play me.” It seems all of this started because she was sharing how he wanted to sleep with her on OnlyFans but she didn’t want to or need him to make money… ok she hurt his ego then he tried to discredit her and proceeded to disrespect her.

  4. 🤣🤣 this gave me Jerry Springer vibes I didn’t know they did all this on podcasts..

  5. He’s a disgrace. Black women need to stop attending these types of podcasts and interviews.

  6. If he’s making derogatory content about black women, her acting like that only makes his thoughts on black women seem justifiable.

  7. There is a saying that what you don’t like in someone, is the thing you hate about yourself. For example, He, himself hates his skin color and thinks that he’s ugly(I don’t)so he hates black women.

  8. So glad I have never listened to or heard any of his nonsense. He’s kind of old to be acting stupid

  9. She deserved way more then she got… U don’t raise up on no grown ass man and then swing on him..smh the caption is crazy cause they call it a fight when really tommy got is it a fight if only tommy got hit

  10. this guy is a straight punk. i would love for him to try that with any of my female family members. hands all day.

  11. This man fights women and he ain’t gay smdh they say real men are straight tuh

  12. He’s literally I mean literally a koon in human form. One of the weakest black men on the planet for the feces that comes out of his mouth these black men that do this are weak been picked on there whole lives and now that they are grown they are mad at the women in they neighborhood they used to try to get with and got rejected by so they live Becky so much because a Becky is a disgusting women that would fuk anything moving including there pet dogs.

  13. I can tell you the problem with the black community. Black males don’t trust black females. One of the biggest fears of a man, is wifing a h03. And black males tend to believe black females ain’t nothing but hoes. And you can’t blame black men for thinking that. If you’re a black male who lives in the black community, and you haven’t had s3x by the age of 16 or before, something is wrong with you. Black females throw the P underhanded in the black community. It’s almost impossible to be a virgin by 18 in the black community. I know plenty of white boys who say they didn’t lose there virginity until after college, when they were in their 20’s. Black females just give that booty up, and black males just don’t feel they’re special enough to marry, because black males just assume y’all been ran through by a bunch of different dudes. That’s the problem in a nutshell.

  14. this is embarrassing tommy is old as fuck why is he getting pressed over a girl

  15. @Logic and Reason: Obviously you have never lived in a white community. LOL. Black boys can “f” any girl they want and her friends too especially if they are an athlete. And these girls will do anything. Promiscuity among teens is rampant among all races. Also, black men are making these non black females single mothers just like black girls. You should really get out more.

  16. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a Black man that knocked him over the head. At this point Black women that go on this show are going on for payback. Dear Black women, you don’t need to. Never confront a man and don’t go on their platforms. This man has ALL the signs of an domestic abuser. STAY AWAY! He WILL risk his freedom to break the skin of a Black woman and he might have enough money for lawyers to stay out of jail. Wish they would make space for him in Rikers.

  17. No other race of men would be ok with his behavior. Only a bm would think this is ok. He needs to be canceled. His show taken off the air. I hope she press charges. And bw stay away from these low class racist shows. If my eyes were closed I would never guess he was a bm.Embarrassing

  18. Mad black women! Full of self hate, anger, disappointment and violence. I will not take your hand in marriage and You will not have my children oooh no you will not. Wild creatures.

  19. @KodeRedd: Angry Black men! Full of self hate, violence, neglecting, traitors who would rape their own grandmothers. 80% of you are overweight, undesirable and lack enough money in the bank to buy a happy meal. We’ll leave you to the Cardi B’s of the world to drug, rape and rob you. She’ll trap you with a baby and you’ll never have home cooked meals rather than rice, beans and bland adobo spice. You’re a role model to your brothers locked up all over this country. Trust me, no one cares about your child support woes…nobody. You see how that works you arrogant sob? what goes around comes around.

  20. Why is it always these dark skin self hating black men disrespecting black women? Because these beautiful black women called him ugly all his life!

  21. She gave him a quick 2 piece with no sides, even while the other dude was holding her back. Good thing the dude held tommy back though & he only pushed her away from him, he could have really hit her with a good punch if he wanted too!! This is nuts 😳😳😲😲🤣🤣😂😂!!

  22. Tommy got the piss slapped out of him in NY by a brother. He wasn’t trying to get at him like that? He has a problem. His mother or some other black lady hurt him and this is his defense mechanism.

  23. Tommy is doing his job of making the black community look foolish!!

  24. None of this would’ve happened If one of them would’ve just got up and left, which I believe is what she was doing until Tommy hit her with “YOU STUPID BITCH!”

  25. I’ve never allowed a bìtch to put hands on me, she could mouth off for all I care. But the moment she raises a hand towards me, she’s getting an uppercut from hell 😈

  26. The only b!+ch screamin’ was Tommy’s azz after he got punched 😂😂😂😂

  27. That sotomayor neega NEVER liked black women which is ironic because he’s so black it looks like his teeth are floating. Fresh and Fit can eat a fresh bowl of DIQ’s, Why people entertain the thought of these neegaz is beyond me.

  28. Women like this actually think their God’s give to men🤯… Exactly the type of woman Kevin Samuel says to avoid!

  29. Tommy is such a bootlicking H0M0 he even said he rather his daughter be a white man WH0RE than a black man wife and Niggas will still try 2 defend him.

  30. She decked that uggah booga looking ahh niqqa dead in his sausage lips as he was saying “I’m the wrong niqqa” & also isn’t it ironic that the one who turns his nose up at black street culture on the regular got caught acting like a hostile, violent & aggressive niqqa from the hood??

    Man ALL of these Uncle Tom/Fruity Pebbles a$$ niqqas out here claiming to be out to help better black people are frauds, telling us “how we need to be” while sucking feasting on white 🍤 on the side SMH

  31. Black women hate negative stereotypes about them, yet reinforce the masculine combative trope ppl have on them.
    -The chick Chay, who assaulted Tommy said herself she charges men $5k to smash, being that she’s a renegade, I’d expect this time of behavior from her. #SYSBM

  32. I saw the whole video, Tommy actually wasn’t in the wrong. She got mad and hit him in his face because the truth came out that she was mad that Tommy hooked up with her friend and not her. Then she did what many dames do when they see another man nearby, which is hit the man she’s mad at & hoping the other man steps in & saves her.

  33. Tommy’s got punched in the face so many times by men and women that I can’t even count.

  34. He talk about Black women so much because he wants to be one, that’s why he’s so catty with women!💯

  35. Just when I thought Tommy Sotomayor couldn’t sink any lower, I stand corrected by more baffoonery. This is why I stopped listening to him a long time ago, he’s a hypocrite. He talks about “hair hatted hooligans” but that’s exactly what he’s trying to smash. He criticized that caramel kitten chick but then was cheesing and hugged up in a picture with her. I think he even went as far as once saying that if he ever started dating outside of his own people, he’d stop talking about black women. But when he got with that Russian broad, who cheated on him, he kept going on about black women. So that makes him a liar on top of being a hypocrite.

  36. The moment Tommy matched that female’s emotions he put himself on her level. A real Man is always in control of his conversations,situations & environments. Maintain a Sean Connery 007 frame. Tommy does his message a disservice. He tricks on the females he doesn’t like.

  37. Bro is way too emotional. Fellas have to understand that you don’t have serious conversations with women unless you are in a relationship with her or you know she can handle conversations that may trigger her

  38. Listen she was loud and ignorant BUT saying “The Darker The Berry, The Dumber The Bitch” is sick! Especially since You’re the same complexion Lol. Wtf is going on in the world

  39. Embarrassing! Them niggas sitting up there arguing and fighting in front of all them white folks

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