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Black woman takes baby daddy off child support?

Woman explains child support drama/TikTok

Woman rejects child support.

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ATLANTA — A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a prepossessing black chick elucidating the raison dêtre behind taking her baby daddy off child support. As of now, she ain’t receiving a dime. While sedentary as a Lyft passenger, the forbearing damsel clarified the controversial decision. “So I decided to take my son’s father off of child support because it was causing turmoil in our co-parenting relationship,” she explained. “What I decided was… let me change my mindset. Let me help him help us take care of our child… and that’s co-parenting.” The sexy single mom said her modus operandi entails helping homeboy attend classes so he can get a Commercial Driver’s License and start his own trucking company. Once he’s remunerated, she’ll revisit his child support case for reimbursement. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “This is ridiculous! The father should have figured that out before he got her pregnant. Or, he should figure out how to go to school while supporting his child.”

Another added, “I let Uncle Sam pay for all 16 of my kids.”

Do you concur with mom’s reasoning?

Should men be required to pay child support?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Yeah no shes full of shit. Let me allow him to make more money so that I can take more money from him. Smh

  2. Child support should be for the child. Not weaves , the woman’s clothes, clubbing,

  3. If he’s contributing a fair amount… great.
    The problem is many brothas don’t provide financially unless forced.
    $5-$50 here & there is not fair when he woman has to feed that baby everyday.

  4. My hat off too her. I honestly think she is tired of arguing with him over money. I feel she has decided if he gives monetary assistance that will be great and if he doesn’t she will make things happen for her child regardless. She decided to take a gamble and see if her baby father is really going to be about something. Good for her, I bet she got so tired of hearing him complain about how child support was holding him
    My fiends baby daddy paid $25 weekly in child support and would go on rants about how she was a gold digger. My hates off to her because she never said anything back. The $25 week paid for his school lunch. She paid for everything else.

  5. I want to know what her original reason was for putting him on CS anyway? Was he not supporting the child or was she punishing him for a failed relationship? CS is not what everybody thinks it is. It doesn’t benefit the child or the family. Good luck to them…

  6. Bruh from her story, she slept with a bum, with no ambition. Now trying to act like she’s the savior of this guy.

  7. Wow, what an exceptionally insightful and mature decision by this lady. More women need to follow I think.

  8. If you need government assistance and child support then your dumb a$$ shouldn’t be having kids out of wedlock. How about that. At the very least if you are in that situation then do the right thing by the kid by making sure that both parents are able to do their part and that means working together. That doesn’t mean that the dumb broad puts the man on child support because she’s a dirtbag and she has no job but think it’s a good idea to have a baby knowing that the state will cover her. Yeah.. That’s why these kids are running wild. No stability or strong leadership and a lot of anger from not feeling loved or wanted because the broad wanted to be vindictive. Good job ladies, how is that working out? Shout out to the women who can see past their noses and understand what’s important in those situations. Sacrifices on both sides when kids are involved. Do the right thing.

  9. How about Black men just do better??? If he was giving she wouldn’t have had to put him on child support.

    Then she’s trying to start a business for him!!! Like why are Black men so comfortable being so damn dusty?? He will resent her and when he makes it will leave her ass.

    He should be trying to start the business! He should be trying to lead like men are supposed to. Situations like this happen and then you want to call Black women masculine. How about Black men stop resting in their femininity?

    Never heard a situation working out when she’s sacrificing her child’s well being for a dusty who clearly has no intention of getting it together.🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Our community is full of Proud single mothers that hate the men they made the kids with and wanna party off the money 🤣 fuck the mental stability and growth of the kids

  11. This is a mess, my father walked out when I was 7, haven’t seen or heard from him since. My mother and I struggled just like this woman, I asked my mother why she never went after him for support and she didn’t wanna be the bitter ex-wife. She thought she did everything right by getting married and having a child within marriage and sadly that guarantees nothing. In my teen year’s I found out that he had had several more children somewhere in another state. I’m almost 30 now and I refuse to be put in that same position,you can miss me with that mess.

  12. I think it’s perfectly okay not to have your childs father on cs if he’s actually handling his responsibilities to his child. If he’s not being a “Father” to his child then cs is absolutely appropriate. You may not be able to make someone take care of their child but you damn sure can make them financially responsible for them. The last thing your child needs is to see you stressed, and not being able to pay your bills, feed your child,and properly clothe and shoe them is for sure stressful.

  13. I know the bs her child’s father is telling her because I hear the bs from my child’s father. After supporting my ex-husband for nearly a decade, while he pretended to try to get his life right, the birth control failed and I got pregnant. Then after moving back home all of a sudden I’m trying to use him for money. I eventually put him on child support and took him off a few months later because he said he wanted to be able to give freely to his child, he also got a job being paid under the table. After another attempt at living off me for free, I demanded he at least pays half rent. He called me names in front of our child for the final time. I had to bide my time and wait for him to put his guard down and get a regular job to get him on child support. He paid it for a few months but now he not even paying through child support.

  14. 80% of incarcerated people are raised by single mother. 80% of rapist come from single mother homes. Suicide, depression, high school dropouts are all higher in single mother households. 90% of divorces are initiated by the female. Look it up.

  15. My child’s father years ago wanted me to take him off child support and I told him NO. He tells me I won’t get anything from him and he later takes me to court. It ruled in my favor and he had to pay. More than what he was trying to give. After that court hearing he met his son for the first and last time. He didn’t want anything to do with him and my son was 7 at the time. Our son is 17 now and graduating this year. That hurt my son but I had to be honest with my son. He was hurt and angry with his father but he pressed on. I didn’t want that to hinder him throughout his years. He has the best step father now and he has strived.

  16. So what she’s saying is as long as he was on child support, he was going to withhold love, time and attention from his son!!! So he’s SPITEFUL. GTFOH

  17. My son’s Dad tried to take me back to court to pay less than the pennies he pays now because he has another child and is current on those payments. They told him to pay more 🤣Wanna discount on absentee parenting…🤦I’d be a whole azz fool

  18. I’m sorry… women need to stop sleeping with men who are useless, then expecting them to step up when the man didn’t show an IOTA of responsibility beforehand. It’s forcing him and a woman can’t force a man to do anything.

    At this point I’m almost done blaming men for the predicaments some women get into. I mean it’s the woman who will carry the baby so what’s the point of getting mad that she chose a lazy man to do it with?

  19. So many black women have been raised that you follow and submit to this man but you also mother carry and cuddle him at the same time. There is a huge issue in our community because of a toxic patriarch mindset and because of the level of brainwashing that has been done to the women in our community. Of course that is not everyone but on a huge level it is a problem. This man had the same time that she had to get prepared to take care of his child. The government will not give you any other types of benefits not because they’re trying to separate the family but because they feel as though the other parent should have equal responsibility first and then if the two parents cannot do what needs to be done then they should step in. Which is correct.

  20. I think I got what the situation is with her and baby daddy.
    I think the man was a bum who went to prison doing illegal stuff for money. And I think he used that money to take care of them as she said. While in prison she went to the state and state out dad on child support. Now she feels like it’s her fault that dad is in the situation and decided to let him off the hook.

  21. Whenever a single mom applies for benefits like food stamps, Medicaid etc they ask about the dad info and if you don’t know it or supply the info they will track that dad down and automatically put him on ChiSup to help pay for those state benefits granted to the mom and kid(s).

  22. I’m currently going through the same bs as a step-parent (with no biological children). I’m a lesbian who’s been dating a woman with 2 teenage boys for the last 4 years. The MAIN reason I haven’t fully committed to moving forward with marriage is because of this twisted dynamic with women and their sons. They had ZERO responsibility or accountability until I came in the picture (of course I’m the mean one in hindsight). When they don’t do something correctly or she doesn’t want to even bother them with anything, she’ll just do it herself. And I’m like yo, they will never learn!Everything she says to her bio son (the other is adopted by her now deceased mom) is in a baby or joking tone. He’s 16 years old and admits he doesn’t want to do anything but play the game all day. He is obese for his age (over 300 lbs) and all he does is eat and push his weight around. She treats him as if he’s the man of the house, when I take care of damn near the entire household (except a bill or two). He has zero respect for adults and doesn’t apologize for his wrong doings. He barely respects her. I’ve told her several times she has coddled him to the point where no one is going to be able to sustain a healthy, successful relationship with him. He is VERY dependent, outside of normal responsibilities of a minor. It had gotten to the point I started rethinking the decision to have my own biological children. I’m like if this is what it is to have kids, especially boys, Y’ALL CAN HAVE IT!
    WOMEN: PLEASE, for the sake of your own future sanity and any sanity and respect for a future partner/spouse, DO BETTER WITH THESE BOYS! This is why they’re all so feminized these days, wanting to argue and compete with women. If the fathers are absent, that doesn’t make it any better to put the son in that place. It’s only brewing a worse storm for you in the end. TRUST ME! Stop putting all of the responsibilities on these young girls that end up resenting you and their brothers. Cause at this point, y’all ain’t even teaching these young men how to go out and gather/build anymore. Just a bunch of babying going on. Boys don’t even know what it’s like to be outside all day, being creative. They don’t wanna cut the yard and complain when it’s “too hot outside”😒 I can’t stand y’all for real! Y’all gotta stop this catastrophe! Y’all are failing them to in return, fail some young lady who may have her shit together!

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