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Megan details Tory Lanez shooting with Gayle King

Megan claims Tory shot her/CBS

Megan snitching on Tory.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — A viral video shows Megan Thee Stallion singing like a canary about the Tory Lanez shooting incident that transpired two years ago in Los Angeles. Tory, 29, allegedly shot the rapper in her pinkie toe (à la Della Reese in Harlem Nights) following contretemps over a soirée they attended. “He said ‘dance bitch’ and started shooting,” Megan, 27, told CBS anchor Gayle King while sedentary. “He shot a couple of times.” Megan was lugubrious yet didn’t shed one damn tear. Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One viewer wrote, “She’s lying y’all will see.” Another chimed in with, “Am I the only one not seeing any tears? The story has changed multiple times now from her.” A third observer added, “Celebrate ghetto culture and this is what happens.” Tory was thrown in jail July 12, 2020. He pleaded not guilty to assault and weapons charges.

Shortly after Tory’s arrest, Megan disseminated a tell-all video accusing his black ass of attempted murder. “Yes, this n*gga Tory shot me,” she ranted during an Instagram Live session. “You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lyin’ and sh*t. Stop lyin’. Why lie?” It should be noted, investigators didn’t find any gunshot residue on Tory’s hands.

However, Megan’s BFF — Kelsey Nicole — had traces of cartridge discharge on her’s.

Is Megan telling the truth? Or is she a goddamn lie?

Watch the interview.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. But his DNA wasn’t found on the weapon. I bet she was playing with the gun and shot herself

  2. Who tf cares. You set a whoreish example for young girls and expect us to feel sorry for you? FOH man face.

  3. Ahh shyt….there go that bytch Gail…ready to crucify another successful black man

  4. Wasn’t no gun power residue on his hands , if you fire a gun the gunpowder leave microscopic burns all over your clothing, hands , wrist fingers . The police said Tory was clean and the marks stays on you until it heal like a tattoo

  5. @Piru Ralph: Especially if you fire multiple times like she said. And if she was scared, why did she get back in the car. I think she did this interview before the trial is complete to sway minds, including the jurors.

  6. This dude is lying with them fake croc tears. When it comes to roasting a black man you know Gayle and Ophrey is all for it!

  7. @THE BOOGIE MAN: That’s a female bro…Not all women are trannis like what many men on here now have experience wit

  8. So little ass Tory was shooting at your feet over the roof of the car? And he shot a couple of times but didn’t have any gun residue on his hands. You were calm and wasn’t loud during the argument. Yeah she lying.

  9. Lmao, she really need to do better with the lies. This ain’t some mobster telling you to dance, dude is litterly a 5 foot tall half balding singing toddler.

  10. Bitcch face look like all she do is eat pork, crab, shrimp all unclean foods… the black woman love that trash type food. U can c it n the face

  11. I BELIEVE HER! 😭💙 The only lie I think she told was that she did not have a sexual relationship with Tory. I don’t blame her in this context though. How many of us would feel comfortable disclosing our sexual partners on national tv?? That was a rude and intrusive question and the answer wouldn’t justify the crime so I’m not sure why Gayle even asked that 😒

  12. if you believe her then i got a nice ass mansion out in the sahara up for sale. hmu for my cash app

  13. Lol @ this bytch Gail King, this stupid wh0re leading the fight against black men. She called Kobe a rapist after him & his daughter died. Lol @ anyone who can’t set this hoe Megan da rat back in the media w/ the cap because this brainwashed society has been trained to believe hoes even when they clearly lying.

  14. No actual tears, going the white woman route.. Bih had on slingback shoes the same week… I don’t wanna hear no more gangsta sh1t from her…

  15. They had sex lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.it’s sad when a man you’ve opened your body to ..decides to shot you ……💔

  16. So sick of people bullying this woman. But what’s even more amazing is how positive & uplifting megans energy always stays👍she is absolutely super strong & intelligent. I can only imagine how hard it is having tons of people all over the media bashing u & still trying to keep sane!

  17. I just want to give her a hug 🤗😢 I can’t imagine being shot and then having THOUSANDS of people call you a liar or act like you deserved it.

  18. Torry whoever his other name is should be lucky this lady protected his black a$$. Otherwise if she mentioned shooting took place, police would have responded as they should! Then this would be a different story. Whether she slept with this looser or not is rather not important. Whats important is that a gun was fired n could have killed her and actually injured her. She really have a big heart to protect him that night and hope she gets her justice.

  19. She never dropped one tear all that sniffling and you don’t drop a tear yeah ight😂😂

  20. 😂😂these females wilding this year
    Jada Smith
    Amber Herd
    Megan thee stallion

  21. This is the most FAKEST interview I’ve ever seen . Yeah Nice try ! FREE TORY LANEZ
    TORY W

  22. A stallion by definition is: a wild uncastrated male horse

    She is a black… WOMAN! She should be Megan the Mare.

  23. So many different stories from her! My thing is she plays this roll so good it’s believable! So you telling me she didn’t do nothing she just got shot! First it was my back was turn and she saying she seen this guy standing over the window. Everyone in that car story is way different from her story. The truth will come out and if she is lying she should be cancelled and sued. Then she’s lying about not sleeping with Tory, you had to pause and think about it. Come on now Tory was sleeping with her and her friend that is why she’s in this place she in now. Her best friend even said this. Stop playing the victim

  24. not a tear in sight.. not a tear streak… all that sniffling and never once tried to wipe her nose. Never was passed a tissue or anything… I WILL NOT FALL FOR IT. Y’all Remember R Kelly with Gayle King?…… THAT was crying.

  25. I’m not saying she didn’t get shot at but I’ve never heard of someone getting shot in the foot and being back on there feet within a couple weeks. We’re talking about a very complex body part almost as complex as the hand 26 bones, 30 joints and over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments in a very compact area

  26. Why is she able to talk about the case and Tory can’t? This feels like her team is not getting the outcome they want in court so they want to muddy the waters of public opinion. She just gave a testimony on TV…why would you give the other side that much information if things were going well in court? She needs people to be on her side and not care about the verdict once it comes out because you feel so bad for her once you’ve heard this interview.

  27. Although, the only people who will ever know what happened are the people that were there, I believe her. I’m sure everyone in the car had been drinking PLUS, he’s in a vehicle with two friends that he’s been intimate with PLUS he had a gun. 1+1+1= a bad situation.
    I’m sure Meagan isn’t telling the whole truth about everything but there were only 4 people in the car. So, who shot her? The driver?

  28. Man folks will believe anything and claim to be woke. This is her team doing publicity control because the case is getting away from her and the contract issue. Sprinkling a little sympathy makes her sheep… i mean fans go harder for her.

  29. OH GOD, What is WRONG with her?!! Can’t she see, she messing with TORY LANEZ LIFE!!! Why Lie to the world 🌎 bout being Shot!?? Knowing very well its a LIE??? I’ll tell you why! ITS A PUBLICITY STUNT! EVER SINCE THE INCIDENT, MEGAN HAS JUST BEEN WINNING, LEFT,RIGHT & CENTER! SHE EVEN WON 3GRAMMIES!!! SHE A BAD LIAR#JUSTICE4TORY

  30. It’s “believe all women” until it’s a confident bad bitch, and the guy is a rapper you like. Some of the comments I’ve seen across social media are so disgusting towards Meg. Let’s see what plays out in court. I feel so heartbroken that she feels alone without her mama. May god bless her during this time and always.

  31. SMH…. Y’all stop it. If you can’t see her lying throughout this interview than y’all are sheeps. Wake up.

  32. I’m sorry but the part about the shooting was absolute bullshit lol 😆 she even had trouble saying that “dance bitch” line out loud herself haha in her head she was like damn that sounds stupid

  33. Bullshit! She fake cried through out the whole interview. No tears. Except when she spoke about her mom. Bye Megan

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