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Prison guard helps inmate escape then killed herself

Vicky helped Casey escape/Lauderdale County

Prison guard killed herself.

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EVANSVILLE — Vicky White, the Alabama prison guard who helped capital murder suspect Casey White escape, blew her own brains out on Monday. The suicide transpired after police officers rammed into their getaway vehicle during a high-speed chase that began at a hotel in Evansville, Indiana. A car wash owner provided a tip on their whereabouts following an intense 11-day manhunt. Once encircled, Casey surrendered to U.S. Marshals and was taken into custody. Vicky was transported to Deaconess Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her boss, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, said he had “every bit of trust” in Vicky as an employee prior to the breakout. “I had every bit of trust in Vicky White. She has been an exemplary employee,” he told reporters. “What in the world provoked her, prompted her, to pull something like this, I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ll ever know.” Um, Sheriff… doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude Vicky was f*ckin’ Casey.

His phallus provoked her, duh!

Social media reaction was mixed. One person wrote, “Love can make you do strange things. Thinking with your heart and not your head.” Another chimed in with, “This is so sad. One can only wonder why she fell for this guy. I feel bad for her family. I hope she’s in a better place now.” A third person added, “She broke the law, she was a criminal. Get the f*ck outta here with this BS!”

Singleton said no officers or citizens were harmed during the pursuit.

“We got a dangerous man off the streets today,” he said of Casey, 38.

“He is never going to see the light of day again.”

Vicky, 56, served more than 20 years in law enforcement.

She was scheduled to retire next year.

Vicky also sold her house at 50% of market value to help Casey abscond.

Sucks to see her throw her life away over a murderous piece of sh*t.

Just goes to show women love bad boys.

Watch disturbing coverage.

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  1. How the hell did this two think they could hide and get a job? It’s like Herman Monster trying to go unnoticed in a Mexican quinceañera.

  2. You are extremely desperate when your looking in a penitentiary for love

  3. Officer Vicky White sold her house for 1/2 of its value to get quick cash and she also gave up her pension. All for what, a predator she can tame to become her protector? She shot herself and sacrificed everything for Casey White.

    We are all human beings, capable of very bad choices. He story gives me no pleasure. Only sadness as well.

  4. They had enough money to rent a place and to lay low. This is the easiest time in history to be a fugitive. Order everything online stay home. And wait until everyone forgets about you. But these two were busy staying in hotels and getting a car wash. As if the entire nation wasn’t looking for them.

  5. Technically he did not escape. Gonna be a hard one to prove. He was shackled and walked right out of the jail by a deputy.

  6. Now Hiring Female Prison Guards and C.O.s. No height, weight or strength requirements. Must surpervise dangerous convicted male felons. These positions are open due to mandated government quotas despite the absurdity and reality.

  7. If Casey White hadn’t messed up I’m sure he could have got a role in horror movies as a giant “Lurch” or “Frankenstein’s Monster”. He missed his cue! 🧟‍♂️🧟💀👹👀

  8. Why do people go on the run, and then stay in the country? They’ll find you eventually. There are island nations south of Florida that won’t extradite to the US, did they really think they were just gonna settle down in the US someplace?

  9. women love bad boys dont they. see where it gets them? it gets them killed.

  10. The fact they stayed 4 whole days in a Motel across the street from Sheriffs Office shows that she was fulfilling some sort of honeymoon passionate sexy Soap Opera

  11. You’d think they would have gone to mexico. But no, they head north. What was their plan…. canada?

  12. It kind of baffles me that she didn’t have a better plan, like if I were to do it I would’ve found a very secluded place with no trail that could’ve lead them to me and enough supplies for a couple of years, or get out of the country immediately.

  13. Can we stop talking about Vicky White she is dead. It’s time for us to laugh at her death😆😆😆😆😆😆

  14. Dear future escapists, first go to helicopter or airfield disguised as tourists and kidnap a plane or helicopter and escape USA the rest is small details

  15. So let’s see she killed herself over a Guy who looked like Schreck. NOT smart, not smart at all.
    However this played out exactly like most expected with her dead and the goon back in prison where he was originally. It’s both interesting and STUPID.

  16. Good Grief ….. I can’t belive anyone would give up their life for this slow looking giant Bastard. 😑

  17. These jailhouse romances are more common than people realize. Usually it is male officers and female inmates. What I don’t understand is why she didn’t get fake ID’s and Passports. Being in law enforcement she should have known how to do it. Also why spend so much money on cars when she should have hired a private plane to get out of the country? And selling her house for half the cash? STUPID.
    The whole idea that this was well planned just isn’t true. Although there is a bit of the Shawshank redemption theme playing.
    My assessment is that the inmate was a stone cold malignant narcissist / psychopath and would have turned on her the moment she became negative or started ragging on him.
    She had everything to lose….he had nothing to lose. So sad. She obviously really loved him.

  18. She is a victim. She needed attention, love. Psycho knew how to violate someones integrity and he did it. He won. she fell in love and that was the end of her. May she find peace and all she was looking for.

  19. What would provoke her to pull a stunt like this? Haha 🤣🤣🤣!! More than likely the only guy on earth who she could get a date with 🤣🤣🤣!!

  20. Good Riddance, only thing I hope is that he goes down with her or they take him out saving tax payer’s money. She let an absolute monster into public willingly and was the mastermind, she’s just as horrible as him.

  21. Loneliness, Depression, and Low Self Esteem. 3 reasons why she did what she did. nuff said.

  22. If this were reversed, it wouldn’t even be in the news. She gets sympathy because she’s a god damn woman

  23. I can already tell that this is gonna be a Lifetime/Netflix movie

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