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Cold as Balls: Tyreek Hill, Kevin Hart discuss sports

Tyreek and Kevin are twins/YouTube

Tyreek & Kevin cold as ice.

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MIAMI — In a recent season 6 episode of Laugh Out Loud’s “Cold as Balls,” quondam Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill joined diminutive comic Kevin Hart to confabulate life and football while sedentary in a tub of cold ass water. They were also half-naked. Tyreek denied he and Kevin are twins despite the fact they’re homogeneous in physique and stature. “Tyreek, stop talking like you’re a six foot man,” Kevin cracked. “Only difference between me and you is one of us has a hat on and one of us don’t.” Tyreek revealed he played basketball and did some wrestling prior to making football his pro sports métier. The Cheetah also elucidated his bond with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. If you recall, the dynamic duo connected on the 44-yard ‘Jet Chip Wasp’ play on 3rd & 15 to help KC win Super Bowl LIV. “I feel like me and Pat got a great relationship off the field,” Tyreek said. “I can always look at him as a brother. No matter what, I know I can always call him and count on him for anything.”

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach traded Tyreek to the Miami Dolphins for a haul of draft picks and fans are pissed. One person wrote, “Tyreek and Mahomes worked perfectly together. They are so powerful on offense. Why on earth would they trade him?” Another fan added, “If I’m Mahomes, I’m furious. I took a discount and this is what y’all do? Let our best guys go? Nah, I’ma need to renegotiate that deal.” Tyreek once ran a 4.21 in the 40-yard dash which makes him the world’s fastest man — at least in his mind.

“I’m faster than Usain Bolt,” he proclaimed.

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  1. Sad to see Tyreek leaving my KC Chiefs but I’m glad for him on getting his amazing new contract.

  2. KC is completely “CRAZY”. Let the most dynamic play maker in all of the NFL, in it’s entire history go, is totally “INSANE”. Paying way too much for Mahomes. [ Tyreek Hill was able to make Mahomes look better than he actually is, full stop. ] KC has a long history of achieving success and then shooting themselves in the foot. Just like Mahomes does, perfect match! Chiefs paid the wrong guy the money! The money decision with Mahomes will effect everything in a negative way, amazingly mind numbing! With a HUNDRED DRAFT PICKS you won’t replace Tyreek Hill! Andy Reed’s ego just cost the chiefs, their players, and their fans. Who’s afraid of the Chiefs now, “NOBODY”.

  3. He won’t be missed in Kansas city this is a team game now he is with a new team good luck Tyreek Hill…

  4. This needs to stop! Inflation in NFL salary’s is getting out of hand! Their needs to be a position salary cap not just a total salary cap!

  5. Now we’ll see how Mahomes will play without one of his main weapons. This is just the beginning, people have been crowning him the “baby GOAT” but they haven’t even seen him playing with a mid team. We’ll see how things turn out. This season is gonna be insane.

  6. It’s crazy how talent and athleticism can make people forgot that this is the same guy that plead guilty to beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend and beating his toddler child 😲

  7. haha I’d love to see Kevin Hart potray an older Tyreek Hill in a film

  8. This by far the craziest off-season I’ve ever witnessed

  9. Chiefs needed those draft picks! Straighten up that defense.. they have offense for days. Hill was the only one worth those picks… Sucks at the same time.

  10. @gladdy02: Why can’t people like you go somewhere and mind your own business. You came here watched this interview just to say this. If you’re not actively on a board or donating your time and money to victims of domestic violence then hush.

  11. As a chiefs fan, I’m going to miss hill. 😢
    He is literally the cheetah.

  12. Mecole Hardman is replacing Tyreek Hill he’s pretty fast. It’s Hardman time to shine!!

  13. Chiefs should of just paid him the money. There will never be a more dangerous player than tyreek hill again you have to pay extra for this freakish talent!!!!

  14. It’s been a crazy year first Russell Wilson to Denver. Then Devanta Adams to Raiders. Then DeShaun Watson to Browns for 3 first round pick and all the money fully guaranteed. Then Matt Ryan to Colts. Von Miller to Buffalo. Khalil Mack to Chargers. Robert Woods to titans. Now Tyreek Hill to dolphins. A lot of changes this year.

  15. People will hate this move but the Chiefs are being smart. They know tying up so much money in 3 offensive stars won’t lead to much. Tyreek has maybe 1-2 elite years left and then what? Reid turned all these guys into offensive superstars, he’ll find another elite receiver.

  16. He does favor Kevin Hart in the face… just a more grown-up version in the body size.

  17. Are the chiefs stupid. Why didn’t you pay Tyreke hill the money? You paid Patrick Mahoverated 500 million. Pay the best receiver in the nfl .You waste your money on the most overated QB in nfl history!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Once again, this is why i will always side with players of the teams. The chiefs could have have paid “the most productive” receiver what he was due, given that they gave Mahomes the largest contract at the time. But they choose to not do so and let him go because they were not willing to add the additional 2M per year to his contract. The Dolphins revenue wise are in a worse position than the Chiefs, but still did what was needed. Good look to Mahomes without Hill. SMH

  19. Hill was great in KC, we’ll miss him but he’s going to be a bust in Miami. Tua can’t throw. I can throw better than him. May as well be Tebow. Hill is going to freak out. He honestly just cost himself the Hall of Fame. He would’ve made the Hall in KC and now he’s going to be average because the Miami QB can’t throw.

  20. Tyreek good luck! But you’re not having that same success as you did before in KC. Enjoy counting that money tho.

  21. What tha f__k!!! 😳 but I got you Ty!! BOUT THAT PAPPER SECURE THA BAG BRO🤑💵✌🏾ANOTHER KEVIN’S HEARTS DAMN!!! Just bought his kc peace sign shirt now got to put a spin on it 😆

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