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Deshaun loves masseuses

Hardin did Watson no favors/Houston Chronicle

Watson’s lawyer trippin.’

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HOUSTON — Sometimes it’s advisable to plead the fifth… even if you’re a barrister. Rusty Hardin, lead counsel for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, incensed feminists worldwide when he proclaimed it ain’t felonious to enjoy feral copulation after a full-body massage. Hardin spewed his ‘happy ending’ malarkey during an appearance on Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Texas. He was accompanied by attorney Leah Graham. Watson is facing 24 civil lawsuits from masseuses alleging sexual misconduct and handjobs during their pornographic therapy sessions. Despite all that, the Browns demoted incumbent signal-caller Baker Mayfield then gave Watson a fully guaranteed 5-year contract worth $230 million — arguably the worst indenture in sports history. “I don’t know how many men are out there now that have had a massage that perhaps occasionally there was a happy ending,” Hardin said on the air.

“Maybe there’s nobody in your listening audience that that ever happened to. I do want to point out, if it has happened, it’s not a crime. OK? Unless you are paying somebody extra or so to give you some type of sexual activity, it’s not a crime. . . . Doing something or saying something or being a way that makes you uncomfortable is not a crime.”

Damn. With lawyers like Hardin, who needs enemies? Social media reaction was priceless. One fan wrote, “So Watson’s lawyer literally just admitted to some shady business?” Another chimed in with, “Watson should hire Johnny Depp’s legal team.” A third person added, “If a happy ending ends with the massage therapist being in tears then it’s not a happy ending.”

Watson tried to indemnify the accusers with $100,000 each but they turned that sh*t down.

The Houston Texans also enabled his deportment prior to trading him to the Browns.

Watson hired at least 66 massage therapists over the course of 17-months. Yikes!

Do you agree with Hardin?

Should it be admissible to bang your masseuse?

Check out Hardin’s interview on Sports Radio 610.

Also, watch one of the accusers put Watson on blast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Can’t wait for the written apology the Browns send to Baker. Like the ex who cheated and left you for a pos and comes crawling back to you when reality hits. Don’t take her back Baker!

  2. The lawyers for the hookers are simply advertising for any woman whose had anything to do with Watson to come forward and say he raped them or whatever to get him to settle out of court. If it goes to court, they know they have no chance of winning. There is absolutely not a thread of evidence against Watson and that’s why the cases were “thrown out in Texas.” The lawyers do not want the case in court of law. They want to get him to settle in the court of public opinion, where everything is made up hearsay based on innuendos. The media wants a good story to keep people tuned in. They’re just making up crap and don’t have to prove anything in a court of law. Spread it on thick and some will stick!

  3. These CHICKS, are trying to get paid, I would fight it, to the end. GO BROWNS

  4. pay each slag 500k and they all go away like cheshire cats. so now he only gets 218 million over the next 5 years

  5. Dude needs to wise up and get married’/!!! Big Ben was in a similar situation until team management sat him down and told him get Ur ass married or find a new team’/!!! The rest is history’/!!!

  6. Opposing teams should just have their fans chuck dildos at him the entire game….

  7. These athletes have massage therapists at the facility. Most of these athletes won’t let just anyone work on their bodies. So, for Watson to have this many allegations, at so many different places, this guy was probably only looking for rub and tugs! Just like Robert Kraft or Brett Favre, etc. It’s a real thing. And the NFL should investigate to the fullest because it’s just a matter of time until the league is held liable.

  8. This was obviously the worst trade in history before he signed.

    Houston must be laughing!

  9. 24 women can’t be all lying? Money makes people do awful things. Innocent until proven guilty people.

  10. Sign Colin Kaepernick he can start playing tomorrow without the baggage.

  11. Dude is definitely guilty of being a weirdo.. 66 different gals booked and all involved rubbing his butthole.

  12. Winning a fekking football game is not that important that the browns have to sell their soul for it. 66 girls have to go through this is wrong!

  13. This just keeps snowballing more and more for Deshaun Cosby. Cleveland went all in more than Deshaun did, now it’s exploded in their face.

  14. It’s so obvious the trash organization of the Houston Texans came after him after he said he wanted to leave. These teams really think they own you. But they will cut you in a hot second when ever they feel like it. This aint nothing but a smear campaign and money grab. He would’ve been better off dealing with professional high end escorts because they know they can’t bring up false accusations or it will ruin them.

  15. Wth the Browns thinking? Watson will never ever play another NFL game. He’s in dreamland thinking this is going to go away, this is now his legacy.
    I hope Baker doesn’t play for them, that’s disrespectful how they’ve been treating him. Karma is a b** and I feel sorry for Browns fans.

  16. I can’t wait for the male masseuses to start crawling out of the woodwork 🤔🤔🤔

  17. My thing is Cleveland just paid him all that money just for him to potentially be suspended for the whole season if not kicked out of the league!! Smh

  18. I’m just saying ok there was 66 of them and 24 did something about it.. What’s up with the other 42? How come they didn’t have a problem with him? 🤔 I mean it’s not a good number in total regardless but how come more woman didn’t have a problem with him???

  19. He was touching chicks with his Dong. He obviously wanted them to squeeze on it. 😂 So…is that a crime? 🤷 Seems that he’s literally paying for his perverted mistakes that’s for sure. But.. What organization, with any moral decency would keep him around? The NFL!!! DingDing

  20. Some of these women didn’t have a legit business no tax ID NUMBER, ran ads on the back of shady magazines,kept coming back making themselves repeat victims, nothing but a shake down

  21. The commissioner is a joke and Deshaun just gives me weirdo vibes..once I heard his innocent soft ass voice and his eyes I was like “yea this dude guilty”

  22. Women feeling and squeezing on a man sue him for ejaculating on their hand. Question is why was your hand down there anyway? That’s jacking a man off. For those too immature to understand real life and haven’t seen a sex video the women just as guilty too for their actions in this transaction where your morals at? Where was I don’t do that?

  23. When Deshaun Watson comes back to the NFL, he better f**ing do something major… I’m so tired of hearing about this mf’er! I know it’s not his fault for all this exposure, but still, f** him for being a creepy pervert!

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