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Brittany is pregnant again, Mahomes in deep trouble

Patrick & Brittany expecting No. 2/Clutchpoints

Mahomes expecting Baby No. 2.

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes is not only kicking ass on the gridiron… he’s a tiger in the bedroom too. Similac paucity be damned, Patrick and wife Brittany are expecting their second crumb snatcher. Yessir, a new Kansas City Chief is in the incubator. Patrick tweeted the gravid news Sunday evening. The 26-year-old wunderkind disseminated a family photo with the caption: “Round 2!” The pic also shows 15-month-old daughter Sterling holding a sign that reads: “Big Sister Duties Coming Soon.” Social media reaction was wild. One fan tweeted, “Isn’t there something in his contract that he agreed to that says he can’t partake in physical activity in the offseason because he can possibly injure himself? So doesn’t this go against his contract?😂😂😂” Another chimed in with, “Damn Patrick you love sex.” A third fan added, “Dude she’s making sure he can’t go nowhere,” to which another person replied, “Better not upset her, Pat. She’s got you by the short and curlies. She hit the lottery.”

Patrick and Brittany tied the knot in Hawaii two months ago?

Are you happy for them?

Should they stop at two kids or continue to propagate?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This poor guy has no clue he married a nut…and she’s the mother of his children. He is way to good for her on many levels!!

  2. When she ruins his Career she will want Half for doing Nothing, such an immature little girl.Peace

  3. One day Patrick will wake up and realize he has the ability to be with women like Selena gomez or someone of that caliber and leave this girl at the curb 100%

  4. Patrick better think what he getting himself into by making a mistake by marrying his high school sweetheart of 10 years.The reason he married her and that is she is after his millions not love because she’s a golddigging nut case and crazy..and she not from Kansas City.nowhere.So dude it would be best that you cut her lose because she pretending be somebody that she not.and he needs to to hire a agent to keep his wife from getting her her hands on his money.And if he has children with his wife it would be is to wear condoms before having sex.If the wife doesn’t agree.tough

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