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Kietzman slams Mahomes, called him a fat, lazy drunk

Kietzman loves slammin’ the Chiefs/YouTube

Kietzman not a fan of Mahomes. 

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KANSAS CITY — Football analysts around the globe are completely enamored with our 6-time AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs. But Kevin Kietzman ain’t one of ’em. The disgraced sportscaster pissed everybody off the other day when he excoriated all-world quarterback Patrick Mahomes to promote his obscure podcast (à la Tyreek Hill). Kietzman, if you recall, was fired from Sports Radio 810 three years ago after he lambasted head coach Andy Reid for being a bad father to his two sons — Garrett and Britt; both of whom struggled with drug addiction. Garrett died from a heroin overdose in 2012. Britt got drunk and high then crashed his pickup truck into two cars just days before KC appeared in Super Bowl LV. To make matters worse, a little black girl suffered permanent brain damage and the Chiefs got their asses kicked 31-9. Kietzman probably thinks Mahomes is headed down a homogeneous path.

“He does all this other stuff like get drunk playing golf on national TV,” Kietzman said referring to Mahomes’ inebriated performance in a golf exhibition that also featured signal-callers Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen.

Kietzman also insinuated Mahomes’ work ethic (or lack thereof) is hurting the team. “They’ve had four straight title games at home and one Super Bowl win to show for it,” he ranted. “I think he’s a great talent and a great player but I don’t think he’s serious enough. I don’t think he’s in as good a shape as he should be in. I think he could be an even better player and I don’t think he takes his craft that seriously. I think he’s a cocky, trash-talking dude that gets by on talent.”


Do you agree with Kietzman?

Is Mahomes a corpulent alcoholic in dire need of an intervention?

Should Kietzman take Stephen A. Smith’s advice and “STAY OFF THE WEED?”

Listen to the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I guess I hadn’t realized how little I had thought about Kietzman. Hadn’t missed him at all. Just another contrarian/hot take wind bag. Soren Petro is doing WAY better in KK’s old time slot, and he’s so much more intelligent, sharp, and his opinions are well informed.

  2. You can tell Kietzman is still brainwashed by the old school mentality that you have to work out 6 hr a day as a pro athlete, have a nutitionist make every meal, etc. These concepts are very restrictive and outdated, especially when it comes to training.

    In the offseason, a quality weight training session takes what, 45-90 min? It’s easy enough for someone to do morning cardio before breakfast, have some breakfast, get in a workout, and then still enjoy the day. He acts like a few posts of Mahomes on vacation are an insult. Also, when you’ve reached a certain level of fitness, it’s much easier to sustain staying in shape and keeping your strength than the effort taken to get there. Muscle memory exists, and it also takes deliberate effort to lose muscle (some modern research suggests a few heavy sets of training a muscle a week are enough to maintain).

    Lastly, let’s remember Mahomes is a QB. It’s not like he has to be 10% body fat like a WR. If anything, a little thickness is probably a benefit in protecting his body so long as he doesn’t lose mobility because of it.

    Long rant, Kietzman is an idiot.

  3. “Four consecutive games in your stadium and the afc title game. 1 super bowl is not very good” people will always move the goal post. Kc won 2 games the season before Andy Reid got here. Trust me chiefs kingdom is VERY happy with the success of this team over the last 7-8 years.

  4. I totally agree with the guy that used to work at 810 radio in kc he’s right cause I been saying this for the longest patrick Mahomes don’t give af and this is why he’s never gonna beat Tom Brady in the big games because his always on vacation that’s why if I was the front office chiefs I would’ve had never gave him that half a billion dollars cause he’s not doing nothing to get better at all this was my concern like wtf patrick Mahomes he will never be one of the greatest QB cause great quarterbacks always work hard during the off season when it all set and done patrick Mahomes going to be a average QB not a Hall of Famer cause don’t work hard at all I agree with the former 810 radio guy look at all the hall of famer quarterbacks the reason they hall of fame is because they work hard every off season and Tom Brady enjoy life but Tom Brady know when it’s time to get to work that’s why he has 7 rings the point is patrick Mahomes spent more time on vacation then on the field working on his craft or the film room that’s why he lost to the Bengals in the championship game cause he don’t work hard enough

  5. Keitzman was a classmate of my younger brother at Shawnee Mission North High School, 1979-1981, my brother knew him pretty well and though he was kind of a dork. He went on to be a local sports caster on channel 4 covering KC sports teams with similar trolling takes as Jason Whitlock, Ignore both 🎤🤡

  6. There’s a reason that dope got fired.
    After decades on air he still doesn’t know what is and is not fair game.

  7. Keitz is right about one thing: 4 afc title games and only 1SB is not very good.

  8. I listened to Kevin for years before I moved away from Kansas City. I’ve always liked and respected him, but he’s WAY off base with this one. WTF do you want from Mahomes Kevin? He’s already gone above and beyond what is required of him in the offseason with the receiver camp he had in Texas. Never mind the work he’s put in with his trainer, showing up for voluntary workouts, etc. Mahomes is one player who I do NOT worry about whether he’s putting the work in or not.

  9. So according to this ex radio host now Podcaster, the rest of the Chiefs roster and 99.999999% percent of the starting QBs in the NFL aren’t dedicated to football either then? Also if the show title has the words “Has Issues” under the host’s name, might make it hard to take the guy seriously, just saying!

  10. Kevin is a bum. Reid said Mahomes work ethic is legendary. I’ll trust Andy

  11. I’ll be honest, I think Mahomes was a little distracted last season with his brother situation and having the baby. It showed, hopefully his focus is back 100% on football this season.

  12. This has gotta be the worst Mahomes take I’ve ever heard. Worst than skip. You act like you have no clue about who Mahomes is. You can tell this take was born out of bitterness, because of how far Kevin has fallen off from, as far as local sports media. His Andy take got him kicked off 810, now he’s online making terrible takes about Mahomes. Sad.

  13. It’s “Keetsman”. Yeah, he’s a moron. Believe it or not Kevin, you don’t know everything that goes on behind closed doors. The man also just became a father recently and his wife is pregnant with their second child. That’s a major personal shift in his life.

  14. Kevin Kietzman’s comments were just as lame as Skip Bayless takes. 🙄 He’s just trying get his name back out there & it will be about as successful as it was when he talked about Andy. #pathetic But thanks for adding fuel to Mahomes’ fire this season!

  15. That Kevin guy is a freaking moron. No one is more dedicated than #15. Pat will show everyone.

  16. I guess Kevin kietzman hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut when it comes to the only cost him his career last time..he’s an idiot

  17. I have to agree a little bit with one part, 1 Superbowl really feels like.. idk, just feels squandered 🤷

  18. keitzman is an idiot crap like this is why he got removed from Kansas city radio

  19. Hey, Kevin, who died and left you omnipotent with respect to Patrick’s daily schedule? For all you know, he’s running a couple of miles on that beautiful beach as the sun rises. Could you even run a couple miles on a padded track in an air-conditioned gym? How many MVPs, Superbowl rings, and Superbowl MVPs do YOU have. Do you think those accomplishments come without dedication and gruelling effort? Do you think you might oughtta just shut your fat mouth? I do.

  20. Mahomes isnt perfect… I think he needs to put a muzzle on that wife and brother because they are an embarrassment and off field distraction he shouldnt have to keep answering for. On the field he also isnt perfect, he tends to step out of the back of the pocket making it tough on his tackles to be in the proper position to protect him. I think he sometimes makes a more difficult throw than he has to because he is almost bored and wants to see if he can do it. But hes also had the most successful start to an NFL QB career in history, and we’ve never been to less than AFC Championship with him as our starter…. his worst statistical season was last year and it was still better than the best seasons of most of the QBs hes compared to. He had 13 interceptions but once you go back and watch them you realize over half of those (7) were his WR fault bouncing right off their hands. So I’m not ready to dog on him just yet, hes definitely not currently on the problem end of the spectrum.

  21. I Sorely miss Kevin Kietzman. He became a victim of the woke culture. You can’t have an opinion that might be controversial. His replacement is the worst… my opinion

  22. Kelvin Keitzman got fired from a station he co-owned. Enough said!!

  23. Hey Kevin. Keep mahomes’s name out your mouth b#tch.. chris jones!

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