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Beyoncé’s Satanic album drawing vitriol from Khia

Khia slams Beyoncé’s new album/YouTube

Khia went off on Beyoncé. 

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LOS ANGELES — Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album features Satanic music and not everyone’s a fan. Rapper Khia, best known for her oral sex single “My Neck, My Back, Lick My P*ssy & My Crack” lambasted Queen Bey in a viral Twitter video. Beyoncé’s lyrics target church girls. “Is this bitch trying to put a spell on everybody in the world, including the children, with this tired ass album?” Khia, 45, ranted while banging a gavel. “We’ve been on lockdown for 3 damn years and this all you could come up with? All them writers, features, and collaborations that you had – over 100 – and all you could come up with was the devil’s music?” Khia ain’t the only artist who’s less than enamored with the recordings. Kelis ripped Beyoncé, 40, a new asshole for incorporating a sample from her “Milkshake” track without seeking approbation.

Beyoncé received permission from the Neptunes who own rights to the song and she gave Kelis proper credit. But apparently it wasn’t enough. The sample was ultimately removed. Kelis, 42, is still pissed. “My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding,” she wrote on Instagram. “I heard about this the same way everyone else did. Nothing is ever as it seems, some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have everyone fooled.”

Rumor has it Beyoncé practices witchcraft.

Will you join her in worshipping Satan?

Is your soul for sale?

Watch Khia get in Beyoncé’s ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The worst album of her career. The best song on the album is “Plastic on the Sofa”

  2. Well I understand what kelis is talking about not getting heads up from B…but B credited her so she can start getting paid for the rest of her life from that track when the others did her wrong…did she not see what B was trying to do…give her a gift that no one else wanted to give her credit for…. I’d rather had got that check instead…tf is wrong with people…B didn’t have to ask her shit…she don’t own the rights to it and B made sure she was gonna get paid…..just plain stupid…all because kelis was stupid starting out

  3. I can’t even finish typing my favorite Khia comment because of all the facts being told all at once lmfao!!!!!! “All you can come out with is the DEVILS MUSIC????” 💯💯💯💯Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 FACTS

  4. Am i hearing correctly? Beyoncé gave Kelis credit for a song that technically Kelis does not own? Yet Kelis is upset with Beyoncé. If she felt slighted could this not of been a conversation, performance opportunity or such? I understand publicly saying awful things had people going to listen to the song to compare and discuss so maybe that is the reason as well Kelis is public & verbal. IDK 🙄

  5. Kelis need to keep this same energy with ALL the females/males who have sampled her but I get it Beyoncé is one of the biggest ones to sample it so come for her ig

  6. People clearly do not know the meaning of the word renaissance 🥴 poor Kia

  7. Meanwhile all Khia talk about in her music is sex! Beyonce make uplifting powerful music and it’s devils music🤣🤣 y’all just love controversy. Y’all riding for Khia like she did something significant for the industry! GOOFIES!

  8. Khia said what she said y’all Beyoncé fans annoying af y’all act as if she’s Lord Jesus Christ and she’s above talking about Khia is entitled to her opinion like everybody else and she tell y’all anybody can get it

  9. I heard NO LIES!!! Millions of people have died in the past 3 years , we’ve been suffering and NOW Beyoncé gonna hit the world with some fkery about “she’s better than all of us””&don’t try to compete!!” LORD HELP US if this is all we have to look forward to! And Kelis was NOT lying or desperate for attention.. WAKE TF 🆙

  10. Beyoncé is not God, people need to stop praising and worship her. She’s just human like me and you.

  11. Yes Beyonce is satanic Yes Beyonce sold her soul Yes Beyonce worships the devil the Baphomet goat expose these motherfuckers for who they fucking really are shout out to Kelis

  12. People act like Beyoncé is above criticism and keep using identity politics to infantilize her. She’s a black woman yes but she’s also a billionaire and one of the most powerful people in the industry, she doesn’t need defending

  13. Khia telling the truth. Yall so stuck up beyonce ass yall don’t see she really in that satanic stuff. She throws it in yall face and all yall do is say bs like yaaass QUEEN!! 🤭🙄 Corny as hell.

  14. Khia when gonna put your synthetic church wig on!! And stop appropriating, appearing like a spiritually woke individual, You know you ain’t no turban & cowrie shell earrings wearing spiritualist like you try to be.
    You soo wrapped up in “the lord” that you can’t even recognise Bey is about incorporating the divine African power. You sat there talking about “devils music”….
    Did you know the cowrie shells have spiritual power?!? Did you….
    Go get you a religious silver cross and a bible and stop appropriating those who cleanse their chakras.

  15. I’m sick of that damn gavel , hammer are whatever the fuck that is. Can’t even watch this shit

  16. That’s why I fucks with KHIA she takes no ass kissin,from no one, everybody else bows to posers.KHIA SAID ANYBODY CAN GET IT.

  17. Khia, girl bye! First off you do NOT have to keep hitting that gavel every time you complete a sentence. I mean damn girl the noise. Second, you are the last to talk about someone being a devil worshipper when your music is ANYTHING but godlike and lets not even discuss the amount of mess you started AND lies you CREATED about people. For someone who supposedly says she minds her business you sure do seem to be involved in alot others. Third you should know, being that your in the music industry that Beyonce didn’t need to ask her for her permission because she doesn’t own the damn masters. She has to ask persmission from the one who owns it. 1+1=2 or so i thought. She credited Kelis which is basically a damn NOD. If anything that was more exposure for Kelis cause people do look at whose credited and research their music if sampled. Kelis had more issues with Pharrell then Beyonce. Fourth, Beyonce album is doing pretty well. I mean any album doing better then all of yours is doing well i would say. All Beyonce do is make her music, run her businesses and MIND her business.Beyonce is not in no damn dungeon casting spells and making potions or flying on a broom stick.Shes a regular woman who just so happens to be in the music industry. Lets say IF her album did flop, so what. You want peoples albums to fail, lol. Guess what, somebody somewhere likes it just like somebody somewhere liked your music.Stop hating so much and look at your own self sometimes.

  18. This b!tch has nerve to call Beyonce a flop but she doesn’t even own her own publishing to her own 1 hit. Fuck her. I hate Khia dirty musty ass.

  19. Just disgusting how black folks put each other down and can’t wait for one to fail.

  20. I’m sorry but this shit is funny. I don’t like khia but this woman have me in tears 😭 😂😂😂😂😂 She said “ demonic auto tune hell” “stolen samples” 😂😂😂😂😂 go kill another goat cause this ain’t worth it

  21. Aside from the Demonic lyrics it’s not even good song writing 😩

  22. Why are we focusing on her specifically? Almost all modern music is like this, and it’s seriously warping children’s minds. We need to have a conversation about all of modern music, not just hers.

  23. That banging drove me to drink! 🍷
    And I don’t touch the stuff!

  24. Khia let’s talk about the career that you never had 😂 One hit from the 1900s and that was it. You’re not an artist, nothing that you have done was innovative, you’re bitter and hateful. If I had to wake up every morning and while looking in the mirror and all I saw was a beast I would be miserable too!!! Khia you crumbled your own career and you can’t be mad 😡 at nobody but yourself!!!! This is one hurt soul I tell ya!!! And this (wildebeest) actually thinks that she has so much talent 😂 Gurl them tracks that you just released that sound like they where recorded in a portable restroom 🚽 just ain’t it!!!! We pay you dust!!! 🚐

  25. Beyoncé has a beautiful voice. Although she may not write her own songs…her delivery is unlike many. She will always be an icon in my eyes. I can’t knock that…but sis ain’t no saint either 🤷🏾‍♀️Khia has always been the truth as well. I love both of my sistren ❤️

  26. I STOPPED buying Beyonce’s music, and threw the music of hers I had IN THE GARBAGE 🚮. She’s putting SPELLS on her followers….💯💯💯👹👹👹🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. Be real, Beyonce has a team of copyright lawyers, they know who to credit. Kelis went off, not even hearing the song. It’s not a sample, Kelis doesn’t own the rights, she called Beyonce Satan, Beyonce gave her a cute credit out of respect….TAKE THEM ALL OFF, Beyonce just keeps it moving. Kelis can now go back to her life that no one cared about.

  28. you know were in the times when god is exposing such a big star as beyonce.

  29. Lmaooooooo MY GIRLLLLLL 🤣🤣 She don’t be giving af what she say. She said wtf she said

  30. If Beyoncé can’t sing than Khia can’t do anything. Khia is untalented and her fans need to stop lying to her. Also Beyoncé just got her 7th #1 album worldwide.Khia is still sitting in Atlanta. With only haters being her fans. What is it to own your material when nobody wants to sample anything but the song you stole and don’t own? The people who call Beyoncé demonic mostly are always more evil than she is.

  31. This bitch talking about Ms B and this bitch got wood paneling on the walls …..What trap house library u in …..have a seat.

  32. Khia spoke facts. Beyoncé IS the Devils child and all you sad f*cks being deceived by Satan himself. Khia is right, “All you can come up with is the DEVILS MUSIC?” 😂


  34. I used to be a Beyonce fan. I even like one of the less explicit songs from this album but I must admit it’s better to distance oneself from her. “Church girl” is offensive: she probably wants every church girl to be porn-like like she is so she can feel better about herself, so she can put her conscience to sleep. But there’s clearly no God in her. Plus, her music isn’t even good anymore so it’s not that hard to stop listening to her. Whenever I hear all of her self praising, it just makes me laugh, she’s just like a kid. Not to mention, the standard in the music industry nowadays is so low that they consider this album fine art 😂😂 it’s an insult to real art. You can tell she has an idea but she develops it so poorly it can hardly be called art. Not trying to be mean, just my opinion.

  35. My Mother warned me to not listen to this album and I did anyway. Now the songs play over and over in my head. She is a vessel for satan for sure. In im that girl it starts with a demonic voice. It makes You think she’s just talking about herself, but the aggression in the voice gives another energy. That rumble in the beat is demonic toned.

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