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Celtics skipper Ime Udoka banged boss’ wife at work

Ime Udoka cheated on Nia Long/Clutchpoints

Udoka messed up big time. 

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BOSTON — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka whose banned from the NBA for knockin’ boots with a married staff member. And, get this: the side chick is the boss’ wife. Udoka, the fiancé of actress Nia Long, is also on the verge of losing his relationship. They’ve been together 12 years and share a 10-year-old son. “They have a son together, they were raising him together,” said a close source. “They are a family, this is tough. They need Jesus to fix this.” A starting player allegedly ratted on Udoka’s affair with Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch, wife of Celtics Senior Vice President Patrick Lynch. Kathleen was responsible for making Ime’s travel arrangements. She also organized trips for Nia, 51, to attend games. Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “That dude’s a creep. Nia Long needs to leave him alone. What a loser.” Another chimed in with, “This ninja blew Nia Long for a pink toe?”

A third person added, “This man ruined his career and family for this? Had one of the best rookie coaching seasons ever and established himself as a great young coach who turned this Celtics team around and got them to the finals. Now he’s suspended the entire upcoming season and per multiple execs around league when asked if Ime would ever coach again they said, ‘He’s done. His coaching days are over.'” 

Rumor has it Udoka, 45, stalked Kathleen after she broke off the dalliance.

He’s totally obsessed with her.

Does Udoka deserve to lose his job?

Should Nia stay or go?

Is it time to proscribe nepotism in sports?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Nobody is above getting cheated on. Men and women are only as faithful as their options.

  2. B.S🤡‼‼‼‼All y’all delusional naive woman know what your man do out here on the streets y’all know that y’all men like men they sleep with other men and y’all still have babies by these type of men stop it🤮🤡🤡🤡🤡🇺🇲‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼…

  3. I wonder if he was really harassing her. Udoka was having issues with the higher up of the wife. His stupid ass got set up. He got exposed because he was cheating. Why didn’t they expose the white girl.

  4. Nia Long has been engaged to Udoka for over eight years, I am sure she knows what he has been doing. Idoka was stupid and got himself in trouble messing around on the Job. Nia probably has a side man as well.

  5. Good thing Nia nevered married him. He would be going after her money since he won’t have any after this.

  6. Some of yall are killin me talking bout how fine Nia Long is as if she’s exempt from getting cheated on ..No pretty woman is exempt from getting cheated on ..Jay Z cheated on Beyonce , Halle Berry got cheated on as well ..LOOKS has NOTHING to do with a man cheating

  7. She is 51. She will stay and secure the damn bag. I am 52 so that’s what I would do. Love goes out the damn window. We secure the bag. We won’t hand our man to a side chick when he has money. Crazy. If he were broke. He would get left in the dust. Now, let’s see if she does what I would do. I am a Gemini. We secure bags when we are up in age. We take it all the way to the end. Ta hell with love. Queens from royalty have been in loveless marriages for centuries. They stay the queen and play chess. We don’t care about screwing in our 50s. The side chick can keep getting on her knees and bending over, who cares. We have the bag. You do the work, while we sit pretty on our throne and make sure mistresses have NO bag.

  8. Imagine having a perfect life, perfect wife, perfect job and perfect income….and no stress.
    This dude took advantage of everything all normal people desire.

  9. Weakling men crack me up. The stuff they think women should put up with, let them get away with and forget about… if the tables were turned they’d be blocking your number, refusing to ever have anything else to do with you in life, if they dont decide to 🪦🪓🗡

  10. Jesus has already fixed it. Now all she gotta do is her part and part ways like the red seas

  11. Leave Nia honey and make it public and announce you’re single and watch how they fall at your feet bet they won’t make the dumb mistakes he did

  12. How did you cheat on Nia Long with this other woman he went from a 10 to a 3 he’s a fool

  13. @dwan jacquet: No woman is too pretty to get cheated on. When you have so many pretty women you could fuck.

  14. You shouldn’t sleep with the VP wife, and why hasn’t he wifed Nia after 12 years?

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