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Celtics skipper Ime Udoka banged boss’ wife at work

Ime Udoka cheated on Nia Long/Clutchpoints

Udoka messed up big time. 

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BOSTON — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka whose banned from the NBA for knockin’ boots with a married staff member. And, get this: the side chick is the boss’ wife. Udoka, the fiancé of actress Nia Long, is also on the verge of losing his relationship. They’ve been together 12 years and share a 10-year-old son. “They have a son together, they were raising him together,” said a close source. “They are a family, this is tough. They need Jesus to fix this.” A starting player allegedly ratted on Udoka’s affair with Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch, wife of Celtics Senior Vice President Patrick Lynch. Kathleen was responsible for making Ime’s travel arrangements. She also organized trips for Nia, 51, to attend games. Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “That dude’s a creep. Nia Long needs to leave him alone. What a loser.” Another chimed in with, “This ninja blew Nia Long for a pink toe?”

A third person added, “This man ruined his career and family for this? Had one of the best rookie coaching seasons ever and established himself as a great young coach who turned this Celtics team around and got them to the finals. Now he’s suspended the entire upcoming season and per multiple execs around league when asked if Ime would ever coach again they said, ‘He’s done. His coaching days are over.'” 

Rumor has it Udoka, 45, stalked Kathleen after she broke off the dalliance.

He’s totally obsessed with her.

Does Udoka deserve to lose his job?

Should Nia stay or go?

Is it time to proscribe nepotism in sports?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She thought she was a powerhouse fkg a black man on a black woman can you imagine this Bi was all up on Nia’s face at parties events just like a personal assistant or close friend just disgusting and guess what they want expose her like they’re exposing him

  2. The way the Celtics handled this situation knew it was a white woman. And to learn she’s the wife of a VP in the organization.

  3. Ime Udoka is from Nigéria, so having multiple girlfriends, or banging your boss’s wife is a normal thing. Let him be himself.

  4. It makes me wonder, how many more famous married men has this woman slept with????🤔 He’s an embarrassment to the human race. He’s acting like Tiger Woods.

  5. They said she wanted to break it off , and he start stalking her. She had to report it.

  6. I think its hilarious. Black men will fool around with snow bunnies, and risk being fired and have their reputations ruined. Notice how they’re protecting the white woman, obviously so the scorned husband is not embarrassed. When are yall gonna learn that you can’t do what white folks do? 🤔

  7. The guy is a F-ING IDIOT! You can’t keep it in your pants so bad to start sleeping with your boss’ wife?
    His a*$ needs to get fired!

    I don’t care if you two had a past or if she throws herself at you. You need to have greater selfcontrol than that.
    I once worked with a guy who at some point started dating my bosses’ ex-wife (his former boss too). And everyone who knew thought it was the worst idea ever. Then he had to leave the company after the whole thing went down.

  8. This side chick is so basic. I’m actually disappointed. If you’re gonna cheat on someone as hot as Nia Long then she has to at least be an 8 out of 10. This is just a basic white college-looking girl.

  9. Why hasn’t she been suspended also, she slept with him just like he slept with her; They both broke club rules

  10. The female screwed him out of a career and job! Is the poon really worth it these days with modern American women? What will happen to the women? NOTHING at all. They are perpetual victims.

  11. The VP was the bitch’s beta provider. While Ime is the alpha Tyrone blowing her back.

    It is the 21st century guys. Women have more power through the court system. Never get marry guys. Let these bitches fight over those “high value men”. We go our own way. Do not start a family anymore. We need our power back.

  12. Makes sense as to why they have been so secretive on who Udoka cheated with, they didn’t want that cat out of the bag

  13. What is wrong with these white woman! Don’t feel sorry for him bc he knew what was going to happen she was not going to leave her husband and he wasn’t going to marry her as well . Trash both

  14. What about this nepotism going on around there how the wife working for the husband who else works with a family member over there

  15. If he was with the VP wife he should get fired and nia long should be happy she is not married to him so let his cheating ass go he will be broke I’m just saying

  16. Ime is damn dumb. U have Nia Long and u were doing all of this?! u deserved to be fire because thats company policy. And its Nia Long! How dare you. Nia Long is like the only woman i would simp for. Her and damn Oprah lol

  17. Wow this is messed up so fire the man but not the woman because she’s married. Yeah they better fire them both or do the same to both or they’ll face a lawsuit. Her husband should be fired if he had anything to do with this unequal suspension. Hold both of these people accountable not just the man.

  18. Whose her husband sleeping with? Evidently, he wasn’t satisfying her. Why isn’t she suspended? Her legs went up in the air. She definitely knew she was married. Haaaaaaaa.

  19. What’s her punishment?
    We keep hearing about him, she was equally responsible…or irresponsible.
    She should be fired also.she agreed to the deed as well.

  20. Celtics own players snitched on old boy 😂😂 these clowns are always taking L’s

  21. White girl was doing something nia wasn’t doing blk guy had a bigger 🥒 then white girls husband 😆 so she cheated lol I guess nia ain’t got the golden cookie after all its funny to me to be honest

  22. He cheated on Nia Long, who is well known in the black community and highly respected for her talent and beauty. He will forever be labeled as the dummy who cheated on NIA LONG by us now. This was a bad bad move for him 😂😂😂

  23. I don’t want to stereo type anybody. But I have alot of Nigerian friends and all of them are womanizers. Especially white women. They love white women.

  24. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No woman is worth this type of drama. Fellas never forget it. Never date a chick or sleep with a chick you work with. Never

  25. would other guys in the NBA hire a coach who has a history of sleeping with their boss’s wives?

  26. The old saying is, “never sh*t where you eat. I guess nobody told him.

  27. Nepotism got that man’s wife slutted out smh… it happens all the time… should’ve left her at home in the empty million dollar mansion you bought her dummy


  29. First of all Nia is beautiful , intelligent and strong She will bounce back , It’s obvious Ime is ungreatful and only true to his selfish wants,Wow did he forget he was engaged and has 2,sons and how this would affect them ? His actions were wrong on every level 😡😡😡

  30. If Beyoncé can get cheated on lmao then of course Nia can. She not even half of Beyoncé.

  31. Yet, Multi-millionaire Brett Favre conspired to steal MILLIONS from a Feed Hungry Children’s” organization to build a fking sports field for his daughters school!

  32. How the hell can you be engaged to someone for decades, this is total bullshit..

  33. Why not break up with him and let her son see his father and them go on and live separate and happy lives with whoever 😊

  34. All Ime Udoka has to do is just hold a brief press conference and I do mean brief and just deliver this line and walkout like a boss and that’s him channeling his inner Bill Clinton and say yes I did indeed have sexual relations with that white woman and I enjoyed it and have no regrets about it. 😂😂😂

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