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Bucs superstar Tom Brady, supermodel wife are done

Tom and Gisele calling it quits/YouTube

Tom and Gisele are toast. 

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TAMPA — You can stick a fork in Tom Brady’s marriage because it’s done. The “Deflategate” cheater and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen are calling it quits after 13 years of holy matrimony. Gisele filed Tuesday afternoon — roughly 48 hours after Patrick Mahomes kicked Tom’s ass on “Sunday Night Football.” Both parties have remunerated divorce lawyers and dissolution indentures are being drafted as we speak. Sadly, a conjugal cessation is hardly a surprise. If you recall, Gisele was pissed when Tom announced his retirement from the NFL only to renege on his promise by returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The estranged couple have been living separately the past few months following an epic bout of contretemps. Gisele cussed him out and told him to keep his old ass at home. “I never actually thought this argument would be the end of them, but it looks like it is,” a close source told Page Six. “I don’t think there will be any coming back now. They both have lawyers and are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what and what the finances will be.”

Gisele has a net worth of $400 million compared to Tom’s $250 million.

So she may end up paying him alimony.

Also, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women.

So it makes you wonder why men get married in the first place.

Just bang her and don’t get emotionally involved.

Social media reaction was cold-blooded. One fan wrote, “Maybe she caught him deflating another woman.” Another chimed in with, “Better now than later. If one year of football can make you divorce a 13-year marriage, you was married for the wrong reason anyway. This is just a case of a privileged person wanting her way and didn’t get it. She threw a childish temper tantrum. Good for Tom.”

A third person added, Brady has nothing left to prove in football. There will never be another football star in the near future that will achieve his success, victories, Superbowls, riches or accolades. That said Tom, you’ve entertained and delighted us for many seasons. It’s time to hang it up for your wife, children and family. You’ll always be a part of football, but now your priorities are at home.”

Tom and Gisele, 42, share a son and daughter: 12-year-old Benjamin and 9-year-old Vivian.

The 45-year-old quarterback is also the father of son Jack, 15, with ex-wife Bridget Moynahan.

This is Tom’s 23rd season in the NFL.

Is it time to hang up the cleats?

Is Tom wrong for choosing football over his wife and kids?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Typical 80% of divorces are filled by women marriage in this day and age is pointless and the man always gets the bulk of the blame.

  2. Getting married is literally a waste of time for both parties involved in todays world. In the near future people will just pick out the best possible co-parent and have children. That will be the closest family structure we will have in this country.

  3. I guess we’re going to see either Laura Wasser or Gloria Allred real soon, if Tom gets a tan, he can hire Benjamin Crump

  4. there are millions of giseles and only one tom brady and at the end of the day modern women are never content.
    he’s doing what he feels is best cuz in the end she won’t ever be happy with anything he does.

  5. @Book It: trophy wife? she was anything but that. she was worth far more than him.

  6. He chose football over his wife 😐 go figure. It is what it is.

  7. Unretiring is grounds to be upset but alone is shallow if it is the only reason to end a marriage over. Unretiring may have been a symptom of a failed relationship. It would be sad if this marriage was merely a business charade.

  8. He will be fine. He will play football, retire and be an NFL commentator, then get a girlfriend. His kids will still adore him. No loss. She can go on and find someone suitable for her.

  9. Wow Brady’s being thrown to the curb…modern day American Woman…

  10. Yo girls , it’s not about $$$, … He loves football !! When you retire football is done forever, it’s a game you play when you s little kid.. If you play you love it, just love to play.. FUN.. 22 YEARS AND HIS STILL BETTER THAN ALMOST ALL, WHY QUIT IF YOU CSN STILL BE KID AND DREAM OF THAT GAME WINNING PASS IN SUPERBOWL.. IF YOU NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING YOU WONT UNDERSTAND.. WHAT DO I KNOW

  11. Oh spare me. She couldn’t wait just one more year. Something doesn’t jive here. He obviously loves his kids and does the best he can do to be with them. Gisele knows what type of athlete Tom is. He is hardcore football. Let the guy have his final year. It’s his passion. This is just selfishness on the part of Giselle. There can always be accomadations made to be around each other. That’s why there’s got to be more to this.

  12. I dont like Brady as a QB
    personally divorce sucks
    I dont wish It on no one

  13. The NFL is much more seductive than a wife. especially a bitchy one.

  14. if she LOVED TOM BRADY she wouldnt ask him to quit
    You dont tell people u love to stop doing what they love

  15. Me: Mom when do men actually mature and grow up?
    Mom: Still waiting on your Dad.

    So many men never seem to grow up and insecure men even more so. The more successful the more insecure it seems.

  16. Gisele gave him many chances. Tom chose football over Gisele and his kids!!!

  17. @Madisyn Issaquah: But it also doesn’t mean that she has to put up with balancing the family on her own. She has to love herself first before being a good wife. Sometimes living alone can be better than living with a partner that doesn’t prioritize you and the family.

  18. She make more money and has more money, so she has to pay up 😂😂😂

  19. Cheating ass Tom Brady cares more about football than his spoiled ass family. His fault.

  20. Good going girl, divorce him. You gave up your career for him and he refuses to do anything for you.

  21. Brady is the ultimate narcissist! He cares more about football than his family. 22 years is not enough for this arrogant SOB!

  22. Looks like someone thinks she’s still 20… i don’t know what you think your value is lady, but the next guy won’t be Tom Brady

  23. Tom would rather take consecutive sacks from Aaron Donald than stay home with Gisele. She needs to move on and live her life. After Tom really retires from football, he will be in a Fox announcers booth with Gronk making millions and still be happy.

  24. She is trying to turn Tom Brady into a simp. She wants to go let her go and do like Leonardo DiCaprio.. get a 23 years old Ukrainian model 😅🥵

  25. Fuck Tom Brady! Saying you are going to retire, making your wife happy that you will be retiring…………….And then being a dumbass and getting back into professional football. Wow! Clearly, Tom loves football more than his wife, CLEARLY! Hell, the children and the wife wanted Tom Brady to be more present. Fuck Tom Brady! I do not blame Gisele for wanting to move on!

  26. Sounds like a selfish act on her part, I guarantee Tom didn’t tell her she needs to give up modeling, she chose to give it up especially when that’s not a career that continues in your mid 30’s, you get removed due to age.. and Tom can only play for so long in the NFL. Just let the man finish his career and then you can have him year-round🤦🏻‍♂️ I never heard of such blasphemy, telling husbands/fathers to quit their career, usually it’s people complaining for them to get a job☠️

  27. I hope Gisele Bündchen takes Tom Brady to the cleaners. Tom please retire being a champion, don’t try to come back and give it another shot like Brett Farve. You’re 45 years old washed up acting like a child on the sideline throwing things having a tantrum like a spoiled little brat. Retire with dignity.

  28. No one knows what’s really going on in their lives. From the outside we look in and think “man, they have everything, what could possibly be wrong”? But in reality there could he some heavy stuff going on between them. Money isn’t everything.. Actually the more you have the more you want. Apart from that it seems there are issues between them that first off are none of our business and secondly they have a right to decide what they do in their lives. I hate to see any marriage break up but it happens everyday. My biggest worry about any break up is for the children. I know, I come from a broken home and it was messed up big time. Still deal with scars from that and it happened when I was five, now I’m 64.

  29. This is a completely horrible situation for kids of their ages. Tom needs to figure out how to get this solved. He needs to shut up and defend his wife and realize that your kids will stuff anger from this that you will feel years from now. I know from personal experience. Your kids will hold you accountable for what happens here. Tom! Solve this thing if it’s at all possible…….

  30. TOM BRADY DOESN’T REALLY LOVE HIS FAMILY – Tom Brady could save his marriage and all the pain and whatever else his family is currently experiencing BECAUSE OF HIM by waking up this morning and announcing he is retiring immediately and go on and live a wonderful life with his family and still be involved in football by being an announcer STILL BEING PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
    BUT BUT BUT This is how selfish and egotistical Tom Brady is, and it shows you just where his priorities are – he has 7 (A Godly Number) Super Bowl WINS, with winning the last one he was in so he would be going out on TOP with nothing else to prove, promises his wife and family he is retiring, retires, and then almost immediately within less than 60 days he unretires and goes back to playing football, A MAN’S ACTIONS SHOWS HIS TRUE NATURE – TOM BRADY DOESN’T REALLY LOVE HIS FAMILY.

  31. When you choose your job over your family what choice does she have? TB is a lot of things but a family man is not one of them.

  32. She hates the football…
    But didn’t have a problem with the mega millions it brought in…
    Now she can take her cut of his football money and go live a nice life…
    Oh yeah, she models too…

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