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No Voting, No Vucking

Saucy & Trina on campaign trail/YouTube

Saucy & Trina crossed the line.

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LOS ANGELES — First, Juvenile released “Vax That Thang Up.” Now this. Homosexual lyricist Saucy Santana and raunchy rapstress Trina raised eyebrows on Tuesday when they released a midterm election video called “No Voting No Vucking.” Meaning? If you don’t vote Democrat, women and homos will keep their legs closed and you won’t copulate. Saucy and Trina collaborated with BLK Dating to hoodwink promiscuous individuals into rushing to the polls on election day. The Satanic video shows Saucy addressing voters on the campaign trail while Trina kicks back in her presidential headquarters. The lyrics go: “BLK app, lookin’ for some action. Swipe the homie Scott, what’s happenin.’ Face is a nine, abs is a ten. D is a mmm, to be determined. He got mad jokes, he don’t seem broke. The only read flag, he said he don’t vote. T-T-T-This midterm is for all the single cuties. Wanna hit this booty? Gotta do yo’ civic duty. No votin’, no f*ckin.'”



This PSA is the cringiest, greasiest, most ghetto-est sh*t I’ve ever seen.

Saucy, 28, and Trina, 47, shared a link for voter registration during the video’s cessation. Social media reaction was sarcastic. One viewer wrote, “This literally just made me excited to vote! Period! Can’t fall into bed if he ain’t standing at the polls. 🤣😜” Another chimed in with, “Going to be singing this all the way to the polls.” A third observer added, “I’m voting for whoever offers reparations.” 

Two years ago, Democrats released a lewd “Get Your Booty to the Poll” ad featuring exotic dancers. That campaign targeted black men who patronize strip clubs. Can’t lie, that ad was effective. As soon as I descried those sexy derrières, I licked the screen then rushed to the election booth.

Nevertheless, should negroes continue to vote Democrat?

Should your political affiliation determine whether or not you bust a nut?

Watch Saucy and Trina make damn fools of themselves.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. As i watched this the only thing that went through my mind was ignorance offensive and trashy, this may also be just one of the many reasons people on other platforms are telling Black people not to vote in this election or not to vote Democratic

  2. Wtf?? Is this real?? Seriously!! Smh!! From twerking in front of a abortion clinic , to this huh??

  3. No Voting, No Vucking? Bitch, please. Most young black men are single these days. Try “No Voting, No NBA2K”, now THAT will get them out to vote.

  4. Ratchets and punks trynna boss heterosexual brothaz gtfoh 😂🤣😭

  5. This is offensive! Boycot the people in this video & don’t vote!!!

  6. If your a Malcom X fan then you should know the biggest threat to the Black Race is a WHITE LIBERAL 🧐Liberalism in general

  7. How idiotic, this is the weakest attempt to pander since Hillary Clinton and her hot sauce conversation.

  8. No voting no vucking. Women love sex just as much as men so that will never work

  9. This is pure foolishness and downright embarrassing. SMH and we wonder why we 13% of the population and of all minorities in this country we have the least amount of wealth, and are the least educated….

    Our leaders and representatives are fools/ court jesters/clowns, snake oil salesman, charlatans and crooks who communicate to us like we are a bunch of fools.

  10. Leaving the Democratic party and becoming Independent immediately. Enough is enough!

  11. I agree with this message. If you don’t have the common decency to exercise your right to vote ( a right that ancestors DIED for), then you are someone that doesn’t deserve to be in relationship with me. These are high standards. And I see nothing wrong with that.

  12. So sex is all that drives us? Like animals? Not policy that benefits our communities…but sex? STOP PLAYING IN OUR FACES!!! I hate this world.😒 Lord, let your will be done already. It’s exhausting here…

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