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Warriors big forward Green sucker-punched teammate

Draymond sucker-punched Jordan/Clutchpoints

Draymond clocks Jordan. 

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SAN FRANCISCO — Leaked video footage from TMZ shows Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green sucker-punching teammate Jordan Poole in the middle of practice. You can see them having contretemps when Draymond walks up to Jordan and gets in his countenance. After Jordan pushed him away, Draymond knocked him out cold with a vicious right haymaker to the jaw. Coaches and teammates had a chance to intervene but instead chose to watch. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “Draymond has always been a bitch.” Another chimed in with, “Draymond should be suspended and take his sh*tty 7 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists with him!” A third observer added, “All these pro athletes or famous stars that do this type of sh*t deserve the same punishment as anyone else. Fired and jail time. You’re no better than anyone else. If this happened in a regular workplace there would be consequences. We need to stop putting these people on pedestals like they’re above the law. Same goes for LeBron when he literally issued a death threat on that cop last year. They have more advantages than you and I would ever dream of. Yet they act like this. This is why the world is a mess.”

Warriors general manager Bob Myers downplayed the attack, saying, “These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it, but it happens. Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room… As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.” Draymond is 32 years old and weighs 230 pounds. Jordan is 23 and weighs a buck-ninety.

Watch the fight.

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  1. This is draymond green lashing out. He was mad when KD showed up and now Jordan Poole is taking his spot as #3 in the warriors. Jordan Poole did awesome last year and it’s clear he’s now #3 in pecking order in the team. So he’s jealous

  2. Poole did what he’s supposed to do he pushed him out his space green came in shoulder bumping him… but Poole should have been ready tho after the push SMdd

  3. That bitch ass motherfucking coach standing around looking should be fired

  4. bigger guy sucker punching a smaller guy is pretty wack. i saw the pool push but draymond coulda walked away. bet if regular civilian did this it would be assault.

  5. Misdirected hate towards one light skinned because he knows he can’t beat and butt rape the splash brothers.😳🤪🤡

  6. Never did like this clown 🤡 and this puts the icing on the cake 🎂 That was a cheap shot and I hope he gets everything coming to him for that.🤦🏾‍♂️😏😏

  7. TALK SHIT GET HIT. Oldest saying in the book. Bet Poole won’t be smarting off to his elders anymore 😅

  8. He needs to go to fucking jail. This type of shit is ridiculous. no “regular” person would get away with that without charges.

  9. You could tell Jordan Poole didn’t wanna fight he wasn’t even looking Draymond in the eye Draymond was in his feelings Draymond was wrong fr

  10. Get rid of Draymond he’s had way too many of these incidents. Totally uncalled for.

  11. Enough is enough. The warriors got to get rid of this poison now. Curry needs to step the hell up and say something for once in his damn life.

  12. I’m pleasantly surprised at the comments. I thought I would read a bunch of comments saying “Pools a punk” and all this, it’s good to see people have sane minds.

  13. Sorry, but Draymond’s gotta go. There’s been too many of these kinds of incidents and u can’t defend this one. This wasn’t like some friendly fighting, this was a full on sucker punch and definitely looked personal. Plus, the fact that it landed perfectly on Poole’s face is an issue bc JP could’ve gotten seriously injured from that. Let’s hope he actually didn’t and idk what JP said, but to me it looked like Draymond was looking for a fight

  14. That’s assault. Draymond thinks he’s a bad ass, but no way Poole was expecting that in practice from his own teammate. Even after a shove that was a cold clock. The shove was only because he was leaning into him. He should be gone.

  15. For him to punch Poole like that, there prolly wasn’t much friendship to begin with. Poole should’ve been on guard when he pushed him, you can’t just look away cmon now

  16. This Is Why I Don’t Like TMZ, Everybody in this comment section acts like a Judge 🙄 like we all Human and None of Y’all made it to the NBA. 🤷🏾🤝🏾💯 Guess y’all just better at typing ✅💻

  17. Damn they should take him off the warriors and suspend him for that also give him a fine why ain’t the NBA doing nothing about it or Jordan poole?? Smh

  18. Literally sue the fuck outta him. Poole had an assault occur by the initial face and body shove, pooles shove was in self defense, case closed….. Sue the living shit out of draymond for emotional trauma

  19. God, please get Draymon up outta here. Sick and tired of him. Why isn’t he the one getting blackballed?

  20. Poole can easily sue. Outside the gym: this is assault, prolly a federal offense. Easily jail time

  21. Y’all soft as hell. Man got pushed then stuck Poole. I see nothing wrong here.🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. GM Myers and Coach KERR downplaying it like its two babies in a fight for a lollipop. Poole could have been seriously hurt yet they saying its just cool . Police should get involved

  23. Look at all these Draymond hating clowns rallying together on this comment section. Was this acceptable, hell no by any means and he should rightfully be punished by both the team and the league. But to say he needs to be kicked off the team is their weak attempts to try to break up this stacked team. Plenty of stories have been told by players where fights break out in practice and punches were thrown. Yall just making a big deal out of this one because there was video proof. Also, to say it was sucker punch means none of you have ever fought before. Draymond gets in his face and chest bumps him, Poole proceeds to shove him back with both hands. In any scenario, Poole shoving is initiating a fight, it aint Draymond’s fault Poole didnt guard up. All in all, Draymond should be punished for punching a fellow teammate but no it was not a sucker punch.

  24. It is sad to say as a fan of Draymond Green the end as a Warriors is drawing near for him and he senses it. I don’t know when is he going to grow up, he is a father, husband and a teammate of a world championship team and its like seriously when is he going to grow up. Straight up toxic masculinity is being displayed, it is killing the world everyday, just turn on the news folks and see who is the main X factor of most of the worlds pain (wars, rape, shootings, murder, gun violence. robberies the list is so flipping long) and all of that starts, when a man/boys can’t control their emotions, they turn to VIOLENCE. Draymond couldn’t control his emotions so he turn to violence. I hope Jordan Poole is able to recover from this vicious assault in the work place and more importantly I hope Draymond get some serious help, get fined, anger management classes because this is not the first time he has had an altercation with teammates. Patch things up guys. grab dinner talk about what is bothering you internally, two both successful black men no need to perpetuate the stereotype of the black race.

  25. Draymond just lost his big payday, no way goldenstate is going to pay him the max. He prob wasn’t going to get it with how poor he played in the finals, but he can forget it now. And for Poole, I feel bad for him, dude lost all the respect in that locker room. How you going to talk shit, then get dropped like that. Bro got buckled in front of the whole team! Damn. Lol

  26. PATHETIC BUM- look at ESPN and players go quiet just because he’s with lebrons company clutch. If this was anyone else they would be banned or cancelled.

  27. This one is easy. Poole should have called the cops and pressed charges. He should Sue Draymond in civil court and have a restraining order put in place to protect him from further attack. Warriors should cancel Greens contract and we should never see him in a basketball court again.

  28. Tbh I think Draymond should be suspended from any team indefinitely. He clearly can’t control his anger on OR off the court & clearly is a danger to every player around him. & just like this matter & 90% of his situations HE’S THE AGGRESSOR!

  29. I’d request a trade after that… I’d want to beat the f*ck outta Greene every day for that cheap shit

  30. kick him out of the NBA. He’s old. Lucky he didn’t seriously injure Poole permanently. Green has anger issues!

  31. wtf is wrong with Draymond green, fucking hitting his teammate like that. Got no fucking respect for shit man fuck green.

  32. Will Smith slaps someone and gets a 10 year ban. This guy punches his team mate like he was his enemy and he don’t even get banned. Lol…..em?

  33. fuck Draymond for life after that one. dude doesn’t deserve a spot on any roster

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