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Jealous husband kills wife, stepson as divorce loomed

Quardreka and Cael shot dead/YouTube

Husband kills wife & stepson. 

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PEORIA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Rickey Payne, 34, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 32-year-old Quardreka “Dreka” Payne, and stepson, 8-year-old Cael Thornton. The double homicide transpired September 29th in West Peoria, Illinois. According to police reports, Dreka — a victim of domestic violence — was in the process of divorcing Rickey because he was physically abusive. Dreka moved far away from his ass and got her own apartment. She also filed a restraining order. But it was to no avail. Rickey somehow hunted her down, claiming he wanted to see their 15-month-old twin daughters. During the visit, Dreka and Rickey had contretemps. As the argument intensified, Rickey pulled out a gun and shot Dreka multiple times in the countenance. Then he went upstairs and shot Cael twice in the head execution-style.

Rickey didn’t harm the twins because they’re his. That’s why it’s imperative to keep stepparents and significant others away from your children. Rickey fled the scene like a lil b*tch. But he made sure the twins were safe in a Pack ‘n Play portable playard. When law enforcement officials brought him in for interrogation, Rickey told ’em he didn’t know what the f*ck happened because he was in the street selling marijuana.  But, when Assistant State Attorney Jason Ramos caught him in a lie, the n*gga finally came clean.

Rickey was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Dreka’s father, James Waldrop Sr., still can’t believe she’s gone.

“She loved taking care of her kids,” he said.

“She was very good at that. She did great at that part. She would make sure she gave them what she could – all the love she could – as far as I know, and when she was around everybody it showed.” 

Is it time to cancel Pookie & Ray Ray?

Should victims share the blame for sleeping with their asses?

Watch the sad report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. YES! Being Single and Celibate is God’s Way.
    *Repent; Turn Away from Your Sins.
    *Be Baptized in Jesus Christ Name; Emerge into 🌊💦 Water
    *Receive The Holy Spirit Into Your Life;
    The Lord God

  2. If he was so bad to need a protection order, do not do him any favors to put your family at risk. He is no good.

  3. This is soo very sad why kill her rather than let her have peace with her babies he rather kill her and take their mother away from them what a lowlife bastard and then kill the innocent child 😢 once you say you are done please be done….. this is just too sad 😢 😞 🙏

  4. You can look at this ashy lipped fool and see he was ‘challenged’

  5. She should have purchased a gun and protected herself and her children.🥺😥

  6. we as women have to protect our lives paper work will not save your life, sad but TRUE. have to watch out for self, your life depends on it. REST IN PEACE!

  7. Stop filing restraining orders then invite the killer over

  8. It’s crazy how many niggas crash out over women. He give off bum vibes. I bet you she was taking care of this degenerate and he was trying to get back in good graces.

  9. He couldn’t control his wife and her son so he murdered them and he’s a pathetic person and a liar.

  10. Dating them is a d€ath sentence. They enjoy disrespecting & t£rr0rizing women. They NEVER take accountability for their HOURLY crimes, they find a reason to snap about every little thing, don’t want to work but will k !ll their own female relatives over tax returns, stimulus checks, school loans, and other things they are NOT entitled to. They m0lest & k!ll kids at high rates, the list goes on and on.

  11. BW why do you think a piece of paper can protect you? Never let your abuser come near you and your children after you leave.

  12. All these childish boys, pretending to be strong men ridiculous. These people are looking for a mother. Some have a dysfunctional relationship with their family, looking for the mother figure they never had. These people are selfish only care about themselves not the children. Condolences to the family.

  13. I hope the young women are taking notes on these new so called men. They will take a murder charge like it’s nothing but refuse to help pay for their child. They rather just kill you. The thinking of some men is ridiculous and I understand why more and more women just stay to themselves. It’s a real life risk just to DATE. SMDH

  14. Young women, I’m 61 and I’m issuing you a WARNING. Please do not tell men that you are breaking up with them. Just leave. Don’t argue with them. Don’t give them advance notice. Just pick a time when they will not be present (or when they are asleep) and leave, even if you must leave all your belongings behind. If you are not living with them, move to another location, perhaps even out of state. Call a friend, family member, get a bus ticket, rent a car, etc. Do whatever you have to do to just disappear. Most people who are abusive need someone to abuse, so they will start forming other romantic relationships with other people and soon forget about you. But if you keep arguing with them, confronting them about wanting out of the relationship, etc. you will continue to stay very present in their mind and in their sight and they will most likely seek revenge in the form of violence. Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t make those same mistakes.

  15. We’ve Raised i Mean Not Raised (Which is the problem) Some PUNK Azz Sensitive Black BOYS!!


  17. may he rot in hell how you can do something like this to a sister and a child?

  18. I don’t understand why men act like this over women, I’ll never hold a female against her will. You should love a person enough to let them go not hurt or kill them . This is a sad case, too many cases similar

  19. It’s so many weak men nowadays. Isn’t it like ten girls to every man? If she don’t want you, move on. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. The eyes are the window to your soul. You can see straight thru him. Hope he burns ♨️ continuously in hell.

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