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Bachelors say single ladies ‘prefer’ Pookie and Ray Ray

Women want thugs, not nice guys/YouTube

Bachelors claim women want thugs.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows a pair of effeminate bachelors elucidating why single ladies won’t date ’em. It’s their assertion today’s popsies are infatuated with Pookie & Ray Ray. “The closer you fit to that stereotype, they’ll be down — especially black chicks,” said one of the metrosexuals. “They like that sh*t, bro.” They also said fellas who don three-piece suits don’t stand a chance. “I’m not bashing black women,” he continued. “It’s just is what it is. I attract mostly latinas and white girls.” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Black women have mental issues. Most of them take antipsychotics.” Another chimed in with, “Get a passport, leave the country and find a wife who doesn’t identify with western culture.” A third observer added, “That’s why I don’t f*ck with black girls. They’re so f*cked in the head and entitled. I ain’t going through that.” Scuttlebutt has it, black chicks believe Pookie & Ray Ray are superior lovers. Doesn’t matter if they’re destitute or illiterate. Doesn’t matter if they’re mama’s boys or malefactors. Black chicks simply wanna f*ck.

Do you agree with the bachelors?

Have Pookie & Ray Ray cornered the coochie market?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I remember when I was a little girl I talked bad about little Wayne at a sleep over the girls had a picture of him and was talking about how hot he was I was saying he was ugly and looked like a clown and one girl was so mad she wanted to fight me over it. This was in the mid 2000s and I think this was a thing for quite some time. Not all black women like men like this but it seems a lot of young women do today.

  2. I think black women don’t go for them because they don’t seem like they date black women so 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. No one has an issue telling black men to modify who and what they should choose but the preferences and standards of black women are not to be questioned. But if black men walk away, nobody knows why and they are always the bad guys. Keep ignoring what the good black men are saying and see where it takes you.

  4. They speak factz💯 y’all don’t like it, change the narrative!! Y’all know no women like nice guys!! It’s a joke!!

  5. These guys are full of themselves!! They have an issue with self identity and set hate. They must hang around or low class black women and not black women of any good caliber.

  6. It’s true. I get plenty of attention from Melanated so-called sistas of all ages when I look scruffy as hell. But when I fully shave and look more clean cut,

    that attention drops. And the latinas start flirting in droves

  7. I have never been attracted to the thuggish, toying with danger and crime, type. Who needs the stress? Growing up I was usually overlooked in my teens and 20s while being told, “You are the marrying type.” Priorities change with maturity. Be patient and find a partner on your level with similar goals.

  8. I disagree 100%. I’ve always loved clean cut!!!! But can’t have no feminine mannerisms like the two in the video.

  9. They are right. Some women say men like that are “acting white”.

  10. They low key kinda right.. but they also look swaggless.. plus sugar in one of dey gas ⛽️ tank. Girls don’t want dat.

  11. He also said I don’t chase I attract! They arent LOOKING for no one!

  12. The more unattractive, dirty homeless you look, the more sexy they find you sexy these days

  13. I’ve been told by so many BLACK women that I look as if I only date Hispanic and white women, because I might no be able to handle a black woman 😂😂😂😂

  14. Then after a few baby daddies, the tone becomes blm , ain’t sh**. Where are all the good bm? Alot of our woman prefer disfunction, That’s why in time past , when we had nuclear families, the father, would be a part of vetting process to help his daughter to choose correctly. Alot of this is social engineering at its best with broken families, and media influences.

  15. A lot of these dudes are meeting these girls while in prison believe it or not, if what they’re saying isn’t true it certainly seems so, pookie and Ray Ray are never single 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. I agree with the brothers,i have black women that told me why I don’t wear my long. A lot of them say they like bad boys,my sister say good dudes are boring.

  17. These 2 are describing young black chicks that are underdeveloped followers of the latest trends not the seasoned black women of experience, class and maturity but these younger ladies will get there one day 🖤

  18. I’m just here for the goofy “niceguy” incel comments 😂😂

  19. A man not chasing women is a very feminine characteristic. And that’s their problem. They are very feminine men! PERIOD!!! It’s not so much about looks but masculinity. If a young man is not chasing women then something aint right!!! It’s against the masculine energy of nature. (This is a Real Man’s perspective from a family of 5 Black Brothers). 💪🏿💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿💪🏾

  20. @U B illin: I think that youre missing the point; what those Brothas are saying, is that this Generation of YOUNG Black Women, are raised off Social Media & Mainstream Hip-Hop culture. The Black Community suffers from the LOST Value System ! Bad is good, & Good is bad, in the Black Community; most of us were raised, by Single Mothers ! Most American Black Women want good, clean cut Black Men AFTER the fact – but NOT BEFORE !🤷‍♂️

  21. They’re so right… I’ve experienced that multiple times. Only the black women over 30 would be ok with men that looks normal. Under 30 nope.

  22. Not me. I’m a very conservative black woman and I prefer grown up, mature, loyal, dedicated, honest, dependable, trustworthy, industrious black men between the ages of 55 to 60.

  23. They are right, I get the same reaction. I started dating outside my race and been happy since. Go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

  24. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Sista here….I found them very attractive until they opened they’re mouths. The sound of white frat boy is not my thing but they are my type of man… visually. I prefer a man I can take to the club and the boardroom!

  25. Most of THEM won’t date black girls….My brothers WILL NOT date black girls…

  26. Black women belive that if you are clean cut you’re “acting white”
    Its very sad

  27. Thats not true brothas! And yall,seem a little feminine. Maybe sistas see that .

  28. The young black women are mainly looking for that until they end up single mothers or 40 and alone

  29. They need to stop looking for dates in the projects 🙄 they also seem like they are looking for a particular bw, more on the perfection/IG types, not the mainstream woman. I can tell you, me and my clique, these men wouldn’t be attracted to. One has a burning crush on Raphael Saadiq, the other loves Bilal. We don’t listen to rap unless it’s maybe Brockhampton. I know their type….they aren’t checking for sisters like me and mine.

  30. It’s been that way for most of my life! For the most part in this country. This country has made them the face and many of our females have bought into it.

  31. @King Of Nowe: Please get out of your feelings because they didn’t say all black women but as a black man living in America, they are absolutely right.Pookie and Ray Ray are definitely in style. To find a black woman who wants a good hard-working man in real life is a fantasy. But they do exist.

  32. These young dudes resemble Russell Wilson but I agree with their comments.

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