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Corey Holcomb rips BET’s homosexual woke agenda

Corey Holcomb slams BET/YouTube

Corey Holcomb slams BET. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows comedian Corey Holcomb excoriating the “Wicked Caucasians” who own BET for imposing a gay agenda on the black community. If you recall, co-founder Robert Johnson sold BET to white-owned Viacom in 2001 for $3 billion. Since then, programming has morphed from heaven to hell with a major emphasis of depicting African Americans as fruity and/or felonious. Positive shows like “Teen Summit” and “Video Soul” were replaced with trash. It’s really a damn shame. “I want to let BET know you have contributed to the destruction of black families,” Corey said. “People don’t know a group of Caucasians own BET. They took hip-hop and R&B and the soul culture and they turned it into a circus. I can’t watch a man dance in booty shorts. Now the children watch the brothers with the blonde, crinkly hair and the lipstick and makeup on and the booty shorts. This is what the kids have now. The black family is gone. It’s gone. Your kids might say, ‘Hey dad, what’s wrong with a man wearing booty shorts?’ The people in charge of the programming at BET have done a great job at destructing the black family.”

Corey also said when he turned on the BET Awards, he noticed, “The women had on suits and the men had on booty shorts and dresses. The men look like bitches and the bitches look like men!” Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “Same agendas being pushed for all races, not just blacks. It’s for population control.” Another chimed in with, “Satan’s goal is to pervert God’s creation.”

A third observer added, “I stopped watching BET when the black man sold it to the pink one. What do white people know about black entertainment? And what happened to Tavis Smiley?” 

Corey also poked fun at Lizzo’s obesity and body positivity.

Do you agree with him?

Should BET change its moniker to White Entertainment Television?

Watch Corey’s diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Years ago, BET banned a Little Brother song because it was “too intelligent” for the audience. I stopped watching then and there!

  2. I’m a 80s baby ..35 and I’ll never forget my uncle’s was on my azz so hard all because I had braids and both ears pierced. Rode me so hard I cut my braids off and took my earrings out. 💯💯💯💯 old school days 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  3. @The Only Jayp: At 13 i got one ear pierced and my pops said he never knew his son was “half a homo”. I took it out immediately and never looked back.


    No Other Culture Would Allow HOLLYWEIRD to Represent Them Like That !
    Without Boycotts and Out Rage !
    This is What Happens !
    When You Don’t Own Anything ! Or
    Have Any Power !

  5. Like Soul Train B.E.T. was the place for black artistic greatness to be acknowledged .All u see now is materialism and sexual promiscuity becoming the norm . For example Why in the hell is Chloe Bailey so fuckin popular? This chick can’t sing a lick and all she does is promote sex, sex, sex. That wasn’t a performance, It was a striptease The only reason Latto is getting all this praise is because she had Mariah Carey show to sing over the samples sample of ‘ Genius of Love ‘ by the Tom Tom Club. Furthermore what the hell does ballroom culture have to do with the BET awards? A bunch of confused men prancing around and the crowd actually appauded this crap ? What fuck was this supposed be , an award show or ‘ POSE ‘ ? At least the Diddy tribute was watchable.

  6. He had me laughing so hard! I was in stitches! OMG! 😂 😂 😂

  7. BET lost me forever they are taking part in the destruction of black men

  8. Black men in America are viewed as squares, dope boys, baby daddies, rappers, gay or gang members. The messed up thing is, is that squares are ones with the 9-5s (military, law enforcement, teachers, etc) and taking care of their business.

  9. Everyone of their shows has a ABCDEFG character ,which is unrealistic in atleast 90% of society.

  10. “Shit pushed in” Awards!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀⚰️

  11. It just drives me up a wall to see black men walking around with their pants hanging off of their asses. I don’t see any way how that is to interpreted as being a cool hip fashion statement. It’s more like telling the world you’re gay without admitting you’re gay. Society has it in for the black man to destroy his image, credibility and social standing. The Black family has been decimated, our women run the households and fail at raising their sons to be strong black men.

  12. Tell it like it is. We’ve become too accepting of alot of shit. Thought the old folks was just trippin back in the day then now as a 31 year old black man in America I see wtf they were so upset about.

  13. I have been saying for years that the media does not want to portray serious, strong, black men with strong morals and leadership qualities, they are portrayed as feminine characters seeking or having other feminine quality males as partners. I have to agree with Corey on many points because as a 66 year old black man there is no way, I would accept that type of direction from someone for any amount of money, that is where your pride should be as a role model for young people. It has gotten so bad that there is not a single show on television that doesn’t have at least one actor or actress cast in the role of a homosexual. I do not have an issue with gays and homosexual people but we need to discourage all the exposure of that lifestyle to our young children. Now the media is pushing this thing called toxic-masculinity and reversing the roles of the family structure. This society has slowly decayed from a strong, morally guided community based environment, to one that is dependent upon others telling you how and what to think, rewarding the wicked and punishing the God-fearing for believing. The selfish, greedy, violent, lying traits are praised, applauded and rewarded. Our world is headed towards a place that no one will want to be but it will be too late.

  14. Wait he funny as shit that was hilarious lol 🤣💯💋💋 he called WOW a fat dance oh shit lol 🤣

  15. This is what the Black Community has come to again the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and full affect the only hope we have is to turn back to The Most High Yah and keep the commandments.

  16. The world looks at black people, pro athletes and especially entertainers, as court jesters.

  17. The show was a disgrace. I knew the BET agenda would change when they put a feminist over it. People thought I was being unfair, but she was a part of the agenda with destructive behavior in the Black family and responsible for emascuating men on BET shows. And most of you men and women do agree, but won’t say it.

  18. Corey is not funny at all. Body shaming, and just speaking out on sexuality is all he talks about. What I don’t understand,is how is he funny? Laughing about abortions, breast cancer, and body shaming women is a personal jab. He needs to be honest with himself. Any man that roasts women all the time do not like women, because we are Beautiful in all shapes , sizes,. And colors. Corey needs to be honest with himself.

  19. Theres no such thing as “the gay agenda”. They just want the SAME rights to live their lives as openly and without shame, as you do. And they deserve that. If youre too much of a whiny pussy to deal with that, then thats your problem. Grow a set.

  20. Keep yo foot on they necks homie. Us REAL, HETEROSEXUAL BLACK men support & appreciate you

  21. The ignorant shit in this video and the people who agree continues to be apart of the problem. Disowning your kids because they don’t come out the way you want isn’t ok. Being overweight and loving yourself should be uplifted, of course being healthy should be a goal for people to live a longer life however this is disgusting and he’s proud of it.

  22. 2 MANY FOLLOWERS, NOT enough Leaders in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS- ( Need more People Like Cory)

  23. Number one they already doing it in Hollywood Michelle Obama is really a man she’s a transsexual and Obama is really a woman and Obama girls is really guysHollywood is already doing it if you think you’re looking at a female you looking at a male and, if you think you looking at a male you looking at a female Venus and Serena is guys transgenders they’re not girls Venus had a fake pregnancy. Jay-Z is a woman and Beyonce is a man. This is all in Hollywood it’s already happening is been happening we just didn’t know it now we starting to come to light is starting to come to the truth.

  24. Good to see strong black men speaking up and not being pushed to be quiet and go with the flow 💯💯💯

  25. Also all the shows on BET are full of drama , violence , cheating , and skittles

  26. It is for the destruction of our black boys so that they won’t grow up to be family men and keep our numbers moving forward

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